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How to Kiss a Boy Passionately?

Kissing is a great form to show your emotions. You can kiss your partner on his forehead to show your care or on his neck to seduce him. Not every kiss is same neither its impact. Everyone also has different likes when it comes to kissing. Some like slow and gentle and few likes it passionate and wild. When you want to make a person realize that how much you want them then passionate kiss is a great way to do that without telling him. A passionate kiss can send your message to your partner that you want him badly. If you want to shower your guy with passionate kisses but do not initiate as you think it might go wrong then we have brought great tips to make him go crazy for your kisses. Read on further to know how to kiss a boy passionately.

How to Kiss a Boy Passionately

Tips to Kiss a Boy Passionately

A.) Prepare Yourself before Kissing to Kiss a Boy passionately

Kissing is the not the instant action it actually starts in your head way before actually meeting your lips . Same way it also starts in your partner’s mind before it actually happens. To kiss a boy passionately you will have to do few things before kissing him which will make you his dream kisser. It is always better to be late than sorry thus, implement these few tip to kiss a boy passionately before kissing him.

1.) Get Your Lips Ready to Kiss a Boy Passionately

When you go to kiss your guy then you want it to be perfect and dry lips might cause trouble. Keep your lips moist and nourished, apply a light lip gloss to make your lip look attractive. A healthy and fuller lip will also give a better kissing pleasure. You can apply lipstick if it gives you confidence but it can be a bit messy.

2.) Have a Pleasant Breath

A bad breath could be the game spoiler, nobody likes to kiss a person with a foul smell. If you want the kiss to be perfect and to make your guy want you more then keep your breath fresh. To keep your mouth fresh smelling, wash your mouth properly after having a meal or eating anything which may cause a bad smell. Maintain good oral hygiene and at least wash your mouth with water after eating anything.

B.) Show Gestures to Kiss a Boy Passionately

Showing proper body language is very important to kiss a boy passionately. When it comes to passion intensity is required the most. Show your intense love to the boy to make your kiss perfect. Few of your body language and gestures will build up the passion and intensify it more.

3.) Flirt to Kiss a Boy Passionately

Flirting will make you both get in the mood. Physical flirting will give him hints about your actions and ideas and can even turn him on. This will definitely intensify the kissing session. The more intense your kiss will be the more passionate it is. You can flirt with him by giving flirty looks and doing a bit naughty actions. You can purposely touch his arm and can bump into him while walking.

4.) Passionate Eye Contact

Passionate eye contact will get you both charged up. Make eye contact with him before kissing to let him know your thoughts. Even while having a chat look him in the eye. Also, do not forget to smile while making an eye contact. You can even bite your lip to create the heat more. Tease him a bit like this to make him want you more as it will keep the passion last long.

C.) Right Kissing time

Now the mood is romantic and the situation is intense and this is the right time to make the move. Do not think much about the right time as when you are ready just go for it. Unexpected kisses are more passionate. To give the perfect passionate kiss you can add on few tips which are given below.

5.) Start with Slow

Passionate kisses are intense and slow kisses can be intense too. Kiss your guy gently on his lip and keep your hand on his body or in his hair. Give a gentle few kisses then get back and look at him. Do not stick to lips move your lip gently on partner’s chin or nose or other parts of the face. to make your kiss more passionate breathe out on your partner’s skin.

6.) Reciprocate Each Kiss

You will have to keep the passion alive, reciprocate his kiss with the same intensity. Even if the kissing process goes long do not worry about it. When you both are enjoying do not think of anything else. Reply his each kiss more passionately to make him want you more. He will definitely love your this spirit. To get the best outcome you need to match the pace of your partner.

7.) Kiss His Neck 

Neck kisses are amazing and are capable to drive anyone crazy. To kiss a guy passionately kiss him on his neck do not get afraid of giving him a Hickey. Linger your fingers on his body while kissing as it adds up to the passion. Kiss your guy on the neck and collar bone. First, keep it gentle then increase the pace. Switch your pace from being gentle to getting fast, in between also, keep shifting from getting aggressive and soft while giving kisses.

8.) Use Your Tongue

Do not rush with using your tongue in the start but use it when you both get comfortable kissing each other. Using tongue in your kissing session will make it more passionate and pleasurable. Insert your tongue in your partner’s mouth and gently play with your partner’s tongue. You can move tip of your tongue on your partner’s lip edge. Use tip of your tongue even while kissing his neck. This will take your kissing to the extreme level of passion. Using tongue can be very hot and stimulating at the same time.

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