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How to Kiss a Boy Romantically?

A perfect kiss or a passionate kiss makes you feel everything. The purpose of the kiss helps to determine your attraction to someone you love. Kiss a guy in such a way so that you can make it memorable and turn him on at the same time. It is always important to take things easy and slow. A kiss will help to maintain romance in your relationship. Some guys and girls are great kissers while some are not. It is all about of your experience. For a romantic and passionate kiss, it is important to set the mood and prepare a romantic evening. Don’t get nervous when you are going to kiss a boy. There are many tips that will help you to kiss a boy romantically and passionately.

How to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Best Tips to Kiss a Boy Romantically:

1.) Freshen Up to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Having bad breath is a big turn off. Bad breath may happen to you. Keep your teeth and tongue clean and breath fresh. Brush your teeth twice a day or you can brush your teeth before a kiss. You can also have a mint or any other mouth freshener. Use lipgloss or chapstick to smooth over chapped lips.

2.) Pick the Right Place to Kiss a Boy Romantically

The right time and right place is something you need to kiss a guy romantically. An intimate atmosphere can do the half work and help a guy to see you in a sexy light. Get him alone so that you can move for a kiss. Stop talking, if you are going to kiss him. The best time to kiss a boy is near the end of your first or the second date. There are some good romantic occasions like the beach, sunset, campfire, rainy days, candle light, a movie or a prom that you can use to make your kiss memorable.

3.) Look at Your Best to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Looking good is important to go for a romantic kiss. Guys are always attracted to girls who smell appealing. Wear deodorant or a perfume that smells nice. Use a scented body wash and lotion to cover your bases. Dress well to get his attention. Your hair should look awesome. Get a haircut or a hairstyle to look amazing.

4.) Come Close to Him and Take it Slow

For a kiss, it is important to get close to him. Don’t try to kiss him from some distance. You can’t enjoy a perfect kiss at a distance. The more you closer to him, the more you enjoy the kiss. After getting close to him, don’t try to jump into the kiss. Look deep into his eyes as it seems more romantic. When you start with a kiss on the lips, don’t focus on the lips. After a few kisses, move your lips away slowly and kiss your partner’s chin or neck. Breathing into your partner’s skin is the way to feel more romantic and sensual. Spend some time to warm each other up to a good kiss and take it slow.

5.) Use Your Hands to Kiss a Boy Romantically

It is important to use your hands while kissing. Put your hands on your partner’s shoulders or around his waist. Let him take the lead. Get very close to your partner and build the intimacy. Place your hands on the sides of his face. Place your both hands around the back of your partner’s head and tangle them in his hair. Place your hands on his chest, hips or on the sides of his face as this is another sensual move.

6.) Use Your Tongue to Kiss a Boy Romantically

After a few kisses, try a lip lock. If you are in a lip lock with your guy’s lower lip between both of yours then run the tip of your tongue over it. Breathe softly through your nose while kissing. It is important to take a break for a while. Breathing hard is a sign that you are excited and nervous. Don’t swallow excess saliva. Slightly wet lips are good but if your lips are too wet then pull away.

7.) Gently Nibble His Lips to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Teeth are not an important part of kissing but grazing them over your partner’s lip is also another sensual part of kissing. Keep the pressure light and aim to nibble not bite. Keep your pace gentle that will help to prevent accidentally chomp on your partner’s lip. Place your teeth over your guy’s lower lip while locking lips. Not everyone likes to use teeth with their kisses. So if your partner doesn’t respond well then pull away.

8.) Make Your Kiss Interesting

If you are feeling comfortable and relaxed then try varying the kiss. Try to kiss other places than lips like his neck, his face and then move up to his lips from there. By changing the intensity and speed, you can make your kiss interesting.

  • Make sure your partner is not looking uncomfortable or upset.
  • Making eye contact is important before and after the kiss to increase the intimacy level.
  • It is good to stop the kiss after a few moments.
  • Try to stop while it is still fun because it will make him want more. Pull him back, look into his eyes and smile.

Other Useful Tips to Remember:

  • Kissing a boy while standing face to face is perfect for romantic kisses.
  • Seated kisses are best to make out because it is more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Don’t talk at all through the entire kissing experience. Your expressions will do the talking.
  • If you don’t have mint to avoid bad breath then you can have water and lick your lips. It will help to avoid bad breath.
  • Start slowly if you want to have a perfect first kiss with a guy.
  • End your kisses with a warm soft hug or even a smile and a last soft kiss on lips. It will be the perfect way to end the date.

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