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How to Kiss a Girl at the Movies?

Have you ever thought about to kiss a girl at the movie? A kiss at the movies can be fun and exciting for both of you. Every couple likes to kiss. Kissing a girl at the movie theater is quite a classic move. It needs the courage to kiss a girl during the movie. If you don’t kiss a girl at the right moment then you are getting pushed into the “friend” corner. Even though, many girls are willing to make the first move. They want a guy who is self-assured and confident. However, for some guys, it is very difficult to ask out a girl. Kissing is a great way to enjoy an intimate moment. Every couple enjoys the intimacy with kissing. But kissing a girl during the movie adds more excitement in your relationship. But some guys are scared to make the first move while watching a movie. So now don’t be scared to take the things further. Here we will help you by giving some brilliant tips to kiss a girl at the movies.

How to kiss a girl at the movie

Best Ways to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

1. Find the Best Movie to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

If you are planning to go to a movie then you should look into the options to find the best movie. Find the best movie on the internet with a good kiss session. There are a number of apps on your smartphone which will help you to show the timings which suit you. Keep in your mind the genre which will help you to get closer to her. Mostly romantic and the horror genre is preferred. Also, most of the girls like romantic movies so going with it should be a safe option. You can even ask her if she would not like to watch any specific genre.

  • Now find a movie in which you both have little interest in seeing.
  • For a more fun time, you can wait until the movie you actually want to see has been coming for a month.
  • Try to pick a pick a movie that will not be crowded.
  • Consider the timings of the movie. If you want a 3 hours movie then you should go for it.

2. Consider the Genre to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

It is very difficult to french kiss or kiss in a very serious movie. You should go for a comedy or romantic comedy movie. Such types of movies are not so much crowded as the bigger blockbusters. Ask her opinion about the movie. The best way to create chemistry is to watch trailers together. Be confident if there is something good you want to see but don’t push her to watch. In the end, decide the move together. If she is into the thriller and it is something which both of you enjoys then you can watch thriller movie. If you both will spend a happy and gala time together then you may end up having a great kiss.

3. Set Your Mood to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

Before going to a movie, you should make her feel comfortable. For this, you have to plan a meeting with her. This will give you a chance to flirt with her. If she has already ready to go out on a date with you then don’t be nervous and be yourself. If you will be nervous she might not consider you seriously. Even if you are nervous you need not show her that.

  • Try to make the chemistry between you and her. Playing a game is a great way to initiate chemistry. Make eye contact with her. Don’t be competitive while playing a game. A little bit can be good but if you take it too seriously then it can ruin your chances.
  • It is good to offer to buy soda and popcorn for you to share. If this is the first date with this girl then you should make the offer.

4. Have Breath Mints to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

Once you both are comfortable with each other, this is the time to go to a movie. Try to pick the seat which seems to be the isolated. Try to get a seat in the corner or in the back row. To kiss a girl at the movie, make sure that your lips are smooth. Your lips should not be chapped. Apply a thin layer of Chap Stick or any gloss to your lips. But don’t apply it again and again throughout the date. You might seem anxious or nervous for a kiss. Keep yourself cool. Carry some mints in your pockets. After having a coke or popcorn you can have mints for fresh breath.

5. Have Patience to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

Having patience is very important to kiss a girl at the movie. It could be so weird if you make a move when the movie just starts. Give it at least half an hour into the film. The right time is very important when you are going to have the kiss. Wait for the perfect moment to kiss the girl.

  • Don’t stare at your date. Make a glance over from time to time. Keep this up until you make eye contact and then quickly turn back to the movie. After meeting eyes, you both starts smiling.

6. Hold Her Hand to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

Holding her hand is the best way to make the move. If she indicates you to hold her hand then hold it. Gently place your hand over her hand and wait for her hand to respond. Don’t do it too hard. Notice her if she is interested or not. When she leans on the opposite side of the seat that means she doesn’t want you to kiss her. Try to put her hair behind the ear. Be clever when you gauge her mood.

7. Initiate the Kiss to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

Don’t do it too fast. Be little slow to kiss a girl at the movie. Before kissing her, turn your body towards her and gently touch her chin and cheeks with your finger. This is the clear signal that you want to kiss her. If she moves her head towards you then slowly start moving your head towards her. Now kiss her gently. Be a gentleman and charming after the first kiss. Don’t say cheesy things like “you are a good kisser” or it was nice to kiss you. If she is not interested then don’t force her to kiss.

8. Take Kissing Breaks to Kiss a Girl at the Movies

Taking kissing breaks is very important to kiss a girl at the movies. Don’t keep on kissing until the movie is finished without a break. You should kiss her a little bit and then turn back to watch the film. Wait for 20 minutes and then turn back to her again. If she enjoyed the first kiss then keep on kissing her after a little break. Guys should be confident while making the first move. She will feel comfortable if you are confident. Once the movie is finished, tell her you had a great time. But don’t ask her if she had a good time with you. Be yourself but don’t be scared to reveal yourself.

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