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How to Kiss a Girl Smoothly with No Chance of Rejection?

Going to kiss a girl for the first time can be a scary moment for most guys. When you like a girl, it is natural to want the first kiss. Maybe you get rejected and it may leave you feeling awkward and embarrassed. Kissing is an art that many guys haven’t mastered yet. If you try to kiss a girl a moment too early then she may back away. Kissing a girl on a date is all about perfect timing. If you like a girl and you want to kiss her then don’t make the crucial mistake. If she likes you too then chances are she may not oppose. So don’t worry and read this article to get interesting tips to kiss a girl smoothly with no chance of rejection.

How to Kiss a Girl Smoothly with No Chance of Rejection

Best Tips to Kiss a Girl Smoothly with No Chance of Rejection:

1.) Know Her First to Kiss a Girl

Some girls may reject your advances if you try too much too soon and some girls like fast moving relationships. Knowing her well will increase the chances to kiss her. Respect is the important part of any relationship with a girl whether it is purely friendly or physical. The more you get to know her the easier it will decrease the chances of rejection.

2.) Make Sure You Maintain Your Hygiene

Good grooming habits are most important but become more important when you are going to kiss a girl. Maintaining your hygiene is the best way to kiss a girl smoothly with no chance of rejection.

  • Your breath should be fresh. Mints or gum are a great way to smell good before going in for a kiss. If you are going out on a date then try to avoid garlic or onions. If your breath is bad she may turn down the kiss.
  • Keep your facial hair shaved or trimmed. Beard and mustaches can make your experience unpleasant.
  • Take a shower and use deodorant daily. If you have strong body odor or you seem unclean then it may give the negative impression on her.

3.) Talk to Her

If you are in the place you picked for the kiss, then you need to start a conversation to keep her focused on you. This conversation will help you to get closer to her and give some signals to her. Make your conversation light and fun. Ask about what she is going to do or talk about your date. Keep your eye contact strong throughout your conversation as this will let her know that you are interested in what she is saying or you are attracted to her. Making her feel comfortable will help you to kiss a girl smoothly with no chance of rejection.

4.) Ask Her Directly to Kiss Her or to Touch Her

Receiving consent for physical contact is an important part of taking things further. You might be uncomfortable to ask her directly for a kiss but if you are not comfortable talking about it then you may not be ready to do it. Be honest and direct about your intentions while asking. Asking for a kiss shows your confidence. Let her know that you are not rushing to kiss her.

  • Say something like, “I had a great time with you today and I am attracted to you. Would it be okay if kiss you?”
  • Physical relationships or intimacy require ongoing conversations about what is okay and what is not. Make her comfortable so that she can stop you anytime.

5.) If She is Interested, Initiate Physical Contact

Light physical contact is the great way to communicate with each other if you want more. If you don’t talk to her and send the physical signals then she will be surprised or may feel uncomfortable if you make a sudden move. All of your motions should be slow and relaxed. Keep talking with her as you touch her so that your movements are not distracting. If she seems uncomfortable, then stop immediately.

  • While you are talking, touch her arm. Remember, keep your touch light and relaxed.
  • Now hold her hand and keep talking. Keeping your conversation going will help you to make her feel more comfortable.
  • Touching her hair is a sign that you are attracted to her. If you are touching her hand then move your hand to her hair.

6.)Look at Her Mouth to Kiss a Girl Smoothly with No Chance of Rejection

If she has given you consent to touch her and she has responded well to your physical signals then you can move. Continue to maintain eye contact with her and then look at her mouth. Focus on her lips for a second and then return your focus to her eyes. Do it many times throughout the conversation but don’t overdo it. Let her know that you want to kiss her. If she does the same thing then you will get  to know that she is thinking about it too.

7.) Move in Close and Kiss Her

Make sure that you move in slowly towards her. Moving too slow seems too passive. If she has given you permission to make the move then she will likely to reciprocate you and kiss you back. Moving close to her is the way to kiss a girl smoothly with no chance of rejection.

  • Continue touching her before the kiss. Continue to hold her hand or touch her arm or shoulder.
  • Make sure if you touch her, apply light pressure. Being too forceful will make her uncomfortable.

8.) Don’t Kiss Too Far

The first time you kiss a girl, you will not want to turn her off. Your kiss doesn’t last too long and you should not be aggressive with your tongue. Your kiss should be confident, slow and calm but not too fast.

  • Your kiss should only last a few seconds. If she wants to continue, then continue your kiss. If she pulls away, then don’t try to kiss her.
  • Put your hands on her arm, waist or hands.
  • If she touches you in turn then you will feel that she is interested in doing more. When you ask her for more, she will be glad that you respect her feelings.
  • If you want then you can try French kiss. You need to use your tongue in a French kiss. Move your tongue in your partner’s mouth. If she enjoys then do it for one to two minute.

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