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How to Kiss and Cuddle with Your Boyfriend?

After writing how to be a classy girl?, how to get a guy to admit that he likes you? and how to know if a guy likes you? we are here to guide you with how to kiss and cuddle with your boyfriend. Cuddling is a sweet and lovely act which is supposed to get a couple closer than before. It gives pleasure and happiness to the couple and also strengthens the bond between them. Cuddling and kissing can be tricky and confusing when you do not have much experience. Kiss and cuddle with your boyfriend to make him feel great and also to relieve your stress. After a short kissing and cuddling session, you tend to feel relaxed because of the happy hormone released inside your body. The hormone oxytocin that is also referred as the happy or love hormone, makes people feel better. Oxytocin is also famous for relieving pain. These hormones act as a stress buster as well. So now you have got more reasons to kiss and cuddle your boyfriend.

There can be various ways to start a kissing and cuddling session with your boyfriend. Stay calm and do not feel embarrassed. Act confident while doing the action as your man will find it really impressive and it might turn him on too. This will also encourage him to indulge in the act, which will eventually intensify the whole steaming session. There are no hard and fast rules for making out with your partner. You can kiss and cuddle in almost every way, every move is a right move but, a few precautions are taken while performing the kiss and cuddle session can make your experience better. This act will definitely bring both of the partners closer than what you both previously were. So folks, keep reading this article to know more on how to kiss and cuddle with your boyfriend?

How to Kiss and Cuddle with Your Boyfriend

Ways to Kiss and Cuddle with Your Boyfriend

1.) Sit Close to Kiss and Cuddle with Your Boyfriend

Proximity matters, when you have in your mind that you are going to make out with your guy then start giving him hints. You can give him hints by sitting closer to him. When you will start getting closer he might take it as a positive hint and may even take the lead himself, initiating the moves. This session would definitely take your relationship a step ahead. While simply kissing and cuddling with your boyfriend, you should take care of few points to make the whole experience better such as.When you both are spending some time together and want to get a bit cozy, try to sit close to him. This will make it easier for you both to have an access to each other and start the session.

  • When you both are spending some time together and want to get a bit cozy, try to sit close to him. This will make it easier for you both to have an easy access to each other and to start the session.
  • Your bold and confident move of getting closer will also pass hints that even you are interested. Get closer to him and check out for his reactions.
  • He will definitely like you coming closer. Sitting apart will kill the romantic mood and it will take a lot of time for you both to again get into the flow. Sitting close will also break the distance barrier between both of you.

2.) Flirt to Kiss and Cuddle with Your Boyfriend

Flirting is great to start a kissing and cuddling session with your boyfriend. He is your boyfriend and you know best ways to get him in the mood. Start flirting or show signs which interpret that you are interested in getting closer. Start looking him in the eye and bite your lip when he is looking at you. Whisper dirty and flirty things in his ear. Wear a dress that would turn him on. There are different ways to flirt with a guy read how to flirt with a guy to kiss and cuddle with your boyfriend.

3.) Lean towards Him to Kiss and Cuddle Your Boyfriend

While making out, flirtatious hints are very important. Leaning towards him will give him a signal that you are ready enough to get a bit closer than before. Lean towards him by any means, like you can pretend to pick something which is kept behind him. Your leaning towards him will heat up the moment. This bold and provocative action of yours will encourage him to get closer to you without hesitating. When you will lean towards him he will get sure that you are interested in getting closer. Leaning towards him or inclining your body towards him may also create a situation for both of you to kiss.

  • If he initiates then do not go back and also, do not hesitate. Just be comfortable around him let him show that you are happy in being with him and also, feel comfortable enough around him. It will encourage him more.
  • When you will lean towards him, he will get sure that you are interested in getting closer. Leaning over his body or any kind of skin to skin contact may also create a situation for both of you to kiss.
  • If he initiates then do not hesitate and give a positive response. When he will see that you are enough comfortable he would enjoy doing it more.

4.) Get into His Arms to Kiss and Cuddle with Him

Now that you are close enough, you can put your head on his shoulder. If this is the first time, then you may hesitate a bit but summon all your courage and just do it. You can even hug him from one side while you are sitting or standing. Also, check where his arm is? If it is behind your back then it will be easier for both of you to start the cuddling session. His arm being behind your back will tell you that he is ready for the cuddling and kissing session. Read a boy’s body language to know he wants to get intimate.

  • All you need to do is wait for the right time or better create a one.
  • Your positive move is a signal for him that you are interested in being loved like this.
  • Simply wrap your arms around him and hug him tightly.
  • You can even get into his arms or ask him to hug you.
  • This will make it easier for you to kiss and cuddle with your boyfriend.

5.) Try Different Positions to Cuddle

Once you are wrapped in his arms, you can try different positions to cuddle with your boyfriend. Get onto his lap to take things a bit further. You can also lay your head on his lap to cuddle with your boyfriend. Try not to keep any possible distance with your partner in order to intensify the steaming session. Also, do not stick with the same place or the cuddling position. Do not stick to a particular position as it might make your session monotonous. But changing positions very frequently would also be bad as it may distract your partner.

If you are lying on the bed, you can hug him from behind then can come in front and cuddle with him. Also, do not restrict yourself to a particular place, you can even cuddle and kiss on the floor or either in the bedroom or maybe on the couch. The choice of place can be anywhere where you both feel comfortable and cozy. Your and your partner’s comfort only matters place does not.

6.) Hold Gaze to Kiss and Cuddle with Your Boyfriend

A strong sensual gaze can give direct hint to your partner that you want to get intimate. While still being in each other’s arms, you may also get moments where both of you will come face to face. That could turn into the perfect moment to kiss. Simply hold your gaze when you both have an eye contact. Do not get back or look away. You may shift your gaze from his eyes to his lips for few seconds. This will give him a hint about what is running in your mind. To excite him even more, you can gently bite your lip. Looking into your partner’s eyes and holding the gaze can be a very romantic gesture and will definitely be a good way to make your partner want you more.

  • Look at him and let him catch you looking at him.
  • You can even wink at him to being playful.
  • Give him a flying kiss to deliver your emotions clearly.

7.) Start with a Gentle Peck to Snuggle with Your Boyfriend

When you both are ready for it, kiss him gently on lips. A soft and gentle peck on cheeks or lips can also be initiated as the first move towards kissing. Hold his face while kissing and you can even run your fingers through his hair. Gently pull his hair to tease him, as this will intensify the act. Keep your kiss gentle and short for the first time. You can close your eyes for a better experience. Look him into his eyes while kissing. If you are not confident enough then close your eyes. Also, close your eyes when you start kissing continuously to feel better.

Do not pull it too long, you can have next kiss after a while. Kiss him passionately, do not do it just for the sake of kissing, feel every second of it. Make him feel that he is being loved and he will surely feel the difference. You also need to feel the kiss while kissing your boyfriend, that way you two will feel the real heat and passion. This might startle your boyfriend but he will be surprised in a positive manner and will definitely love the feeling of being loved by you.

8.) French Kiss Your Boyfriend

After a gentle kiss, you can go on with a French kiss. French kiss is a way too sensual and can turn on your partner easily. Therefore, you need to be careful and ready for more passionate things to come up. French kiss requires too much of tongue when it is your first time kissing do not expect it to be perfect. At the initial stage, you may not be a master of French kissing and some awkward situations may occur but eventually, it will get better with time and experience.

Know how to French kiss and learn the art of a passionate kissing. Do not use your tongue too much in the starting and never ever try to lick every part of your partner’s face. Be comfortable while kissing your boyfriend, getting a bit nervous is quite obvious but do not hesitate to kiss him. He may not like your hesitation as it might make him feel that you are not doing it happily. Do not worry if a few awkward moment occurs, instead of freaking out just smile and continue.

Few Points to Ponder while kissing and cuddling:

  • Do not hesitate, it may spoil the fun.
  • Take care of your partner not to hurt them.
  • Start with safe positions and do it at a safer place to kiss and snuggle with your boyfriend.
  • Stay comfortable with your partner.
  • Do not impose anything on your partner.
  • It is okay if few awkward moments appear.
  • The first time a kiss may not be perfect but it will be wonderful.
  • Do not wait for your partner to initiate.
  • Do not be embarrassed if any funny situation occurs rather laugh it off.
  • Love to enjoy the moment and you will like the session better.
  • Do not put too much pressure on yourself just relax and go with the flow to kiss and cuddle with your boyfriend.

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