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How to Kiss Someone who is Different in Height?

After writing how to practice kissing?, how to kiss with braces? and how to kiss passionately? we are here with how to kiss someone who is different in height. Love has no ifs’ and buts’. Who does not want to have a perfect kissing experience as shown on the big screen? Everyone does want to have the best kissing experience with their partner. When you are in love with someone, it is regardless of all the flaws. Even a slight difference doesn’t really matter when you both are deeply in love and want to be with each other. Both of you do make a lovely couple together still, there are situations where all those disregarded flaws tend to act as an obstacle. The height difference is a factor which may trouble you while kissing. Not every but yes a few people have to face situations where they tend to kiss someone who is different in height. Well, after creating the suitable condition it is really not an issue but sudden rush in emotions may cause you to face trouble. The embarrassment may even force you to avoid kissing each other in order to refrain yourself from getting into an awkward situation.

Well, many of you must have started anticipating that what are we actually trying to convey? Some even may have started assuming that we are asking you to break up with your short or tall partner. LOL! Please do not anticipate that much. What we are actually trying to convey are a few ways that we have enlisted for you to go through. These ways will make things easier for you, enabling you to kiss your partner regardless of their height. This will also help to keep you away from all those weird and awkward situations.

So folks, if you also have a partner with whom you really enjoy the whole kissing experience but, your height difference sometimes spoils the mood. Then, we are to the rescue. Keep reading further to get the solutions and please don’t forget to thank us. We will be obliged by your thankful gesture.

How to Kiss Someone who is Different in Height

Steps to Follow to Kiss Someone who is Different in Height

A.) Adjust Your Height Accordingly to Kiss Someone Different in Height

Height difference while kissing isn’t something which cannot be tackled or dealt with. Couples may have height differences but, kissing experience does not really depend on those few extra or lacked inches. You do not need to worry about kissing your partner if there is a big height difference. All you need to do is act with the flow and don’t make the other person feel uncomfortable, with your weird actions. Even with that huge height difference, you can handle the kiss pretty well. This is possible with a few tips and adjustments.

In order to kiss someone who is either tall or short, simply adjust your height accordingly. Do not worry much about the height difference as it is not a big deal which can force you to end the relationship. There are many ways to adjust your height according to your partner, especially when you are preparing yourself for a kissing session. Read on, to know more on this topic.

1.) Kiss Someone who is Different in Height: If You are Taller

  • If you are tall then you can stand on the lower terrain to kiss your partner.
  • You can stand on the lower steps of a staircase to kiss your partner shorter in height.
  • Adjusting platform is the easiest and simple way to adjust your height according to your partner.
  • You can even spread your legs apart and take the support of the wall to lean your back on.
  • This will help you to adjust your height according to your partner.
  • You can even sit down on the chair or stool so that it will be easy for your partner to kiss you.
  • This would probably help you to have a better and maybe perfect kissing experience with your partner who is different in height than you.
  • To make it more romantic you can pick your partner up in your arms and kiss him or her.

2.) Adjust Yourself to Kiss: If You are Short

  • If you are short stand on the higher platform to kiss your partner.
  • This tip is helpful for both short and the tall couple as it can help both of them.
  • Short people, especially girls have the advantage of wearing high heels and heeled shoes.
  • Girls, you can wear high platform footwear to kiss your taller partner.
  • You can even stand on your toes to kiss your partner who is taller than you.
  • If you are a short girl then you can even stand on the foot of your boyfriend.
  • He will definitely let you do so and will also like it as an advantage of having more access to you.
  • If you are a girl you can try to put arms around your partner’s neck and he can even pick you up. This would make the whole situation romantic as well.

B.) Try Other Places to Kiss Someone Shorter than You or Taller than You

To kiss someone who is different in height, you can hug them as it will let you try different ways of expressing your love for them. You can also try kissing at different places like the forehead if you are taller. If you are the taller one then you can even hug your partner then can bend over to kiss your partner’s neck or you can even plant a peck on the cheeks. To know more on how to kiss your partner’s neck read how to kiss your partner’s neck.

If you are shorter, then you can kiss your tall partner’s chest or plant a peck on the collar-bone. Planting a kiss on your partner’s shoulder is also a warm gesture. Every kiss is perfect, regardless of the place where it is being planted. Discover other body parts to kiss, rather than the conventional ones. If you are shorter one then you can also kiss your partner’s shoulder.

C.) Romantic Positions to Kiss Someone who is Different in Height

Romantic ways take the kissing session to a whole new level. When you want to spice up your relationship then try these romantic steps to turn on your partner. There are several romantic ways which can be used while kissing your partner, similar to those sensuous movie scenes. Those scenes are even romantic and cute to be performed by you and your partner. Ways to romantically kiss your partner are as follows.

1.) Kiss Someone who is Different in Height: If You are the Taller One

  • Like in the movies, this is a very romantic step which will even make you savor the kissing experience.
  • If you are the man then probably you are stronger enough to lift your partner up.
  • What are you waiting for? Lift her up in your arms and kiss her like never before. Lift her and spin her around to make it more romantic. She will definitely love it.
  • If you are finding it hard to do then feel like you are the hero of the movie and your heroine is coming towards you and you need to give her the perfect kiss ever.
  • This would help you to have a perfect and memorable kissing experience.
  • Bend over to kiss your partner.
  • Hold your partner at waist and bend over towards your partner it will decrease the height difference and will also be a great experience.
  • Bend over on your partner and kiss her or him but be careful while doing it.
  • Only try to do this position if you are strong enough to hold the balance between you two.

2.) Kiss Someone who is Different in Height: If You are the Shorter One

  • Get in your partner’s arm.
  • Usually, girlfriends are shorter than their boyfriend and if you want to kiss your boyfriend climb up to your boyfriend’s arm.
  • He will like it and this position will add spice in your kissing session.
  • When you will be in his arms then kiss will be more romantic and it may even turn your partner on.
  • Get into the lap of your partner.
  • Such a cute and romantic act it is.
  • If you are the shorter one then you can also get into your partner’s lap to kiss your partner who is different in height.
  • If you are a girl and shorter than your boyfriend then you can take a dominating step as well to kiss your boyfriend.
  • You can grab his collar and pull him towards you.
  • This is a bit dominating if you and your partner are close enough not to misunderstand, then perform this act.
  • He may even like you taking the lead. Many guys like to be dominated sometimes.

D.) Non-Conventional Ways to Kiss Someone who is Different in Height

When you will hug each other it will help you to adjust yourself into a better position. It will balance you both to help each other to aim a better kiss. When you are not kissing the partner who is short may rest his or her head on the shoulder or chest of a taller person.

You can even look for a place to sit down to kiss your partner who is taller or shorter than you. Look for a bench or a place where you can sit and voila the problem is solved. You can kiss your partner easily without any fuss.

Useful Points to Remember to Kiss Someone who is Different in Height

  • If you are shorter, then you can put your arm around your partner’s neck to take support in pushing yourself up and kiss someone who is different in height.
  • You can also give a surprise kiss to your partner to make it more fun. Tell your partner you want to say to him or her a secret and when they will bring their ear closer to your ear instead of going towards their ear aim for their lip and kiss him/her. This will also surprise your partner and they will definitely love it.
  • Be careful while lifting your partner or leaning back with your partner as it may hurt you and your partner.
  • If you are trying to stand on your boyfriend’s feet to kiss him then be careful not to hurt him. It may spoil your kissing experience.
  • Wearing heels are the most common and easy method for girls shorter in height. Girls slay with heels and get your man to love you more.
  • Girls love surprise kisses so if you want to make your girl feel special then try doing it more often.
  • Try to experiment to find out what is best for both of you.
  • Never lose hope and do not get disheartened. Relationship matters the most, not the physical differences.
  • Remember that your partner loves you the way you are and your differences make your relationship better.

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