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How to Kiss With Braces?

After writing how to practice kissing?, how to flirt with someone? and how to impress someone you like? we are going to help you with the tips on how to kiss with braces? Does your girl or guy wear braces? Obviously, it sounds a complicated idea to kiss a person with braces as you have no freaking idea how to do it. You try to avoid kissing your partner because you don’t want to hurt yourself or them. Well, Kissing with braces can be tricky and unnerving. Still, it is not impossible to kiss with braces or to kiss someone with braces, you can easily learn to kiss your partner even when they wear braces. All you are needed to do is to find out better ways of kissing your partner without getting hurt.

Teenagers are especially concerned with this as they are new to dating and all stuff. Many even find the girls and guys with braces, super cute and attractive. When you are dating it is quite obvious that you would like to kiss your partner. If you are one of those who wants to but is afraid of kissing your partner because of braces then you have come to the right place.  With the help of a few tips, you can learn to act correctly while kissing your partner with braces. When it comes to kissing with braces you will have to take care of a few things as you or your partner might even get hurt while kissing. One of the good tips would be, you need to avoid touching braces with your tongue. It can be learned to kiss with braces with a bit experience and a few tips.

If you want to kiss your partner with braces and are worried about getting hurt then do not worry as there are various ways suggested by us which will help you to kiss with braces. Read on to know more.

How to Kiss with Braces

Ways to Kiss with Braces

1.) Do Not Rush: to Kiss with Braces

If you are the one with braces on, you should first wait for a while before kissing someone. As it is advisable for you to wait till you get adapted to wearing those wires all around your teeth. It is indeed very difficult at the start to get adjusted to it. Once you are comfortable with those teeth fencing, you may even try to kiss your partner. Having metal wire surrounded by your teeth is not a very pleasing pleasure for everyone and your mouth will eventually take time in order to adapt and get comfortable with those foreign bodies invading your mouth.

Thus, you need to wait for a while as it may hurt you in the beginning if you try kissing. Wait around ten days to kiss your partner with braces. First, learn how to eat, brush and perform your daily routine before you try other bizarre ideas like kissing with braces. Once you will start adapting the braces it won’t even matter much.

2.) Maintain Healthy Oral Hygiene: to Kiss with Braces

It is necessary to keep your braces clean especially if you want to kiss with those metals stills wrapped around your teeth. Food particles can easily stick to your braces and if you do not brush properly, it will rot there resulting in bad breath and at an adverse, tooth decay. Mostly, people with braces suffer from bad breath so, do maintain oral hygiene and if possible, always use an effective mouthwash after you are done with brushing your teeth. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is very much important when you do have braces on. Even at home, you can get strong teeth and gums which mean having a healthy oral hygiene try reading this ‘how to get strong teeth and gums‘ to know more.

  • Brush after having a meal.
  • Keep a mouth freshener with you to keep your breath fresh.
  • Clean your braces regularly.
  • Avoid eating food that would not be easy to remove from braces especially before a kissing session.

3.) Lip Kiss First while Kissing with Braces

First, you need to go slow and not rush into it. Start with the initial pecks and place soft kisses on your partner’s lips. Even if you are longing for the French kiss it is good to wait for a while and start with a simple lip kiss or maybe a tap kiss. It might not be enough but it will do for a while.

As an alternative, try and kiss other body parts like the shoulders, cheeks, neck, earlobe, and wherever you want except for the mouth. As you or your partner may get hurt when you try kissing with braces on. The first experience should be slow and if you feel like then avoid mouth kissing at all. Once you feel comfortable, explore more of your partner’s mouth but, go slow. If you are not cautious then you can end up hurting yourself or your partner.

  • Start with the soft pecks on the cheeks then on the lips.
  • Avoid using tongue in the start while kissing with braces on.
  • You can try kissing other body parts such as neck kissing. Read how to kiss your partner’s neck to know more.

4.) Be Gentle while Kissing with Braces

To kiss with braces on, you will have to be as gentle as possible. When braces are new, you need to find new ways so that it will not hurt you or your partner. Gently press your lips against your partner, do not rush into the moment in order to kiss with braces, go slow without hurting yourself. Stay extra cautious or it can result in an awkward situation and may also hurt your partner.

Start with a slow pace and when you get used to it then you can try being a bit passionate. Do not try using your tongue until you get very much accustomed while kissing with braces. Also, keep exploring each other’s mouth in the start. It might hurt you or your partner so, first, try to be comfortable while kissing with braces then trying new ways would be better.

  • Rushing into anything might cause you pain or may hurt your partner.
  • Stay gentle and start slowly.
  • Do not experiment anything in the start just start with the basics.
  • Look if your partner is feeling comfortable otherwise, stop.

5.) Avoid the Braces while Kissing

You need to open your mouth wide enough so that it becomes easier while you kiss. Also, try to keep your tongue away from your partner’s braces so that it does not cause any harm to you. In the start try to be gentle and slow with your pace. Once you get used to kissing with braces on, it won’t matter much and you can even try French kiss with an ease. This is because you now know the tactics to deal with the foreign body invading your mouth, which was no more than an alien to you. Do not rush into anything, slow and passionate kisses are way perfect and loved by almost every couple.

6.) Use Tongue while Kissing with Braces

Position your tongue away from the braces. Adding tongue to your kissing makes it more passionate and intense. In order to use your tongue while kissing, you need to place your tongue inside your partner’s mouth safely. You can easily explore your partner’s mouth once you place your tongue inside comfortably, without hurting yourself. Try not to touch the braces with your tongue to avoid any mishappening.

While kissing your partner with braces, learn all the possibilities of getting hurt and also warn your partner, asking him/her to be more careful. As this will keep your partner from getting hurt. Try not to run your tongue over your partner’s braces as the sharp metal can even hurt your tongue, leaving a small or even a deep cut.

  • Using tongue can make your kissing session better but it could also be a risk to use tongue while kissing if you have braces on.
  • Do not rush to use tongue while kissing with braces on.
  • Ask your partner if they are okay with having French Kiss. Only initiate if they agree.

7.) Beware of Bumps while Kissing with Braces

If both the partners have braces on then try not to bump your teeth with each other. Keep your head in a particular direction and move slowly, so that you do not bump your teeth together. You need to be extra careful while dealing with braces even when you get used to it. Once you work out the perfect angle to kiss without getting hurt, then you can even go for a french kissing with an ease. It is very important to take care of yourself and your partner while kissing with the braces on, therefore, practice kissing first.

Although, it is very difficult to use your brain and the logistics while kissing your partner. But, if you want to savor the kiss without making your partner feel guilty of hurting you or not satisfying you with the kiss. For that, you need to have certain parameters until both of you are used to the newly introduced thing inside your partner’s mouth or even yours.

8.) Apply Dental Wax to Kiss with Braces

If you are not satisfied with the kissing experience with braces then you can use dental wax to get a better experience. Too many metal edges in the braces might make the experience unpleasant. It is advised to use dental wax as it not only helps you to get relief from the discomfort caused due to the metal pieces but it also helps you to give a better experience while kissing. To cover up the edges you can apply the wax on your braces. It will also make your braces less harmful.

Try this step if you are comfortable with the wax. But it might not be okay for your partner to kiss you with the wax. Therefore, talk to your partner about it and discuss all the possibilities. Otherwise, it is a very safe option to choose if you want to have a great pleasure while kissing your partner with the braces on without getting hurt or hurting them.

  • Before putting wax always ask your partner if they are okay with it or not.
  • Tell your partner that you do not want to hurt him or her with your braces.
  • Putting wax can be done to give you best kissing experience without getting hurt or hurting your partner.

Points to Remember to Kiss with Braces on

  • Do not make fun of your partner when they have the braces on.
  • Avoid eating cumbersome food  before kissing your partner.
  • Just relax, everything will be fine.
  • Brush often to maintain a proper hygiene.
  • While kissing, concentrate on the kiss, not on the braces.
  • Do not press hard or rush into things.
  • Make it gentle and slow.
  • Keep your breath fresh.
  • Do not be afraid and feel awkward, it is not bad to wear braces.
  • Try to be gentle so that you do not harm your partner.
  • Move your head gently.
  • Avoid your tongue getting in touch with the braces.

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