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How to Kiss Your Boyfriend?

In this article, we will tell you how to kiss your boyfriend. You may want to kiss your boyfriend and wondering whether you will be able to do it properly or not. You may want to do it perfectly. Well, you can get several tips which can help you execute it in a very passionate way. All you need to be a confident girl who knows everything about what she is doing. Your boyfriend may get an amazing surprise when you kiss him so intensely. Show him how much you love him by kissing him with all your heart.

How to Kiss Your Boyfriend

Cute Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend:

1) Make Him Comfortable to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You should give him enough hint that you are about to make some intimate moves. Try to talk to him playfully. You may look to his lips while speaking with him. Touch him on his cheeks and shoulder. Altogether, you must make him ready for it. Make sure he is comfortable with you before kissing him. Otherwise, both of you may not enjoy kissing each other. Lack of passion and more of confusion will make it a clumsy affair. You may not want that with him.

2) Make Eye Contact to Kiss Your Boyfriend

Making eye contact with your boyfriend before kissing him may create a connection between you two. It may make your intentions clear to him and both of you may advance for a passionate kiss after a while. Stand in front of him while crossing your hands behind his neck. Gaze him into his eyes and think about his lips. Think of ways to kiss him. You may feel more uplifted and more confident. Your love for him may guide you to proceed for a kiss.

3) Lean Forward to Kiss Your Boyfriend

After making eye contact with him, you may lean forward and go closer to him. He may hold you in his arms. You should keep your face closer to his face and tilt your head slightly. By this time, he may prepare himself too for the kiss. If your boyfriend is also keen to kiss you then he may lean his face towards yours and lock his lips with your lips. You just have to be in that moment to enjoy the kiss.

4) Touch and Tease Him to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may become more touchy to get closer to him and give him a hint that something intimate is going to happen. You may touch him on his hands and back while talking with him. Go on to tease him for his clothes or his hairstyle or something else. Pat him on his knees while laughing. He may feel quite wonderful in your company. Then you may hold him to plant a kiss on his lips. It will be surprising for him in the beginning but he may take control of the situation later.

5) Try the Triangle to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may Triangle kiss your boyfriend. In this kiss, first of all, you will kiss him on his lips, then on his cheek and then on his neck. It is just like making a shape of a triangle.  He may get totally surprised and may love to plant more kisses on your lips. Your guy will reciprocate it and you may get showered with passionate kisses. Do it slowly for the first time. Let him feel your love for him.

6) Graze and Tease Him to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may give him a crazy kiss. In this, you just graze away your lips on his lips. Do it frequently and tease him by pulling yourself away when he proceeds for a more intense kiss. He may find it interesting too. Indulge him in a sweet talk in between the kisses. Both of you should enjoy the moment. Giggle in between while teasing him. It will increase his craving for sure.

7) Use Your Teeth to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may chew him on his lips using your teeth. Do it as softly as you can. You may not want to hurt him or make him bleed either. You may keep varying the speed and pressure to give him a massage on his lips. This type of kiss may make him more wild so be ready to be chewed by him. He may grab your lower lip through his teeth too. Keep your lips loose so that he may chew it gently.

8) Use Your Tongue to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may be aware of the French kiss. In this kiss, you can swirl your tongue around his tongue and you can also move your tongue back and forth in his mouth. This type of kiss is very much intense and can make you love him even more. However, don’t make it so sloppy and wet. Keep your saliva within your mouth otherwise, you may end up ruining your cloth. Your boyfriend may become your fan if you do it properly.

9) Use Ice Cubes and Sweets to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may use ice cubes and sweets to kiss your boyfriend. It is a unique way to kiss someone you love. In this kiss, you may put an ice cube in your mouth and pass it on to your boyfriend’s mouth while rubbing your lips onto his lips. Similarly, you may put a candy or chocolate in your mouth and have it together by passing it from one mouth to another. You may even try it with marshmallows. It is indeed the sweetest way to kiss your boyfriend.

10) Try Other Alternatives to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may kiss your boyfriend on other places except his lips. Like, in Eskimo kiss, couples rub their noses together and show their love for each other. You may kiss him on his forehead to make an emotional bonding. Kiss him on his eyes to comfort him. You may try giving him a flying kiss to give him the idea that you are into him. You may get back more kisses in return. Try different techniques and invent some new techniques of yours to kiss your boyfriend.

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