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How to Kiss Your Partner’s Neck?

The neck is considered as one of the most sensitive parts of a human’s body. Reason being that the skin on the neck is very thin, which makes it sensitive and is also counted as a women’s weakness. Kissing your partner’s neck passionately is a very seductive and sexy way to turn your partner on. Kisses or soft pecks on the neck may lead to something more sensual and intimate. If you want to seduce your partner then this is the ultimate cupid’s spell. Few particular spots on the body are over sensitive and can be used to arouse your partner, up til their thresh hold.

To make your partner beg for more and to take your relationship a step ahead, simply kiss your partner’s neck. There are no hard and fast rules to kiss you partner’s neck. No matter how you do it they will love it. However, if practiced in the right manner, it can give the desired results and sometimes, unexpected things may also occur. If you are ready for the consequences then we have tips for you on how to kiss your partner’s neck. So folks, keep reading further to know more about the art of kissing.

How to Kiss Your Partner's Neck

Tips to Kiss Your Partner’s Neck

1. Brush Hair Aside to Kiss a Woman Passionately

This could be the first sign to show your partner that you are in a mischievous mood. Put her hair beside gently moving your fingertips on your partner’s shoulder. The fingertips on your partner’s back of the neck will give her chills and she will start picking up the same rhythm as your mood. Gently swaying her hair aside, you can even pull them into a ponytail before you start kissing. She will like it and your soft peck at her neck might even arouse her feelings.

2. Stroke with Fingers to Give a Girl a Good Kiss

Once you have brushed her hair aside or pulled them into a ponytail, it is the time to use the magic of your fingers. Gently move your fingers on her neck, teasing and tickling her a bit. Also, make use of your soft fingers to gently touch her neck and she will automatically turn on. Gently move the tip of your finger, all over the neck and continue leaving small pecks. This will give her shivers and she will feel aroused. The touch matters a lot and your finger tip will also stimulate the area where you are going to kiss, which will automatically increase the impact of your kiss.

3. Warm Breath on Neck Before Pondering Kisses

This is a devil’s act. It will give your partner, sudden chills and will also arouse your partner. Warm breath on neck work wonders and will make your partner instantly go crazy. This is a romantic act and helps you to arouse your partner without putting in much efforts. This small act has so much of passion in it and marks a great deal of impact. Do not talk much and simply hug your partner from behind. Breathe over your partner’s neck and make a simple move to kiss your partner’s neck.

4. Move Your Nose Tip Over the Neck to Give Her Kisses

Now take a move further, gently move your nose tip over your partner’s neck. This action will leave her breathless and will also make her vulnerable. Let things go smooth as it will greater the impact of your actions. Do not rush if it takes time and let things work up their way towards your final goal. This will make her feel great and will also help in seducing her. You can even close your eyes while doing it to feel the intensity of your act and make it more sensual. The neck is a very sensitive part of a woman and leaving trails of kisses on it can seduce her very easily. Moving your nose tip would also make the act more passionate and will turn her on instantly.

5. Give a Gentle Kiss 

Now, it is the time to make the final move and kiss your partner. Kiss the back of her neck gently. Do not rush with your act during the initial stage. Just give a few small and gentle kisses all over your partner’s neck. This will make your partner go crazy and will eventually make your partner, beg for more. Neck, being the most sensitive part will easily turn your partner on. Do not discontinue kissing and keep on going with the flow. Try to look for the sweet spot which is your partner’s weakness and will make her vulnerable. Kiss your partner, just above the collarbone as this will definitely give chills, making your partner beg for more. Also, kissing the side of your partner’s neck will work wonders. Try to know which one is her favorite part by observing the moans. If you feel a particular place is more delicate and makes her moan with more intensity, then stick to it for a while and pay utmost attention to that area for effective results.

6. Play with The Pace to Kiss Your Partner’s Neck

Now, when you have kissed gently, all over the neck, it is time to increase the pace. Go faster a bit and keep on increasing your pace and also the intensity of your act. Kiss her harder this time and keep on playing with the pace. Go from being gentle to a bit rough and wild. Be careful not to hurt her, you can use a bit of sucking tricks to increase the intensity of your kiss. Playing with the pace will make her go insane and she will be seduced to an extent of being vulnerable. Now, use your tongue to moist the lips and kiss her, this will be the best experience of all times. It will definitely leave her wanting for more. This playing with the pace trick will drive crazy and she will love you very more for this act.

7. Use Your Tongue to Kiss Your Partner’s Neck

Now use the tongue to intensify the act and take it to the next level. Keep your mouth open and move the tip of your tongue all over her neck. Gently suck her neck and use your tongue in between. She definitely would not be able to resist it. It can make any girl go crazy. Using your tongue will make her moan harder and would turn her on to the peak. Shift to soft and tender pecks in between the intensifying tongue act. Switch between the soft and rough kisses to intensify the heat in your foreplay. These changes in the pace of your kissing will help you to win over her.

8. A Little Biting would Passionate the Kisses

Move a step ahead to kiss your partner’s neck. Gently bite and suckle her skin, do not do it harshly as by doing this, you may even hurt her. A gentle bite is enough to make your partner stir and this will also send chills through her body. Nip on a bit of the exposed skin and give a gentle bite by taking it between your teeth, this will make your partner shiver and will also make her moan. even louder. This is the ultimate move to kiss your partner’s neck and it will complete all other moves. You can also try sucking and nibbling the skin on her neck, using your lips. You can lick the neck as well and do not hesitate to do it as it will arouse your partner even more. Take a shift from biting, to gentle kisses and finally sucking on the skin. You can even use your nose or the tip of your tongue, to move moving all over. This will tend to excite your partner and get her more involved in the act, eventually encouraging you for more.

Also, do not leave any spot untouched, try and explore all of your partner’s body. This will make the act more intense while making a move to kiss your partner’s neck and seduce them to the peak. Biting could be rough and can even hurt your partner if not practiced carefully. Meanwhile, keep a watch on your partner’s mood, if your partner is really enjoying or just doing it for the sake. Try and act according to your partner’s response and moods.

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