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How to Know if Your Girlfriend is Ready to Kiss You?

Many girls are willing to make the first move. Girls want a guy who is self-assured and confident. Kissing is a special moment which happens when two people are attracted to each other, in order to feel the urge for physical intimacy. Physical intimacy should always be mutual and not forced. Figuring out the right time to kiss a girl may be confusing. You may not be sure if the girl is even ready to kiss or not.

If you want to take a step further in your relationship then you better let her know that you are interested in her more than just being “Friendzoned”. Guys sometimes are rejected while attempting a kiss. Now, don’t worry or panic about such situations as we are there to the rescue. Keep reading this article, as here we have enlisted a few signs to know if your girlfriend is ready for a kiss or not.

How to Know if Your Girlfriend is Ready to Kiss You

Best Ways to Know if Your Girlfriend is Ready to Kiss You

1.) Look at Her Eyes

By looking at her eyes you will get to know her desire to kiss you. Eyes are the way to the soul. An Eye to Eye contact has always been a positive sign, in order to know what’s going on in her mind. If your girlfriend looks into your eyes then it is a positive sign and she is probably initiating intimacy. Sometimes people look down because they are nervous or shy. If she is not making eye contact then it is a sign that she is not ready or willing to open up for a kiss. Sometimes girls give you a few signs such as put her chin down and tilt their head, which means that she wants to be kissed or wants to take the initiative and kiss you.

2.) Pay Attention to Her Lips and Nose

Girls prepare their lips when they are planning to kiss a guy. Focus on her lips, the way they tremble or are pursed together, while the girl still wonders, What is coming up next? This is the best way to know if your girlfriend is ready for a kiss or not. It may sound a bit odd as a few guys may make it appear weird by staring at the girl’s lips or nose, but research has shown that nose will give them the signals of desire.

If her nose slightly becomes wider then she wants a kiss. This  action means that she wants to take in more air because she is preparing herself for intimacy. If she is licking her lips or gently nipping them between her teeth, this means she is actually trying to moisten her lips and preparing them to kiss. If her lips look tight and her body language is rigid then it is a bad sign. In case she has freshened her breath or applied a lip gloss, this means she wants her lips to look attractive and appear soft over yours, making you savor the kiss. If she looks at your lips that means she is thinking about kissing your lips.

3.) Notice Her Posture

By watching her posture, you will get to know if your girlfriend is ready to kiss you. Most of the time communication is made up of non-verbal expressions. Sometimes people even don’t realize that they are communicating easily by their facial expressions, gestures, and even postures. This is the actual beauty of language, regardless of it being verbal or non-verbal. If the girl is leaning towards you, that means she is allowing the access to you and won’t mind being kissed. In case she leans away, this is a bad sign and means that you should quit.

Never try to force her into anything. Pay attention to her feet if they are pointing towards you. You can also test her by moving slightly towards her. If she repels, it means she is either not ready or not interested. Create a certain level of comfort between yourself so that the girl does not feel awkward or hesitate while getting closer.to see whether she is interested or not.

4.) Notice Her Hands

Girls use their hands to touch things or show femininity if they want a kiss from you. If a girl plays with or touches her necklace then she is into you. If she shows another body language that is to allow you more access to her, it is a good sign because sometimes a girl is little nervous. In case she is playing with her hair, it means she either wants to seduce you or make her appear attractive in front of you.

If she touches something like a glass in a sensual manner, then it is a positive hint for you to grab her by her waist and peck on her lips. This will get a thrush into her body and she will feel excited about what is coming up next.

5.) Notice Her Body Language

By watching her body language you will get to know if your girlfriend is ready to kiss you. If she has an open body language this means she wants you to kiss her. Signs of an open body language include eye contact, body tilted towards you or facing you, feet pointed towards you and arms at the side. The signs of a closed body language are feet or legs crossed, body tilted away from you, arms crossed over chest,  and minimal eye contact.

6.) Wait for Her to Touch

If the girl tries to be touchy, this means that she is creating more intimacy, expecting you to initiate a move and kiss her. Even the slightest touch will express her desire. In case she brushes her hand against your arm or knee then it is a positive sign. A touch means that she wants to get close to you and allow more access. If she touches your face then it is also a good sign. She may even try to playfully or softly hit your the arm, which means she wants to create a playful vibe with you.

Test her by gently touching her. This may even play as a sign to tease her. If she responds, it means she is interested in you. Touch your feet against her feet and watch for her reaction.

7.) Notice Her How She Talks to You

If she seems like she wants to talk to you for long then it is a good sign. If she is showing interest by asking lots of questions which can be personal or deep that means she wants an intimate connection with you. In case the girl laughs at your jokes that means she is in a mood to flirt.

8.) Try the Triangular Kissing Technique

There are some techniques which can be used to build intimacy and test, how she communicates or responds to your actions. Move close to her and touch her hands or legs. Slow down your words and breathing. Make eye contact for a few seconds. Now look at her lips. You will notice that she is more receptive to being kissed.

9.) Go for a Kiss

To know if your girlfriend is ready to kiss you look if she is responding positively to your signals and body language then go for a kiss. Move closer to her and open your lips slightly. Look at her eyes and lips. If she responds by looking into your eyes and your lips then move on and kiss her. If she feels or looks awkward then move away or try to divert the conversation.

10.) Be Calm

Whether you kiss her successfully or not, react with equanimity and also stay calm. If you try to kiss her then look her into eyes, smile and continue what you were doing. Don’t get wild as you will look immature or too desperate. If the kiss is not successful then don’t panic. Smile slightly and do what were you doing.

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