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How to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to make any girl want to kiss you? What can be better than your girl coming forward to kiss you? Deciding that your girl is ready to be kissed or not can be confusing and it would be a great nuisance if you try kissing her and she will refuse and will be a great pleasure if your girlfriend will come forward and kiss your first. You can make any girl want to kiss you if you are irresistible to girls. Most of the time girls do not take the first step but if you can make her like you and can make it hard for her to resist you then she may not hesitate to do it. A girl also stays super excited for the kiss she may even like it more than you but when you want to make any girl to kiss you then at least you should give her some hints to let her know what is running in your mind. Take tips mentioned in our article to pursue any girl to kiss you.

How to Make Any Girl want to Kiss You

Follow These Steps to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You

1. Get Alone to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You

To make a girl kiss you timing and place should be perfect. A perfect place will bring out her inner romantic self and it will be easier for her to get into the mood. If you want to make any girl want to kiss you then you need to make her feel comfortable first of all. Get somewhere where there will be few people or if you can get a place where you both will be alone then it is perfect. You can call her at your place for any reason.

If you are already friends or is she likes you then she will also not hesitate to come. When you both will be alone then there could some chemistry work between you both and she may come closer to kiss you. When you both will be alone then it might create a moment of intimacy which will not be created when there will be others with both of you.

2. Make Adrenalin Rush to Make a Girl Kiss You

Do something which you make your heart rate increase like do something adventurous or exhilarating. It will cause your face to flush and will increase your heart beat rate. When you get physically aroused then also same symptoms occurs. You can watch a horror movie with her it might cause her getting closer to you or can go for a ride. A fast long drive can also do the things easy. Do anything which is adventurous and make her heartbeat go up. These will make her get closer to you, once she will start coming close your chemistry may start working. This is the real science behind the kissing experience. If you will get adrenalin rush then you would be getting her into mood.

3. Show You Want it By Your Body Language to Get Any Girl to Kiss You

To make a girl kiss you will have to make her feel that you want to be kissed. Even without saying a word you can make a realize that you want to kiss or want to get kissed by her. Show some of these body signs to tell a girl that you want to kiss. These telltale signs will get her ready mentally and she would understand that you want her to initiate. A shy girl may hesitate to kiss you and she will need direct signs.

  • Look at her lips in between your conversation. while you are having a conversation and you are looking into her eyes but if you want to give a signal for a kiss then you can look at her lips for a while. Let her notice that you are looking at her lips in between it will help her to realize that you want a kiss to happen.
  • Sit or stand leaning towards her while talking to her. You leaning body towards her will show that you are attracted in her and want to take a step ahead.
  • Give full attention to her. This will make her sure that you are interested in her

4. Touch Her to Get Her Kiss You Back

It is very important to break the touch barrier so that you both will feel comfortable with each other. Try touching her to get her attention or you can touch her while reacting to any joke. You can also put your hand on her shoulder or pat her shoulder by complimenting her. You can touch her to make her feel closer to you. Breaking touch barrier will actually help you to take a step closer to the girl. Find excuses to touch her and this way you will be giving her direct hints that you want to get intimate with her.

5. Dance a Bit to Make a Girl Kiss You

Dancing will get you both closer and will also give you lot of close moments to initiate a kiss. Dance around casually taking her in your arms. Dance is a very romantic way to get closer to anyone you can ask her for a dance casually and she will say yes. Show her some of your dancing skills and you may even end up with a kiss. Ask her to give a hand to you and start dancing slowly this is the best way to get closer to her. There are many dancing moves which will get you both in a position to kiss very easily. Do not let the moment go and kiss her gently, watch her reaction and she too will follow you back.

6. Give a Small Peck to Get a Girl to Kiss You

To move a step ahead try a stronger step and give a peck to a girl on her cheeks and look for her reaction. If you think she is okay with it and she does not reacts badly then you can go ahead. When she hesitates or tries to move back it means she is not interested or ready yet. If she has come this far and you see her enjoying dance with her then only take this step and chances are very rare of her hesitating.

7. Make a Move to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You

Now, it is time to make a move. You can touch her face to give her hints and do this with confidence and looking into her eye. Your confidence will only make you win the game and will make any girl want to kiss you. Then you can hold her chin and pull her face up towards you. Be patient and do not rush to much. At this point if she doesn’t responds then leave it for the moment. But if she does not give any awkward reaction then kiss her lightly. Before kissing look her in the eye to know if it is the right moment to kiss someone.

Few Tips to Follow to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You

  • Few girls are shy in the first time thus you can try close mouth kissing.
  • Keep your breath fresh and follow proper oral hygiene.
  • Always put her choice first.
  • Do not rush into anything.

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