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How to Master the Art of Kissing?

Kissing plays an important role in romance. Kissing is a lot of fun if you know the art of kissing. But it can be terrifying for those who are the first timer. If you do it right then you and your partner will enjoy the experience. All men and women want to be master kisser. But only a few one attain the master in kissing. No guy and girl will accept the fact that they are not a good kisser. All guys at some point want to know about how to kiss well. That is why we present some tips that will help you to master the art of kissing.

Practice makes you perfect at kissing. To learn new kissing techniques, you should concentrate on the responses of your partner. A woman’s body has the range of sensitive zones which is suitable for the kiss. You can start kissing her earlobe, her nose, neck, and lips. It will be really romantic to her. But make sure don’t harm her during the deep kissing or French kissing. A good kisser or perfect kisser is recognized by his/her sexy breath. Stay away from food like garlic, onion, fish etc. when you are going to kiss your partner.

how to master the art of kissing

Ways to Master the Art of Kissing:

Kissing is the most important part of foreplay. It is a symbol of romantic passion. So you should learn this romantic passion for mastering the art of kissing. Here are some tips to follow:

1.) Relax to Master the Art of Kissing

The most important rule of the art of kissing is to relax. If you are comfortable or relaxed then the kiss will be pleasurable for both of you. You need to relax your lips, your body, and your tongue. If your body is not relaxed then it will be difficult for you to kiss your partner. You just empty your mind except that romantic moment and you will master the art of kissing.

2.) Make Your Lips Smooth

Your lips should not be dry. Moisten your lips to make it easier to slide over your partner’s lips. For smoothening of your lips use colorless stick lip balm. Squeezable balm can also work but use in moderation. Another way is to rub the chap sticks before kissing. If you don’t have chap sticks then you can run your tongue over your lips and press it to make your lips soft. So keep yourself hydrated for softening lips.

3.) Freshen Your Breath

Freshening your breath is the important part to master the art of kissing. Make sure that you have a good breath during a French kiss. Don’t eat onion or garlic before kissing. Brush your teeth and you can also have a gum, mints or breath spray.

4.) Let Him/ Her Take the Lead

Taking the lead is the most important part to master the art of kissing. Let your partner take the lead and get used to his or her style. Give each other chance to lead and you will get different ways to kiss your partner.

5.) Close Your Eyes

Some couples enjoy kissing by looking into each other’s eyes. But for most it is a huge terrible turn-off. Keep your eyes closed and you will enjoy it. Think about how the blind people can sense so much more than the sighted people. If your eyes are closed and relaxed, then you will get a more rushing sensation from the touch and feel of a kiss.

 6.) Kiss Your Partner if you are Smaller/ Taller

If you are smaller than your partner, move your head a little back and stand on your tiptoes if you are comfortable. If you are a girl and you are shorter then wrap your arms around his neck and he will wrap his hands around your waist and will lift you up. If you are taller than your partner then bend your head down and start kissing.

7.) Use Your Hands to Master the Art of Kissing

Your hands play a very important role while kissing. Guys your hands should be around her waist, her back or on the sides of her face. Girls your hands can be around his neck, on his stomach, on the sides of his face, on his biceps and on his hips. Also, run your fingers through his hair. If you are holding your partner’s arms or biceps then squeeze them little for to drive them crazy. Softly moan or kiss back harder if they are doing pleasurable.

8.) French Kiss and Take a Break

French kiss is a lot of fun if you know how to do it. French kiss is the kissing technique in which you play with your tongue. When you do French kiss try to massage the other’s tongue. Don’t sound scary because it is not easy as a normal kiss. Do it in small tips. First, place your lips between your partner’s lips and lock it. Now suck it and slowly run your tongue on your partner’s tongue softly. Last but not the least, take a little break. Talk and breath for a while. Caress your partner’s neck, run your fingers through the hair, give a hug and then continue. Make sure that you and your partner are enjoying the kissing.

Other Useful Tips to Master at Kissing

  • Don’t freak out, just relax and be comfortable.
  • For a passionate kiss, your eyes should be closed.
  • You can practice kiss with the help of your hands. Touch your lips to the back of your hand.
  • For the first kiss, meeting the bottom and upper lips is a universal and natural way to start off. To move further, lightly kiss on one lip.
  • Don’t take the stress. If you become tense then your lips will naturally tense up and nobody wants to kiss hard lips.
  • Start with small, light and short kisses. Then apply pressure to add the passion for a long kiss.
  • Change pressure and speed to add a mix and emotion. Less pressure adds more intimacy. More pressure adds more passion.

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