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How to Practice Kissing?

Kissing is an important and highly intimate interaction. A kiss builds the strong relationship and increases the compatibility between you and your partner. Whether it is a full on make out session or be it a friendly kiss on the cheek, kissing is one of the greatest pleasures felt by the human beings. Kissing someone passionately and romantically can be exciting but also frightening if you are not prepared well enough. Everyone follows a different style of kissing. A bad kiss can be a deal breaker in romance while a good kiss can increase the chances of intimacy and can even help you get laid. But don’t panic, you can master the art of kissing by practicing it. Some people kiss slowly while others like to kiss intensely and passionately. Find out your own style and know which way works best for you to kiss someone. There are many ways to practice kissing like you can even use your hand or a few non-living objects to help you practice. By practicing kissing you could be a good kisser and cause less mess while kissing your partner. Keep reading this article to get to know many ways to practice kissing and to be a better kisser.

How to practice kissing

Best Ways to Practice Kissing

1. Hand Technique to Practice Kissing

  • Make the letter “O” by curling your left hand loosely. Put your thumb on top of your fingernails. Do it the way when you make a gesture with your thumb and your first finger to say okay.
  • Put your right thumb into the opening of your left hand. Each thumb should be bent at the second joint so that rest will parallel to each other and mimic a pair of lips.
  • Now, place your lips gently on your thumbs. Practice gently kissing the shape of your “thumb lips.”
  • You can use your tongue and run it over your thumbs and around the inside edges. Gently push your tongue between the thumbs.
  • Practice kissing both gently, passionately and more forcefully.

2. Practice Kissing With Fruit

  • Get a ripe piece of soft fruit, such as an apricot, mango or plum. Such types of fruits are soft and could give you feeling of kissing actual lips.
  • Take a small bite and mouth-sized hole in the fruit.
  • Use this fruit as the mouth so that you can practice kissing with.
  • Start kissing the “fruit mouth” gently. Establish a rhythm while kissing. Kiss the upper part of the “mouth,” and then the lower part of the “mouth”. (Don’t eat your kissing partner.)
  • Use your tongue and gently push it into the flesh of the fruit. Don’t overdo it with the tongue.

3. Practice Kissing With Another Person to Make it Perfect

A. Find Someone for Kissing Practice

If you want your first kiss to be special and exciting, then try to pick the person you think would make kiss the most special. If you are worried that your kissing technique is not all that great yet, then choose someone you will feel less embarrassed with. There is nothing like kissing a human being obviously. Your partner will not be not responding to your lips like a fruit. By practicing the art of kissing with the help of another person, you will surely become a good kisser as it helps you to know your flaws too. It is probably one of the best ways to learn and also practice the art of kissing.

Find someone who will make you less uncomfortable to kiss and with whom, you can easily open up. If you feel hesitant, then you will not be able to cherish the intensity of a perfect kissing experience with your partner. Also while choosing the partner to practice kissing try to do it with your best friend as they would be most understanding about it. You can even try dating few people without getting into a serious relationship as this will help you to practice kissing on a real level.

B. Ask Someone Casually for a Kiss

If you are an outgoing or open-minded person or a bold female or male, it is easy for you to approach a guy or a girl and ask him/her for a kiss. Now, you just don’t directly go and start kissing as this will not at all appear pleasing for both of you. Take the first step towards your goal and try to develop a friendly relationship with the guy or the girl you want to practice kissing.

If you are a shy person then your job is going to be a little tough. As you would be hesitant to approach someone by yourself. Therefore for a shy person, it is best to get rid of your shyness and embrace the new you. This will not only help you to be confident but will also help you in the long run in your life. Few tips which can help you to casually approach someone to practice kissing could be as follows.

  • Kiss a girl or guy you think is attracted to you. Do you know someone who is interested in you? Great, that’s your jackpot!
  • If someone doesn’t like you or is not interested in you then it is very hard to approach and expect a kiss. Therefore it would be better to let that person be.
  • Flirting is the initial step when you actually want to kiss someone.
  • Touch your partner’s shoulder gently when you are talking to them. Try to make and maintain the touch as much as possible. This would help you to faster the action.
  • Compliment your partner according to their appearance and always try to look into their eyes. This will make them know that you are interested in them.
  • Look at your partner’s lips to give them a signal that you are ready for a kiss.
  • Try and comfort your partner while developing physical intimacy. Keep a check on their actions to know if he or she is comfortable with your touch or actions or not?
  • This is more important for you being a guy as in case you make your partner feel any discomfort with your actions, she may eventually lose interest and walk away.
  • When you are moving in for a kiss while being distant with your partner, it will be an awkward situation. Therefore, stay close.
  • If your partner seems interested in you then put your arm around their waist.
  • You can even try other ways to bring them closer to you and get more access.

4. Make Sure Your Lips are Soft

Chapped lips are a big disappointment. If you really want to be a better kisser you should take care of your lips always. Soft lips always attract your partner and make them want to kiss you. This makes it important for you to keep your lips smooth, soft and supple before you kiss your partner. Try to keep your lips moist and plump and always apply balm on your lips before you kiss so that they are smooth and soft. Flaky or cracked lips can distract you from the moment. Also, you partner may not like if your lips are always dry as it appears unattractive. It can even make them avoid kissing you. Try using a good lip moisturizer no matter if you are a guy or girl. Drinking water may also help you to stay hydrated which helps you to keep your lips soft naturally.

  • Don’t apply lip-gloss before you kiss because they can be glittery, sweet and sticky.
  • Your partner may not like those gooey and sticky lips.
  • All they desire for is soft and plump lips those are easy to kiss, giving your partner a cherishable experience.
  • Don’t apply lipstick before you kiss your partner, simple lip balm is enough for the moment.
  • Lipstick can eventually transfer from your lips to his, making him feel embarrassed and conscious.
  • If you insist on using lipstick to make your lips beautiful then you should try using well branded lipsticks as they are not sticky and also would not cause a mess.

5. Freshen Your Breath to Practice Kissing

You do not want your foul breath to spoil the whole romantic moment. Maintain oral hygiene and take care of your breath, not only when you go for a kiss but always. Your whole body including the mouth should smell pleasing before you try to get cozy with your partner. Brushing your teeth daily is necessary. but also try to brush before you leave your house for a date. You can also use a mouth freshener before you kiss. Don’t eat foods with a pungent and unpleasant smell like garlic, onions, and other strong tasting foods especially liquor before you kiss, this is to avoid getting the foul smell which may annoy your partner.

How does your mouth smell? Yes, it matters a lot, as bad and unpleasant hygiene can even scare away your partner. Therefore, it is very much important to take care pf personal hygiene while getting cozy and intimate with your partner.

  • Lean on your partner and send the signal that you want to kiss.
  • Let them respond and do not force yourself on your partner.
  • If your partner moves back that means he or she is not ready for a kiss.
  • In case your partner moves closer, this is a positive response and a signal for you to get going.
  • Maintaining eye contact is also important while kissing.
  • When you move in for the kiss, look at your partner’s lips in a romantic way.
  • Close your eyes, when your lips are pressed against your partner’s lips.
  • This will make the kiss more intense and cherishable.

6. Make the First Kiss Last Longer

If you suddenly plan on kissing your partner, your noses may appear as an obstacle refraining your lips to be pressed together. So, tilt your head to one side and then make the move. Start with a simple peck as this will tease your partner, making them want more of you. You can take a short break and start kissing again with more intensity and passion.

  • When you kiss for the first time, lock your lips for a couple of seconds unless your partner opens their lips and picks up the same pace, allowing you more access.
  • If you make your kiss last longer then you will be able to set the stage for the next kiss.
  • Softly nibble your partner’s upper and lower lip a few times. Then start kissing to their upper lip.
  • If your heart beat raises then it is a good sign which shows the moment is getting passionate. It will also make your partner act more passionately.
  • If you want, you can also try a French kiss. Although, not everyone is ready for a French kiss as it could be embarrassing especially if it the first time. If you feel that you both are going well and the bond is good between you two then going for a French kiss would be a good idea.
  • In a French kiss, you just need to play with your tongue. More your tongue into your partner’s mouth only when they allow you to do so. If not, do not try to force the kiss until and unless you have an idea of what they actually want from you.
  • Once given the access, move your tongue into your partner’s mouth. If you force your partner for a french kiss then you will probably embarrass yourself.
  • This will also make your partner lose interest in you.

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