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How to Remove a Hickey?

A hickey or kiss of love is a symbol of passionate love. A hickey might remind you of the intense love you shared but if at the visible area it can a bit embarrassing. A hickey is actually a bruise which is caused by suction of the skin. When a person kisses hard then the capillaries which are the small blood vessels carrying blood down due to pressure tends to burst under your skin. A person can get hickey anywhere but it gets visible more on areas where the skin is thin. Hickey can be from purple to bluish to red colour depending from person to person. Well, hickey causes no pain or a very less pain so it is a positive side of it. You just need to worry how to hide it if you got the love mark on the visible area. Most of the times it takes almost a  week for hickey to fade away. But with these tips, you can hide or can remove a hickey as soon as possible.

How to Remove a Hickey

Home Remedies to Remove a Hickey as Soon as Possible

1.) Cold Treatment to Remove a Hickey

Cold or ice treatment; this method works more efficiently if you apply it sooner. Put ice cube over the affected area. Ice can freeze the blood vessel, when an ice cube is applied on affected area it clots the blood and due to which the size of hickey gets smaller.

Method; Take the crushed ice keep it on a cloth make a small bundle of it and keep it over the affected area. This method is experimented remedy to cure hickey at home and do it as soon as possible. Do not put ice directly on contact with the skin as it may cause cold burn.

2.) Finger Massage to Remove a Hickey

Finger Massage; massage gently with your finger on the affected area i.e. over the hickey. Massaging put away the clotted blood and reduces the mark at great extent.

Method: Massage with the tip of the finger over the affected area in a circular motion, press the area where blood is clotted. Do it in regular intervals or repeat it several times throughout the day.

3.) Aloe Vera to Remove a Hickey

Aloe vera; it is a great beneficial herb and can be used to cure many of the skin problems and also to cure many other diseases. It moisturizes skin and nourishes it. Also, treats burns, this magical herb can be used to cure hickey as well. Its soothing property tends to heal the broken skin faster and repairs capillaries.

Method: Peel Aloe Vera take out its get and massage it on affected area. Do it four to five times in a day. You can also keep the Aloe vera gel and apply it cold which will help in soothing pain too.

4.) Take Vitamins to Remove a Hickey

  • Vitamin K helps in blood clots and thus treat bruises as it prevents blood clots and speeds up healing process. There are also many vitamin K based creams which will help you to get rid of hickey fast.
  • Vitamin E capsules and creams are available abundantly in the market, it can also be use to get rid of hickey.
  • Vitamin C forms collagen, fruits like orange, gooseberries or lemon are rich source of vitamin C and can be used to treat hickey. collagen forms blood vessels and cells which helps in repairing the ruptured blood capillaries.

5.) Apply Toothpaste to Remove Hickey Fast

Mint or peppermint based toothpaste will soothe the affected area. Any peppermint based oil or lotion will help to heal it faster. Mint tends to improve the blood circulation. apply a layer of it over the affected area. You can remove it after the tingle sensation stops. Do it two to three times in a day.

6.) Hot Method to Remove Hickey

This method can be used when the blood capillaries are healed. this method removes the blood clot formed. Apply the hot pack it will melt away the clotted blood and will increase the blood flow and thus will heal the bruise eventually removing the mark.

Method: Fill a plastic bottle with hot water, be careful while doing it. Keep the bottle on the affected area for around ten to fifteen minutes. Instead of a bottle, you can also use a towel, soak the towel in the hot water and use it make sure water is not too hot.

7.) Use Alcohol to Get Rid of Hickey

This alcohol method is very effective. Rub the area with alcohol gently, do it after the 4-5 hours of the occurrence of a hickey. Alcohol being a disinfectant prevents it from getting worse and also soothes the skin.

Method: Dip the cotton ball in the alcohol and rub the area for five to seven minutes. Do this for 3-4 times in a day.

8.) Banana Peel to Heal Hickey

Use a banana to get rid of hickey. Banana is filled with cooling properties, which will cool the effected area and will ease your pain. Place banana peel over your skin as soon as you get hickey do it as soon as possible to get faster relief.

Method: Peel the banana(ripe banana) cut it according to the area of hickey on which you have to place it on. Place peel on your hickey for 10-20 minutes. Repeat this method in two to four times in a day.

9.) Frozen Spoon Method to Remove a Hickey

Do this method as soon as you get hickey. Place the frozen spoon on affected area it will not only ease out your pain but also will help to heal it fast.

Method: Keep a spoon in the freezer for few minutes, then take it out and keep it on the affected are. Use the back side of the skin.

10.) Tea Bags Heals Hickey Fast

Tea bags can also be used to treat hickey. Use used tea bags to treat your hickey affected area. This works as warm treatment this will help you to remove hickey when used with other methods. keep tea bag on the affected area for few minutes.

If you want instant result you can apply makeup over your hickey to hide it. Use concealer, apply it over hickey then use foundation over it to hide the hickey.

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