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How to Kiss Your Girlfriend?

Kissing is a great emotional act and one can never forget the amazing moment if the kissing goes right. Everyone wants to have a kiss to remember for a long time. By knowing kissing tactics you can please any girl. When it comes to kissing your girlfriend it becomes more important to be great at it, well it is always good to be great at kissing. If you are a good kisser you know that girl is gonna stay forever. A wrong kiss may scare away the girls and a good kiss definitely lasts forever. When it comes to kissing your girlfriend you should not be scared but just keep a few points in mind. You will have to follow few tactics & remember few points and you will give her a kiss that she can never forget about. To know how to kiss your girlfriend follow the methods mentioned in this article.

How to Kiss Your Girlfriend

Follow These Steps to Kiss Your Girlfriend

1.) Pre-Steps to Kissing

  • Lips; Take proper care of your lips before you go kissing. Have the moist nourished lips it makes kiss more wonderful. Drinking lot of water every day will help you to stay hydrated. Apply moisturizing jelly on your lips. Colorless lip balm can be used to make your lips feel tender and soft. No one can resist a perfect lip yo kiss, so if you want your girlfriend to kiss every time better focus on improving the health of your lips.
  • Breath; Breath is also a very important factor when you are going to kiss someone. Nobody wants to kiss a person with a bad breath. Focus on your breath and mouth hygiene. Use any mint flavored chewing gum to get the fresh smelling mouth. Brush your teeth before going to kiss your girlfriend. Also, use mouth freshener to freshen up your breath. You can keep breath spray with you as it might come handy as you don’t know when you may get a chance to kiss her.

2.) Set the Environment to Kiss Your Girlfriend

  • Choose a place; Surrounding is very important when you are about to kiss your girlfriend for the first time. Kissing gets sweeter when the place around you is better. Get close to the girl you want to kiss. Lean towards her and sit close to her. at a nice or romantic place, she will get into the mood herself and may desire to kiss you.
  • Smell nice; When you go close to her do not forget to smell good. Smelling good always will go in your favor. Use any good perfume or cologne and smell right for the occasion. When you will smell good she will feel attracted to you and may get closer to you by herself. Smell good and steal the moment.
  • Get privacy; Get the Privacy, when you are going to kiss your girlfriend and you are not sure about your kissing skills so it would be better if you get the privacy. Privacy will help her to open up too and she will not hesitate much. Get privacy like you can go to your place or hers whichever place suits you both.
  • Make her comfortable; If she is comfortable she will enjoy it more and thus you will enjoy it too. Look if she is comfortable or not ask her if she is comfortable with you at that place or not. Or if you feel like she is not comfortable then go to some other place or wait for the next time. A wrong place will spoil the kiss.

3.) While Kissing Remember

  • Flirt a bit; Flirting is good when you do it in a right manner. Flirt a bit with her, it will lighten up the mood and will make her feel better. No matter if you use cliché dialogues if it makes her smile then go for it and flirt with her. You can also compliment her and tease her and go closer to her that way.
  • Get closer: Get closer to her and look her reaction. How she reacts when you try to get closer. Is her actions encouraging? If yes then go further. Do not rush this step do everything slowly and keep an eye on her reactions. See if she is not liking it then stop it at ones. You will get to know what is in her mind by her actions.
  • Look for signs; Look what signs she is giving when you get closer to her, is it a yes? Is she smiling and blushing when you getting closer? Or is she avoiding you and getting back? If you feel she is not interested or she is not liking you getting closer than stop it at the moment and wait for the time she will be ready to get closer to you.
  • Lean in; Lean in when you are about to kiss her. Lean towards her and look into her eye give a slight smile. Do not let your gaze be diverted look into her eyes and then for a while at her lips. It will give her signs that you are interested in kissing her. 
  • Hold her face; Just before kissing hold her face gently. do this when you are closer to her and leaning towards her. You can also brush your fingers against her cheeks and a move a bit of thumb on her corner of the lip. If she is blushing and looking into your eyes with a warm or naughty smile then she is definitely waiting for you to kiss.
  • Kiss; Now after these steps moment has come to plant a kiss on her lips. You can also initiate by giving a small peck on her cheeks. Get close to her and gently kiss her lips. Start with a small kiss after a while you can go for deep one.
  • Go again after breathing; Once you have kissed get apart and look at her face with a gentle & warm smile. Look at her blushing and hug her. then after a while again kiss her. Do not worry if you think this is not your best because with time it will keep on improving.

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