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How to Flirt with a Pretty Girl?

Flirting is the fine line of difference between being a playboy and getting the title of a boring guy. Being good at flirting can even get you the girl out of your league you just need to do it the right way. If you do it more you might be called a creep and if you do not do it at all then your girl might fly away to someone else. When you flirt with a pretty girl you have to be very careful that she doesn’t know that you are flirting with her or else she will be disinterested. You have to make her curious about your intentions. Flirting is a very interesting game if played correctly can shoot cupid arrow in anyone’s heart and make them crave for you.

When it comes to a pretty girl men fails to gather their courage to talk to her and they don’t even think to try on her. But guys calm down even though she is pretty she has the same heart like every other girl she also wants what every other girl wants. We have brought a list of things to do to flirt with a pretty girl.

How to Flirt with a Pretty Girl

Steps to Flirt with a Pretty Girl:

1.) Be Genuine to Flirt with a Pretty Girl

Women like an honest and a genuine man. If she is pretty then people trying to flirt with her is very common. They would try to show off to get her attention but she might be tired of this therefore, she needs a genuine man who would make her feel important not just brag about himself. An honest man is what every girl desires to have. Make her feel like you are an honest person and not like everyone.

2.) Praise Her Skills

She knows she is beautiful and tired of hearing it. Well, I am not saying to not compliment her calling beautiful but compliment her for what she is good at. Tell her that you are fond of her smartness or you like how hard working she is. This would make her feel like you know her and value her. This way of flirting is more effective than the conventional one.

3.) Be Presentable to Flirt with a Pretty Girl

Don’t go looking like a homeless drug addict, dress well, groom well and put a slight smile on your face. Use a good deodorant or cologne whichever you like. It will add up your points in flirting. A pretty girl would probably not like to go out with a person who doesn’t know how to dress up well.

4.) Smile & Make Eye Contact

Let your gestures do the flirting. Non-verbal languages are more powerful when you are flirting. Look her in the eye and smile. Let your eyes do the talking, gaze deep into her eyes it may give her chills. Show her with your look that how much you like her. Give a flirty look, wink when it seems appropriate.

5.) Touch Her

While talking to her, hold her hand but do it only if you both know each other. If you are meeting her first time in a pub you can ask her to dance. This will tell you how comfortable she is with you. Remember not to be a creep and do not touch her without her permission.

6.) Show Confidence to Flirt with a Pretty Girl

Show confidence in you talk, girls like confident boys. If you can’t show her how confident you are she will probably never go out with you. If she will see you as a confident guy she will like to be with you as she will feel safe with you, one who can protect her. Make the first move by going and talking to her

7.) Ask Her Out to Flirt with Her

You can ask her out directly for a coffee or a movie. It will show her that you are interested in her and maybe she is interested in you too. This formula also works with the girl you just met. Ask her out on a date or any place where you think she would be interested in going. You can ask her to decide for place and time or take her to new beautiful place which you think would take her heart away.

8.) Compliment Her looks

Complimenting is the best way of flirting with someone. Compliment her. Tell her that she is looking amazing today. Make her feel important also tell her if you see any changes in her looks like compliment her hairstyle or her eyes or anything that would make her feel special. Not only compliment about her looks but also tell her how intelligent she is and has a beautiful heart with a beautiful face.

9.) Do Small Things for Her

While Flirting small things matters a lot. Make her feel important, do small and sweet things for her. Like when she is tired make coffee for her. When she feels bad or looking distracted pass a positive note to her. Try to offer a help as well. Smalls things matter a lot than bigger actions doings small things you can make her feel that how much you care about her and how much important she is to you. Those sweet things would make her feel good about you and she would think of you as a special person in your life.

10.) Pass Her Looks

When you become friends it is not bad to try going a step ahead. Give her flirty looks, wink at her. Try to make her feel that she is not only your fiend but you are also interested in her. Try to be naughty with your joke try to make her smile. When you feel like she is comfortable with you can also try to get close to her you can hold her hand and give her flying kiss. Whenever you pass her, give a naughty smile and pass on complimenting notes to her. She would know that you are interested in her and would also smile with your this way of flirting.

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