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How to Act Around a Guy You Like?

If you are looking for tips about how to be yourself around a guy you like then you are at right place. This article will help you and give some useful tips about how to act around a guy you like. If you like someone then you should not act like a totally different person. Be yourself and keep yourself cool around them. You maybe nervous when it comes to knowing what to talk about or how to connect with a guy you like. All you need to do is maintain your confidence, keep up your good sense of humor and be a great conversationalist to impress a guy. Also, keep in mind that your crush might be as nervous as you so don’t try too hard to act around him.

How to act around a guy you like

Best Ways to Act Around a Guy You Like:

1.) Make Eye Contact to Get His Attention

Keep casual glances when he is around you. When he catches you, smile cutely and turn back to your work. If you stare at him all day, he will think that you are a little obsessive. Be confident when you look at him and talk to him. He will be surprised or impressed by how you handle yourself.

  • Try to talk to him by asking what time it is or change for a dollar. If you talk to him, it is okay to maintain your gaze once in a while.

2.) Let His Friends Notice You

Making his friends notice you is the best way to act around a guy you like. It doesn’t mean that you flirt with his friends. You should act cool and fun around his friends. Be interested and kind, ask his friends about their weekend plans.

  • If his friends notice you and like you then they will talk about you in front of their friend which will make him notice you.
  • If you become friends with his friends then they may invite you for parties which will help you to hang out with the guy.
  • Even asking his friends about what he is up to or how he is doing will reveal that you have a crush on that guy.

3.) Let Him See You Having a Fun

If the guy is around you and not talking to you then don’t spend time looking bored or sad and wait for him to come up to you. Enjoy with your friends, tell funny stories, laugh and be engaged. Make other people to hang out with you. When he sees that other people are enjoying your presence, he will come up to you and make conversation.

  • If you look like you are in demand and surrounded by people then he will get to know you more.
  • Guys always like girls who are fun loving.

4.) Be Yourself and Don’t Act Like Someone Else

If you talk to a guy you like then be yourself. If you want him to like you, don’t pretend or act like someone else. You should act the way you do around your friends or other people. You may feel shy at first but the more you talk to a guy the more comfortable you will be.

  • You may think guys like dumb girls who just toss their hair back or giggle but this is not the case. Guys are more attracted to independent girls who are comfortable enough with who they are or who can be themselves.

5.) Don’t Be Jealous

Being jealous is not the good way to act around a guy you like. This is the bad thing to catch a guy’s eye. If the guy is hanging out with other girls then don’t talk about those girls are ugly or stupid or fat. You may seem jealous and insecure if you do so. Before dating the guy, if you seem like a jealous person then he will imagine that you would be an incredible jealous girlfriend. If you don’t react, he will think that you are so cool and you don’t feel the need to compete with another girl.

6.) Ask the Guy About His Interests

Asking the guy about his interests is the good way to act around a guy you like. If you want him to enjoy hanging out with you then let him see that you care about him. Ask him about his favorite movies, songs or favorite sports team. Talk about his favorite TV shows or his favorite type of Mexican food. You can also share stuff about yourself.

7.) Be Good to Everyone to Act Around a Guy You Like

Being nice to him and to other people is the good way to impress a guy. This shows how pleasant person you are. If you mean to others but nice to him, then he will not like it. Going back and forth between arrogant and nice will make you seem fake. No guy wants to date a girl who always fight with everyone.

8.) Flirt with Him

Flirting is the good way to act around a guy you like. It is also the way to show him that you are interested in him by smiling, making eye contact and making a little bit of conversation. Turn your body towards him and touch him slightly if your conversation is going well. Tease him a bit if you are starting to get to know him. Being playful is also the way to flirt. Don’t act like that you take yourself so seriously all the time.

9.) Compliment Him

Simple and genuine compliments are great. Compliment him on his appearance or a quality about him that deserves to be complimented. Say something like, “I like your hairstyle or “You are good at baseball.” Don’t compliment him every time because he may feel overwhelmed.

10.) Fascinate Him

Once you have got his attention, now this is the time to fascinate him. You want to make him see that you are a unique girl and catch his interest. By being a bit mysterious you can do this thing. If he is intrigued by you then he will want to spend time with you. If he asks you out then don’t get too excited.

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