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How to Attract boys?

Do you have any particular guy in your mind or you just randomly want to attract any guy on the streets for both you have to keep few things in your mind. Attracting boys are not that hard job to do as compared to attract women. If you are a shy person and wondering how to attract boys then you have to work a bit first on yourself but you do not need to worry as we are here to help you to achieve your goal. Even if you do not have the confidence and think that you are not that beautiful still you can attract whichever boy you want with few points keeping in your mind.

Remember one thing before you want to attract any guy that you are no less than any girl. Keep it in mind and have confidence in you and follow these steps to attract boys whom you always wanted to make your own.

How to Attract Boys

Follow These Tips to Attract Boys

1.) Dress Well to Attract Boys

You should know where to wear what. Always dress well, not for the sake of impressing anyone but for yourself. When you dress good you feel good and if you feel good you get charged with energy and confidence. Nothing is sexy than a confident woman. Wear your confidence like a tiara and no guy will ever dare to stay away from you. You can ask your friends who you think is good at selecting good dresses and have better dressing sense than you. Dress always what you are comfortable in. No need to wear tights and shorts if that is not your style. Dress presents your personality, the way you dress will make others form an opinion about you in the first look. Thus, dress like how you want to be presented.

2.) Smile to Attract Boys

Smile, it is the best way to impress anyone. Everyone like to see a happy smiling face. Plus smile also make you look beautiful. It is one of the most effective thing you should do if you want to attract boys. Many people do not need to do makeup also if they put a constant smile on your face. Smiling face Is the best and spreads a message to smile to everyone. Boys like girls with a big ear to ear smile.

3.) Make Eye Contact

Make an eye contact with the guy you want to attract. Making eye contact increases bonds when you look into the eyes of the person and hold the gaze it makes them anxious to know you more. Making an eye contact is a good habit which you should follow at any place not only when you need to attract boy. But it must be followed when you are trying to attract boys. When you continuously make eye contact he will get addicted to your gaze and this helps in getting into his mind.

4.) Smell Good

Nobody can ignore a good smell even if they want to. Use a good subtle perfume also keep your breath fresh. You might already know this part but this is an important point to remind you that it is one of the most important part to attract boys. If you smell good you can really captivate any man and cast your spell on them.

5.) Be Playful

Guys love girls with whom they can joke around and have fun. Be a fun loving person with whom any guy can be easily comfortable with. Make a guy know that you are very charming and bubbly not the serious boring one. Try to joke around and you can also initiate the touch like poking him or patting his shoulder. Don’t be too girlish or lady like and polite. Guys love to be around girls with whom they can play and act cool.

6.) Don’t Be Easily Available

Guys like challenges and if you are an easy bait then they would rather like to move on from you. Be a challenge for him and show a bit attitude. Do not let them handle you or take you under their control be wild be free and show them that you are not that easy bait to catch. When they will think that you are not easy to get they will automatically will try to want you which will make your task easier as you would have to do nothing more and still would get the guy you want.

7.) Do Bit Flirting

Flirting is very important part if you want to attract anyone. Do the Flirting if you want to attract a guy, doing a bit flirting is not wrong. Show gestures like fluttering your eyelids or biting your lips, cross your legs. Give him hints that you are interested in him. If they will know that you are interested in them then they might initiate or come to contact you. You can also initiate yourself like you can go to him and talk to him. Guys like girls who initiate the talking it will make them how that you are very bold and confident. Men like to be with confident girls definitely.

8.) Be Interesting to Attract Boys

Be interesting and be yourself, do not try to be someone else if you want to attract a guy. Being you is the best things to attract someone because that way you will attract the person whom deserves you. Do not imitate other be a part of the crowd. Be unique, be you that is rare and unique. Your looks can get you a guy for only few dates but what matters most is the mind you have. Show your real face and be an interesting person. Do not tell everything on your own about you let the guy try to know you.

Few Don’ts to Keep in Mind to Attract a Guy:

  •         Don’t dress sultry. Dress like a lady, you are not a thing to show off.
  •         Don’t behave like a stupid kid.
  •         Do not beg to get someone’s attention.
  •         Do not underestimate yourself.
  •         Do not Settle for Anyone. Have a choice in your mind do not go less for that.

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