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How to Compliment Girls?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to compliment girls? Complimenting a girl is important when you are trying to make a lasting impression. A compliment shows that you have noticed how nice a girl she really is. There are several ways to compliment a girl and they are always going to sound nice. Girls just like guys, enjoy receiving tasteful or witty compliments from confident people. Girls will feel uncomfortable receiving the same compliment from nervous, soft-spoken and jittery people who are completely unsure of themselves. Compliment a girl clearly, smoothly with good volume and eye contact. Here are some useful tips to compliment girls without offending her.

Sincerity is the first thing that you should know when you compliment a girl. Don’t say something nice because your friend texted you a few complimentary quotations or you read it in a book. Be real when you compliment a girl. If she sees the sincerity in your eyes, she will be more flattered and will appreciate your compliment. To compliment a girl, you should understand the different ways.

How to compliment girls

Best Ways to Compliment Girls:

1.) Consider What the Girl Values in Herself

The first thing you should do is think about the girl and knows what she values in herself. Girls will be more open to accepting a compliment she agrees with. Consider what she is proud of or what she values of and compliment her on those things. If a girl is eager to share something that she has done with other people that are something you could compliment her on.

2.) Compliment Girls What They Struggle with

Everyone works hard or if she does hard work and you know she has worked very hard on something then you can compliment her on her hard work. This can be tricky so be careful. Like if she complains that she doesn’t like her nose then tell her that it is cute.

  • If she tries to work hard in school, compliment her work, her intelligence or her determination. For this type of compliment, you should be honest whatever you compliment her on. If you don’t mean then don’t compliment her on.

3.) Think About What She Values in You

Remind your conversations that you have had with her and find things to compliment her on what she values. Maybe you noticed many things like she wished that she had a beautiful hair like some other girl but you think her hair is better.

  • It is important to notice whether or not she possesses the quality you want to compliment her on. Tell her she is good at something which she didn’t notice.

4.) Compliment Her Personality

Personality is the best thing that you can compliment her on. This is something that she has some control over. Think about the things which you like about who she is as a good person and what she does then compliment her on that. It is not only about clothing, it is about something that is intrinsically her.

5.) Compliment Girls with Words

One of the best ways to compliment a girl is with words. Not by telling but by writing. Love stories and poems have been written by guys to show their love for their loved ones. It would be really praising if you write a poem a girl you like. Send a text after the meeting or date or pick a beautiful card to express your feelings for her.

6.) Compliment Girls for Her Skills

If she is a good singer or dancer then compliment her for that. This is the best way to compliment girls. Most guys assume that girls don’t like to be complimented for anything other their appearance but that is not true. As a matter of fact, girls are so used to being complimented only for their appearance but that doesn’t soften their heart as much as a character compliment can do. So, when you are with a girl and she shows off their great skills then compliment her for that.

7.) Compliment Her Femininity

Compliment her feminine side like her caring nature, kindness, the way she smiles, the cute thing she does with her hair or the way she fans herself when she is feeling hot and she blushes when you compliment her. Complimenting a girl for her femininity is such a beautiful way to appreciate her beauty and her sweet ways without talking about her physical appearance.

8.) Compliment Girl’s Accomplishments

You can also compliment a girl’s accomplishments. This is something that says about who she is as a person. Consider the things she did that you admired, think about the things she worked hard for or doing the right thing in a tough situation or helping someone and compliment her on that. This is something that no one can take away from her. This means she will not have to fear to lose this quality. When she will think about this compliment she will be happy for the rest of her life.

Important Tips When You Compliment Girls:

  • Don’t compliment on certain physical features like legs, butt etc.
  • Be sincere when you compliment a girl.
  • If you respect a girl as a person, as valuable human being with worthwhile opinions, dreams, feelings and hopes and who are capable of doing everything then any compliment you give will probably be fine.
  • Compliment her at the right time like when you are on a date or you are having a conversation related to what you want to compliment her on. This is very important because if you do this in the wrong situation then it can be demeaning.
  • If you don’t know a girl, then don’t sexually compliment her. Sexualized compliments only work with girls you are dating or have another close relationship withM
  • Compliment her because you mean it and let her know how special she is to you. Don’t compliment just to impress a girl.
  • If you insulted her or accidentally offended her then make sure you sincerely apologize.
  • If you are confused about complimenting a girl then there are some aspects to compliment a girl are her hair, lips, eyes, her fragrance and her voice.

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