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How to Find Out If Your Ex Still Likes You?

After break up, are you still confused about the mixed feeling you are getting from your ex? A break up is such a bad thing but dealing with the mixed signals from an ex is a tough thing too. A relationship may drift in many directions after a breakup. It is not easy to know where your relationship is heading. Breaking up with someone is more complicated than falling in love with someone.  When you break up, you sit with yourself for a new beginning. Nothing will stay the same again for a while. You try to move on but you start to feel like your ex still has a soft corner for you. If you are wondering whether your ex still likes you or not, then here are some great tips to find out if your ex still likes you.

How to Find Out If Your Ex Still Likes You

Best Ways to Find Out If Your Ex Still Likes You:

1.) Look for Your Ex and Notice How Often He or She is Around You

When you try to avoid your ex both physically or mentally for some days and there are certain cases where it is impossible to do. If you find your ex around you very often, he or she may still think of you or he still has feelings for you. If you notice your ex being around many times then this is a sign to find out if your ex still likes you.

  • If your ex still likes you then they behave in a very warm and friendly manner even after the breakup. They love you more than you can ever remember.
  • If your ex speaks in a very soft tone and whispers lovingly and sweetly to you then it means there is still love in the air.

2.) Notice If He or She Stays in Touch

If you still get phone calls, e-mails, Facebook private messages or text messages from your ex then he or she is still interested in you. Random drop-ins at school, home or the office indicate that love is still alive on your ex’s side.

  • If your ex-share their gloomy attitude with everyone or reveal signs of missing you on Facebook with status updates then it means he or she wants you back in their life.
  • If your ex-links to your favorite song on their public pages or hangs out in places where you both used to spend time then chances are they are crying for your attention.
  • If your ex calls you to talk about the old relationship or how such a perfect relationship could go so wrong, then he or she is trying to find a way back into your heart.

3.) Notice Your Ex’s Reaction When He or She Sees You

If your ex-lights up or smiles when you come around then he or she still think of you. Notice if your ex-glances at you across the room. If he or she can’t stop looking at you then it is a good sign that your ex can’t get you out of his or her mind.

  • If your ex still likes you or wants you back then chances are they make the effort to get to know everything about your daily activities behind your back.
  • If your ex-blinks with their watery eyes or stares sadly at you when you ignore them or don’t give them attention, they are probably craving for your attention.

4.) Notice Whether Your Ex Touches You a Lot

When you talk to your ex, he or she may touch your knee or arm throughout the conversation. This physical connection indicates interest. But noticing his or her touch you can find out if your ex still likes you. If your ex is still touchy that means love is in the air. If your ex-dislikes you then they probably don’t touch you.

5.) Consider If Your Ex Still Talks to Your Family

If your ex still in touch with your friends, parents, brothers or sisters then he or she may not be ready to cut his or her connection to you. It is also possible; a manipulative ex can do this to annoy you. Ask your family members what your ex is saying about you. If your ex says something about you to your family then you can easily find out if your ex still likes you.

6.) Listen to Your Friends

Your friends will tell you that your ex constantly asks questions about you. If he or she thinking about you then he or she will check up on you. Your ex can say anything about you. That could be bad or good, depending on your point of view.

  • If your ex’s friends tell you that he or she is unhappy without you then your ex still think of you. If they tell you that he or she has been driving them crazy since your breakup then you know he or she wants you back.
  • When you talk someone else or you have a happy conversation with the opposite sex and you see annoyance on your ex’s face that means your ex still wants you back. If your ex does so, then you can easily find out if your ex still likes you.

7.) Notice If He or She Will Not Give Back Your Stuff

You gave something to your ex when you were in a relationship. If your ex has your stuff at his or her house that means your ex has something in their heart. If he or she doesn’t give your stuff back then your ex has a reason for hanging on it. If you don’t have feelings for your ex then you can ask for your stuff.

  • If your ex reminds you of your old anniversary or about the place where you both used to go all the time that means they want you to remember the same moments too.

8.) Notice If They Date Anyone 

If your ex still loves you then the chances are they will avoid dating anyone else at least for a long time. Even if they go out on a date with someone privately then they will hush it up or tell your friends not to tell you so that you will hurt. This is the good way to find out if your ex still likes you. If you want to get your ex back then tell them you still like him or her.

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