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How to Get a Guy to Admit that He Likes You?

You like a guy very much and are very sure about it that he likes you too but he never admits that he likes you. You are scared to take the first step as you do not want to get rejected or might have a fear of losing him as a friend as well. This may also be the case that you want him to take the first step as girls generally avoid taking the initiative of confessing their feelings. Even if he does not confess his feelings there are other ways by which you can know that if a guy likes you or not.

Many times when we like someone we start behaving differently in front of them. We do not know what brings those changes when we see our crush in front of us. Similar signs are also seen in a guy when he starts developing feelings for you. You have to read these signs and catch hints that are passed by him, either consciously or unconsciously. This will let you know whether he likes you or not. Also, to make him admit and confess his feelings, you have to do a few things which will get a guy to admit that he likes you very much.

How to Get a Guy to Admit that He Likes You

Things to Do to Get a Guy to Admit that He Likes You

1.) Know His Relationship Status

You have doubts that a guy like you but to make it sure you should know that does he has someone else in his mind or is he dating someone else? If yes then your doubts can be irrelevant. Try to investigate about a bit of his personal life. Ask him directly about his relationship status. This will help you to clear out your thoughts and will also clear the doubts that whether he is single or taken.

It will also give him hints to know that you might be interested in him and thus, this will encourage him to confess his feelings for you. It is a good idea as it will either clear out your thoughts or will let him know how you feel.

2.) Build Trust to Get a Guy to Admit that He Likes You

Gaining trust is a big thing, if you somehow manage to gain his trust then he will be open up his feelings to you. Start sharing few things with him as it will encourage him to share things with you. Let him know that you are a person on which he can rely. If he starts to develop a certain level of trust on you then it will be easier for him to confess his feelings for you. Gaining someone’s trust is actually a big deal, therefore, do not try to create a fuss and make things go slow with the flow. Once you will gain his trust you will witness that he is not a reserved or an introvert person like before and has now started sharing things easily.

3.) Tips to Know if a Guy Likes You: Do Not Pre-Judge

Try to encourage him for the already existing qualities and also for those qualities which can be developed over time. Eventually, this will make him feel that you care for him. Thus, it will surely help to get a guy to admit that he likes you. Never be prejudiced in front of him or even for him. If he notices that you are a prejudiced person then he might hesitate to share his feelings.

Show him that you are a cool and positive person who take things calmly. Try to know about him and keep on asking questions in order to know him better. You can also add your comments and views in between so that he will get to know your positive side. He will also know that you are a person who does not pre-judge people. This will give him the confidence to speak out his heart and mind to you.

4.) Ask Him About His Liking

You can also indirectly ask him that does he likes you or even feel for you anything more than just being friends. While conversing, ask him whether he likes you or not? Wait for a while after throwing the question at him and watch out for his reaction. Is he getting nervous or hesitant?, Did he start blushing or avoids making eye contact? You can also ask him indirectly that does he think that you will prove to be a great life partner? Check how does he react to your answer. Ask what type of girl he is looking for and if you fit into his type or not? You can even flirt with him by asking him what you have to do to become his type of girl. Do this all in a joking manner so that you both won’t feel embarrassed.

Your confrontation might also make him confess his feelings as this will pass a hint that you are also interested. A great way to know if a guy likes you would be to know his likes and dislikes. Rather than asking him directly, try finding out on your own, as this would be a better option. Watch out for his behavior if you want to know whether a guy likes you or not or want to make him admit his feelings for you.

5.) Show Your Understanding Side

People hesitate to share or confess their feelings for someone because they are either afraid of either being judged or rejected. If he will know that you are an understanding person then things will become easier for both of you. Show him your understanding side and try to understand him at every step. Then he will not be afraid of you to speak out his feelings. An understanding person is what everyone seeks for when it comes to making a choice of their life partner.

Just be yourself and do not push him too much to make his confession. He will confess himself when he realizes that the time has arrived. Simply set him free and do not try to captivate as this might suffocate him, thus forcing him to back out. Show him that you will always try to understand him and you will not judge him even if he commits something wrong. Promise him that you will be there by his side, no matter what. This will make his heart at ease and he will admit that he likes you.

6.) Make Him Jealous to Get him Admit that He Likes You

Guys get jealous easily, especially when it comes to the girl he likes. This is sure a devilish trick to make him confess that he likes you or not. Hang out with your guy friends to make him jealous and to get a guy to admit that he likes you. You can also hang out with his friends more often. Let him be jealous and do not forget to check his reaction to the situation. You can send him pictures of you hanging out with your guy friends. Let him ask about him and see how much it is affecting him. His behavior might change towards you as of jealousy. This is a great sign and it tells that he is totally into you.

Hang out with other guys instead of him. This will make him jealous if he has feelings for you. Let him work more on his feelings. When he sees you with someone else he will not resist himself and will confess his feelings to you. Try to make him jealous by any means. Try to make him feel that he can not see you with other guys. When he will see you with other guys and he will not like it then he will want you in his life and this will make him confess his feelings.

7.)  Tell Him About Your Feelings to Give Him Hints to Admit His Feelings

Telling your feelings will encourage him to tell him about himself. Tell him about your feelings and it would be a sign to let him know that it is the right time to confess his feelings. All you need to do is to make him comfortable around you and he will start to share his thoughts. When you have done other things and concluded that he likes but is afraid of the rejection. Then, it is time to make a move. Tell him that you feel for him more than friends when you are fully aware of your feelings. Do not play with his feelings by being unsure about your feelings. First, give him indirect hints that you like him if he still pretends to be naive tell him directly.

Tell him that you like him, tell this directly to him and he will definitely admit his feelings for you. You can also, start the conversation in a funny way so that it will lighten up his mood. With a smile, you can joke it as well to get a guy to admit that he likes you.

8.) Ignore Him to Get a Guy to Admit His Feelings

When you have done all and still he has not admitted about his true feelings for you then you can try this step. If you text him daily then do not text him at all even if he texts you do not talk getting excited like you used to. If you make plans to meet or if you guys meet on a regular basis then avoid it too for a certain period of time. Make him feel that something is not right or you are not behaving same as you used to do. This will make him miss you and he might realize he true feelings for you. It would be hard to not see him and not talk to him but it is for the best.

If he does not seem bothered a bit about the changes in your behavior then you do not matter to him. If he likes you and afraid to admit then after being ignored he will surely confess you about his feelings. Do not break too easily as it could be tough. You have to make him miss you by these means.

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