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How to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend?

You can get a guy who has girlfriend. You really feel bad when this happens to you. It can be like every time you do meet a hot guy, you end up finding that he’s already in love with some undeserving girl. You may have this feeling that he is the man you want. It is also the case that you are totally convinced that you can be a much better girlfriend than his nagging present girlfriend. There can be several tricks to get a guy with a girlfriend and turn his present girlfriend into girlfriend-of-past.

How to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

Best Ways to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend:

1) Look Your Best to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

We all know that guys crave for good looking girls. However, it doesn’t mean you need a perfectly symmetrical face or a slim body. It may help you but it is not everything which matters. You should try to dress well and appear confident. As everyone know that some of the desirable women on earth aren’t really the prettiest. They just look fabulous as they are so confident and happy within their own skin. If you feel good about yourself, you look good automatically.

2) Get the Attention of His Friends to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

It has been observed since ages that guys are competitive and every single guy wants to be the alpha male in the group. You can be pleasant, and may have flirty conversations with his friends. For this, you don’t have to be bordering into sleazy. You just need to win their attention. You can make a great impression on his guy friends. After that, they may talk about you with him. He may think how cute and awesome you are. Seeing his friends talking about you may push him further to impress you.

3) Make Eye Contact to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

You can try out to stare at him now and then. Probably, he may catch you looking at him. if it happens you can look away in a cute and coy manner. Keep doing this even if both of you already know each other. He may get curious subtly and wonder if you like him. He may love to get attention from a great looking girl. If you want to get him then you should make him think about you. Once he gets your attention he may definitely try to stare at you.

4) Befriend Him to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

You may try to establish contact with him and befriend him. You can start with asking for help on your homework or a work item from him. You can take his advice on something. If you are living nearby his place or both of you are in same college then you may borrow something as well. It is a good way to make contact. You just need to go up and talk to him.

5) Be Emotionally Supportive to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

Gradually you may develop friendship with him. You should show him that you are always there for him.  Make him think that he may rely on you and he can be dependable on you. it means that you are ready to listen and sympathise him when he doesn’t do well in a paper. He can have a bad day, in that case, support him. You should be ready to listen to him and talk about his relationship problems.

6) Bring out His Protective Side to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

You just need to show that you need his help and protection. You may rest your palm on his forearm to adjust your heel straps. While walking down from stairs you can pretend like the books in your hand are heavy. He may offer his help to carry them for you. You can clasp his hand for assistance when you cross a road. Make sure to thank him for being so sweet with a smile. It may make him feel good to be around you.

7) Find out His Girlfriend’s Weaknesses to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

Every relationship has some loopholes in it. You can find some of them to make your way easier. Do some research on his girlfriend and find out if she’s shy and timid. Then you may show off your bold photos and passions to steal that guy. For instance, if his girlfriend is dominating then you may allow him to take more decisions when he is with you. On noticing these changes he may fall for you and respect you at the same time.

8) Have the Right Conversation with Him to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

It has been truly said that guys might like many girls, but they don’t fall in love with all of them. To establish an attraction you need to be emotional compatible with him. In order to push him to leave his girlfriend you can have some light hearted conversations with him. Try to keep it deep or intellectual sometimes. Show him that you are a mature girl. You can even discuss your dreams and aspirations with him.

9) Be Mysterious to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

This guy may have an interest in you as he is not sure whether you like him or not. Thus, you can show some signs that you like him. However, don’t give too much of signs. You should confuse him and make him think that he is after you. You should play it cool and be mysterious in your approach. You can text him often but don’t overdo it.

10) Break the Touch Barrier to Get a Guy who has Girlfriend

You can proceed towards breaking the touch barrier now. However, don’t make it awkward by overdoing it. He may get the hint that you have a romantic interest in him. You can caress his arm lightly, and pretend as if it was an accident. Try to touch him often and it may not go unnoticed. You should be careful and smart to execute it.

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