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How to Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back?

Many girls always look for a guy who is sweet, cool, funny, attractive and smart. When you find or see one such type of guy, you think that he is the perfect for you. But you feel that he doesn’t like you back. Don’t panic! Your guy will notice you if you follow some steps which are mentioned in this article. Read this article, you will get to know to get the boy you like to like you back.

You like a guy; you can call it a crush or love at first sight. The real secret behind how to get a guy to like you is that they want what they can’t have. When a guy starts to like a girl or fall in love with a girl, at first sight, it is not because of her sweet behavior. It is just because of the way she looks and behaves. Behave like you are better than other girls and chances are he will be convinced. In this way, you can make any guy to like you.

How to Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back

Best Ways to Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back:

1.) Get to Know the Boy You Like

If you like someone in your class and you don’t know much about him then the best thing is to get to know him first. Try to know him as much as you can. If the boy you like is your friend then it is great but still, you should try to find more things about his family and interests.

  • Talking to him is not the easy thing to do, even if you are his friend, but it is a must. If you are in his homeroom and you sit next to him, then start by saying “Hi”. Talk about the simple things that happened earlier in class, or about the latest dramas school. So try to become his friend.

2.) Tease Him a Little and Be Flirty

Teasing him a little is the good way to get a guy to like you. Guys don’t like a girl who is extra nice or who is extra mean. Playfully make fun of him or tease him once on the date or outing.

  • Being flirty is the amazing way to get noticed by your crush. Touch him in cute ways like feel the material on his clothes or fix his chair. If he steps away or leans back then stop. Don’t touch him in inappropriate ways, this will send the wrong message. When you get closer and start holding hands, use a firm grip.

3.) Do Your Makeup and Hair

If you don’t wear makeup in school then don’t come with your face full of makeup. If you do so, it looks like you are trying too hard to get him to like you. If you want to wear makeup, then do it regularly and don’t do it just for him. Many guys prefer the natural look. Your hair is also important. You can wear any style like curled or straightened. Keep your hair tangle-free and clean.

4.) Compliment a Boy You Like

Complimenting him is the way to get the boy you like to like you back. But do it rarely. It will keep the boy on his toes, and make him feel more special. Compliment him only if you find something specific. Tell him he is looking good or he is good at reading your emotions, or that you love how his sweater matches his eyes and you can’t stop staring.

5.) Be a Good Listener to Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back

Talk to him about something interesting. If he doesn’t want to talk about something then don’t talk much and tell him you are there for him. When he starts talking to you, don’t interrupt him and be understanding. It is difficult for guys to open up; you have to make him comfortable.

6.) Get His Number

To communicate further, you have to take his number. There are numerous ways to get his number. If you know he is not so good in any of the subjects then give him your number and tell him to call or text you if he needs any help. If you know he wants to join a club then ask him for it and say you will text him with the details. You can even ask him out on a movie date and then ask for his number.

7.) Text Him or Use Any Other Social Media Options for Communication

Communicating is a good way to get the boy you like to like you back. Try to communicate on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or other social media options as another source of communication. Show your interest by liking or commenting on his picture.

  • If you have his number then text him but don’t do it many times a day. If you do so, you will seem desperate. Also, once in a blue moon, when you text him and he texts you back then don’t text back for a few hours then text him back saying sorry and give a vague or flirty vague reason.

8.) Maintain Your Good Hygiene

Nobody wants to go to school with a bad smell. If you want to go to school with good looks and smell then shower once a day. Put on deodorant or wear a little perfume, keep your teeth clean and keep your clothes laundered.

9.) Be Good with His Friends

If you are socially active then invite him to come along with you and some of your friends. In this way, he will get a chance to be around you outside of school. Be good with his friends. If you are good with his friends they will like you and the boy you like also like you. Boys are easily influenced by their friends, so start hanging out with them.

10.) Give Him the Signs

If you give him the signs then you can get the boy you like to like you back. Look at him during class and make eye contact and then smile. If you feel like he also likes you then tell him that you like him. Maybe he will ask you out on a date.

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