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How to Hint a Boy That You Like Him?

Telling a boy that you like him or you are interested in him is extremely difficult. Maybe he likes you too or he doesn’t like you. You need to realize that guys can sometimes be really timid. You can hint a boy that you like him without saying anything to him. Confessing the feeling of affection to a guy is such a truly mind boggling. Maybe you are afraid of being rejected or you are old fashioned and want a guy to make the first move. Here is a guide that will help you to hint some signs that you like him.

How to Hint a Boy That You Like Him

Best Tips to Hint a Boy that You Like Him:

1.) Flirt with Him

Flirting is the key to open the door to a new relationship. It is a great way to hint a boy that you like him. Boys like to see your smile. So, when he says something funny, laugh. If his jokes are not funny, then at least smile.

  • Tease him but don’t make it too harsh. Send him notes and write something on it as it will make him feel special. You can do a bit of teasing flirting or you can make jokes. This is the best way to show someone that you are interested.

2.) Find Ways to Touch Him

Touching a boy you like will signal that you don’t want to stay friends. Ask him for help and brush your shoulder against him. Stay close to him for some time.

  • Touch his arms or his shoulder when you talk to him. Do it casually and gently hold his hands.
  • If you see that something is on her face then remove it and smile. If he smiles then it means he is enjoying.

3.) Use Body Language to Hint a Boy that You Like Him

Body language is the way to show a boy you like him. Try to face him and lean in towards him during the conversation. Give him complete attention.

  • Eye contact is important and it should be done often. To avoid an awkward situation, you should break the eye contact once in a while.
  • Avoid folding your hands or biting fingernails or twitching.

4.) Smile Often to Hint a Boy that You Like Him

A girl’s smile is the one thing that drives a guy crazy. Smile at a guy you like as much as possible. When he catches you looking at him, smile, blush and look away. When a guy looks at you, give him a nice smile. Smile when you are conversing. If he smiles back at you that means he is also interested in you. Smile at him when you stroke your hair. It will bring his attention to your nice smile and your fantastic hair.

5.) Call Him or Text Him to Hint a Boy that You Like Him

In today’s world, at least half of our communication is done through calls or text messages. Many people are afraid to share their feelings with someone they like. But through messages or calls they can easily show their interest in someone they like. This is the sure way to tell a guy you are interested in him. Send him a cute message to say hello or if you want to hear his voice then make a call.

6.) Compliment Him to Hint a Boy That You Like Him

Compliments are so important to show that you like someone. Compliments should be done whether you are in person, sending a letter or talking through text messages. It is one of the easiest ways to flirt. Be sincere about your compliments and don’t make it cheesy.

  • If you like his hair cut or hair style, then tell him that you like his haircut.
  • If you like his personality, then compliment him.
  • If you like his shoes then tell him that you like his shoes.

7.) Give Him a Gift to Hint a Boy that You Like Him

Giving him something is the great way to show your interest. Get something boyish and thoughtful. If you buy something for him, he will feel special. Don’t buy anything too expensive. Try to give him something he likes. For this, you have to find out his interests. A small gift from the heart is an easy way to show a guy you care.

8.) Take Interests in His Interests to Hint a Boy that You Like Him

Spend time with him as much as you can. Spending time with him will take you more close to him. Ask some questions about his likes or dislikes. Try to find out some common interests. If you show your interest in his interests then it will show him that you like him or his interests. If he likes playing football then tell him you like it too. If he likes to eat Italian then tell him you also like it to eat. In this way, he will get to know that you like him.

9.) Be Confident and Independent

Guys love it when a girl is confident and independent. When you are trying to hint a boy that you like him, it is important to keep your confidence level and independence high. If you are trying to get his attention in every 5 seconds then it will only make you look like clingy or a desperate woman.

  • Wear good clothes and perfume to look attractive. Get an amazing hair style. Wear makeup to look good and to get his attention towards you.

10.) Tell Him

Once you have given all the hints and still he doesn’t get any hint then tell him directly. You are a confident girl and you can easily tell a guy that you like him. This is a straight way to show your interest but you get the answer immediately whether he likes you or not.

  • You can also ask a guy out. Ask him for a one to one date, not a group outing. If he seems interested, you can ask him for a movie or a party.
  • You can also tell his friends that you like him. If you tell his friends then they will sure tell him.

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