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How to Know If You Like Someone Or If You are Just Lonely?

If you’re single, you might find yourself getting eager for someone to cuddle with or sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. But is the dude you are trying to date, really the one you should be with or is even worth spending time with? Or he may even be just a warm body on a chilly night? As soon as you start having second thoughts about the guy, this is a sign that it was just a fling. You actually don’t know if you like someone or if you are just lonely.

Falling in love or liking someone is one of the most exciting and scariest things you could ever do. Everyone shows their feelings or emotions in different ways. Someone caught your eye and you like the way they move and dress. Maybe it is your friend and another person you see daily or you spend time with but you are not sure if your friendship or relationship with them is for the right reasons. Whether it is because you are feeling lonely or you genuinely like someone. Sometimes you feel lonely because you don’t have anyone to share your life or desires. When you feel lonely, you search or wait for companionship. You feel incomplete on your own. If you are confused then here are some tips for figuring out whether or not you really like spending time with that person or you don’t want to be lonely. Keep reading this article, you will find some tips to know if you like someone or if you are just lonely.

How to Know If You Like Someone Or If You are Just Lonely

Best Ways to Know If You Like Someone or If You are Just Lonely:

1. Ask Yourself Why You Choose this Person to Know if it is Love

In the beginning, maybe you were genuinely interested in that person’s qualities or you both had something in common when you first met. On the other hand, maybe you felt you should be nice to them because your friends also liked them. So go back to the beginning of your relationship and think of many different reasons why you get involved with them. If you do this, it will help you to decide how you genuinely you feel about this person. You can even try to think about bad things related to that person and see if your mind gives the contradiction to every point. If you reach to the conclusion that he or she is the perfect one for you then it can actually be the case that you are totally into them.

2. Consider How You Feel with this Person to Know if it is Love

Thinking about what you gain from the experience of spending time with the person is the best way to know if you like someone or if you are just lonely. Maybe you get bored, uncomfortable or feel anxious. On the other hand, you may feel happy, loved, cheerful, or warm when you spend time with them. Take some time to think about different memories that you have experienced with them. Try to remember the positive feeling that you have experienced last time around them. If you feel same in the starting with every new person you meet then friend it is just because you are lonely.

3. Give Yourself Some Space to Know if You Really Like Someone or Just Lonely

If you don’t want to be alone then this step may be difficult for you. It is important to give yourself some space to know if you like someone or if you are just lonely. Being apart from the person you like will give you a clearer perspective on whether it is loneliness that motivates you to keep connected with the person or you genuinely like that person. Try to maintain distance for about 2 weeks. This amount of time will help you to figure out whether or not you really miss that person or you are just bored when they are not around.

4. Signs to Know If You Like Someone or If You are Just Lonely

  • Maybe you miss some specific things about them. If so, it is probably that you really care for that person or you like that person.
  • You find it difficult to recall anything that you are missing. Maybe you feel a sense of relief that don’t need to put up certain attitude and behavior with this person when you are together. In this case, you are only keeping this person in your life to avoid loneliness and to fill a gap.
  • You make comparisons with ex-dates or ex-friends in your life. Sometimes it reveals a negative pattern of similar issues, habits arising and personality traits. In this case, you made the same mistake again. Repeating a relationship is not a good thing.
  • Give yourself time for self-discovery and self-reflection. If you don’t know yourself then try to raise yourself from the ground up. Allow yourself to figure out who you are and what you care about so that you can improve yourself more. If you do so, then you will replace feelings of loneliness with liking yourself and create a strong foundation for healthy relationships with others.

5. Ask Yourself If Your Expectations are Too High

This is the important step to know if you like someone or if you are just lonely. Ask yourself if your expectations for the relationship are too high. If so, maybe you want that person in your life or maybe you start liking that person. Maybe their habits or personality traits you find it hard to relate to or may be their interests don’t match that much with yours. If you find these problems then you spend time with other people. That means you don’t like that person.

6. Express Yourself to Many People

Expressing yourself to many people is the good way to know if you like someone or if you are just lonely. Spending time with some other people will give you a better idea of the kinds of people you would prefer to know. Meeting other people in different contexts will help to give you an idea of whether or not the person you have been spending a lot of time with fits into this category. When you will keep yourself confined to one person then it is obvious to feel for him/her that way.

  • If you feel nervous about spending time with other people then start with simple “Hi” or make a small talk.
  • Spending time with several people can help you to break the loneliness cycle not only for you but for the other person also.

7. Consider Your Ongoing Emotions and Thoughts

Considering your emotions and thoughts is the way to know if you like someone or you are just lonely. This is the method that you can use to test the relationship’s value to you. What you have to do is monitor your emotional reactions and automatic thoughts. Sometimes you find your mind is full of negative thoughts such as you wish I had something more interesting or nicer or you experience strong negative emotions such as boredom, dread or disgust etc. These are the warning signs that you don’t want to connect with someone.

8. End the Relationship or Friendship if Appropriate

If you really feel like that you truly don’t like this person and you see them to fill a gap in your life, then end the relationship and find other people or activities to fill your time. It will not only bring relief to you but it will also be fairer to the other person. Accept that sometimes, we have to let things go in an order, to let them nurture and grow. Wait for a few days after ending the friendship and see if you get back on the tracks? If you still think that you have same feelings for that person then it can be the case that you really like the person.

Here are a few signs to tell if it’s Love or just a Fling:

  • You only hang out on weeknights and then he disappears off the radar, during weekdays.
  • He has met your friends, especially females and you haven’t met even a single friend of his.
  • Your dinner dates are more of cozy cuddly night outs.
  • You don’t really miss him.
  • Dates or whatever they are turns out to be boring.
  • You take him as a rebound instead of your partner.

If you can relate to any of the above-listed facts then, Babe! get rid of your only rebound as it is not love. Find some engaging stuff that will not let you feel lonely and then you can really hunt for a partner, “True Partner”.

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