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How to Know when a Man is Attracted to You?

For women, decoding men can be a tough job. But it becomes very important to know what is in his mind if you want to make him yours. It is also important when you want to just be friends but you seem that his choice begs to differ. A man also shows signs when they are attracted to women. Various signs can be deciphered from their actions to conclude that he is attracted towards you. For example, if a man is attracted towards you, he will act differently for you than he acts towards others. He may tease you or give you more respect than others but their actions won’t be same towards as he has for everyone else. The signs to look for a man when he is attracted towards you may differ from a man to another but most of these signs are usually same which you need to check out to know when a man is attracted to you.

Does he open doors or you or compliment you daily? Well that does not conclude to the fact that he has feelings for you, it can just be a gentleman gesture. But if he doesn’t do those things to anyone else but you then there might be something cooking up in his mind or he has already fallen for you.

How to Know When a Man is Attracted to You

Signs to Notice to Know when a Man is Attracted to You

1.) To Know when a Man is Attracted to You Look How He Treats You

If a guy is interested towards you, he will act differently towards you. Look for his actions towards every other girl around him. Does he treat other girls around him differently? When a man likes a woman he becomes conscious or take more precautions around that woman, which change their behavior for her. Their behavior also changes because he may want to get noticed in front of the girl he likes. Be a good observer if you want to know when a man is attracted towards you. Even if he teases you and not others that also may mean that he treats you different from others because you are special to him.

2.) Know When a Man is Attracted to You by Watching His Behaviour

A man generally like to solve his problems himself and very rare ask for advice from others. If a man confides in you, it means you mean a lot to him. If a man is asking you for advising him then you already have a very high stature in his life. Even if he doesn’t ask for advice but share his feelings with you, it means you are special to him as men do not share their feelings with every person in their life. When he ask your advice do not panic out of anxiety and do not give him wrong advice if you don’t know the solution. Giving wrong advice may affect your credibility.

3.) Try to Spend Time with You

Time is the most valuable gift in this world. If a person is giving you time then he or she is giving an important part of your life. When a man feels you special in his life then he will try to spend time with you. Make out plans to go out with you or spend doing nothing. Does he ask you to go out with him a lot or make plans to spend weekends with you if yes then he might be attracted towards you? When a man is attracted towards you, it becomes hard for him to stay without seeing you for a long period of time. Thus, he might ask you to watch a movie together or can ask your help in cooking or can find ways to invite you for dinner when a man is attracted to you.

4.) Compliments You Often

Does he compliment you often? Getting compliments when you really look amazing is not hard part but when you feel like you are looking a mess and still he is giving compliments saying “you even look cute this way” then it may be he is attracted towards you. It is said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and when a person is attracted towards you, he will see all good in you maybe that is why love is said to be blind. When a man is attracted to you, he will not fake it but give genuine compliments.

5.)Tells You About His Family

A man generally avoids bringing out their family in a conversation with the girl. A family is a serious matter and they feel to talk about it only to the person whom they think are seriously involved with their life. when a person is sharing about his family with you then he likes you a lot and can be attracted towards you. And if he wants you to meet his family then you have more chances that he is attracted towards you.

6.) Know When a Man is Attracted to You by Observing How he Listens

When a man is attracted towards you then he would be a good listener for you. Does he listen to you patiently and calmly and also try to provide you solutions when you may ask for it or he feels like it can be helpful for you. Look for his reactions while talking to you, is he a very good listener? If he remembers everything which you ever said to him or know very much about you even if you mentioned it once then that man may be attracted towards you.

7.) Shows Emotional Sides

Men avoid getting emotional and mostly show up their tough side as according to them it is better to be seen as a tough person. If a man is sharing his emotional side then he is a lot comfortable with you and you indeed have a special place in his life. If a man shares to you that he is worried about his career or love life or loves his family too much it means he is not afraid to make you see his emotional side. Letting people see their emotional side is very less in man or almost rare in men thus, if a man is letting you see his emotional side then probably he is attracted towards you.

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