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How to Make a Boy to Like You?

Like for men, it is hard to understand a woman or a girl same way it becomes complicated many time for a girl to decipher a boy. If you want to make a boy to like you, you have to know what a guy wants? Once you will get to know how their mind works then it will be easier for you to cast your spell on him and make him like you. It becomes very important to make a guy like you when you have developed a deep crush on him. Throughout your day and night, you can only do is think of him. He is all over you and has captivated your mind but he does not have any feelings for you. Do not worry girls you can make him like you by your charm and few tricks suggested by us. To make a boy to like you follow the steps given in the article.

How to Make a Boy to Like You

Steps to Follow to Make a Boy to Like You

1.) Be a Classy Girl

If you have class in you then you can get any guy to like you. Have a class in your attitude. In your walk and the way you talk also have class in it. You can become a classy girl by following these guidelines.

  • Speak Well, a classy girl never speaks what may hurt others. Be a classy girl and hover your charm over him. Speak softly and politely and with decency. To make a guy like you also, stop using abusive words as you might scare the boy away from you. 
  • Dress Well, dressing well is also important as it will help to attract boys towards you. A well behaved dressed girl can attract any guy. Thus, you need to dress well and attractive if you want to attract a boy towards you. 
  • Smile, you might have heard this a lot of time that smile is the most powerful thing when it comes to attracting anyone. A smiling face has the capacity to attract people on their own. A smiling face possesses a charm and can be distinguished from the crowd.
  • Be Confident, guys love the confident girls the most. When you want to attract a guy towards you or want to make a boy like you then you should show him your confident side. It is almost impossible to stay away from the charm of a confident girl.

2.) Do Not Go After Him to Make Him Like You

Boys do not like when someone keep bothering them continuously. If you want to make a boy like you do not keep on stalking and following him. Give him his space, this way he will like you more. If you will act like a stupid teenage girl he might start avoiding you to stay away from your tantrums. Do not show him tantrums and do not do those stupid dramas to get him. Act mature and give him space. A boy likes an understanding girl, show him your understanding and matured side.

3.) Learn to Say No to Make a Boy to Like You

When you will keep on saying yes then he will see you as an easy bait and it might make him to never get interested in you. Learn to say no if you want to impress a guy. Have your own opinion, say what you feel. There might be many girls after him who will always support him no matter if he is right or wrong. Saying no will make him feel that you are different and this way he will get interested in you.

4.) Be Fun Loving to Make a Boy to Like You

Guys meet very fewer girls who actually like to have fun around. Instead of being a typical girl and thinking a lot before doing anything, be fun loving. Cool girls are approached by boys more than beautiful girls. Be cool and confident and you will be able to make him fall for you. Do not be same as others are. Try to have something different than them. Go out and hang out with his guy friends, if you are good at any sport then it is a bonus point. Challenge them to play sports with you. Be an outgoing and easy to approach a girl.

5.) Be Flirty to Make Him Fall for You

If you want to make a guy like you do a little flirt. A little flirt would encourage him to flirt back. Do not be boring be little mischievous and a bit flirty. Guys like flirty girls, but do not go overboard with your flirt. Flirt a bit and leave at there. Do not show him that you have feelings for him as if he does not have any feeling then he would try to maintain a distance with you.

6.) Encourage Him to Make Him Like You

Encourage him to achieve his goals. A guy like a girl who would show him what is right and what is wrong. Try to encourage him with his goals and believe in him. If you will believe in him then he will get to know that how much you care about him and he will start feeling something for you. Make him aware of the fact that you are a person whom he can rely upon. He will start liking the fact that you give him the importance and care so much for him.

7.) Impress His Friends to Make a Boy to Like You

Once you get to achieve this goal you will achieve your former goal very easily. If his friends will like you and would like to stay with you. He will also start treating you as a special person. Indulge in his group and be a part of it. If his friends will like you then he will like you too. In boys, world friends are an important part and they respect each other’s decisions. So, if his friends will like you he would not be far behind.

You can do these to make a boy like you if you do all of it then definitely he will not be able to protect himself to fall in your charm.

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