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How to Make a Guy Like You?

In this article, we will tell you how to make a guy like you. A guy whom you like so much can lose his heart for you as well if you do some simple things. You may have worries like whether he may allow you to get closer to him or if he may get interested in you ever. Well, you should not think negatively. You can get a guy to like you if you try out some basic steps to woo a guy. For this, you may also take following tips into account.

How to Make a Guy Like You

Best Ways to Make a Guy Like You:

1) Get His Attention to Make a Guy Like You

You should get his attention in order to get closer to him. You can knowingly take that passage through which he passes by every time. Make an effort to smile a little whenever he looks at you accidentally. You can make a point to laugh a lot when he is around. It may attract his attention towards you. Guys love to get closer to a girl who is quite bubbly and outgoing. He may find you interesting if you show that you are friendly and approachable.

2) Talk to Make a Guy Like You

You can approach him to have a conversation with him. It could be a small talk related to your interests and hobbies. You may ask him what he likes and what not. Just be familiar with him and offer him your helpful hand whenever he requires it. You can look forward to cheer him up for his football game or something like that. Get involved in his daily routine to make him like you.

3) Be Stylish to Make a Guy Like You

Adopt some style in your personality and apparels. It will give you a confident and bold look. People may notice you when you stand out of the herd. When you look different and one can find you stylish, they may definitely try to approach you. You can update your wardrobe and buy some fabulous accessories to pair up with your clothing. A new and fresh appearance may help you to grab the attention of that guy.

4) Befriend Him to Make a Guy Like You

You can ask him about his hobbies and interests. Guys often love to watch movies. You can talk to him about movies. It may open a possibility to get involved in his interests. You may spend quality time with him in a park while playing with him or just having a leisure walk. The more you two converse with each other, the stronger your bonding will become.

5) Show Interest in His Work to Make a Guy Like You

You can make yourself interested in what he does for his living. You should also give your views on the work-related issues which he is facing. Guys also share their aspirations and goals with their friends. They may get interested in telling you about new stories and updates of his bosses. It will allow them to connect with you. Sharing thoughts over a common topic will let you know him in a better way. Certainly, it is a nice way to make a guy like you.

6) Use Your Sense of Humour to Make a Guy Like You

Everyone loves to laugh. By adding the flavor of humour, you can easily make a conversation interesting.  You can show him your funny side. It would be nice if you crack some hilarious jokes to incorporate him into the conversation. Making people laugh is taken as a plus point to one’s personality. He may come out with something more hilarious too. It could give you a hint about his sense of humour. So, add up new jokes and anecdotes in your conversation to fill up the atmosphere with giggles and laughs.

7) Try Flirting to Make a Guy Like You

If you flirt with him a little then you can make him like you. Moreover, it will clear out your motive to him. He may get the feeling that you are into him. You can make eye contact with him just to start with it. Only a smile and eye contact will do the magic for you. Observe him carefully while he is saying something to you to acknowledge his talks. It shouldn’t be like you are staring at him. This could be an interesting way to make a guy like you.

8) Get Close with His Friends to Make a Guy Like You

You should be as friendly with his friends as you are with him. He would like to see that you are getting along with his friends very well. However, you should not avoid him to be with his friends. But smile, be nice with his friends, and talk occasionally to show that you are just being acquainted with them. Guys love to spend time with their friends and if they get a good comment from their friends about you then you will have an upper hand.

9) Be Helpful to Make a Guy Like You

You should give a helping hand to him. Try to help him in his work or in his assignments. You can ask about his well being and provide necessary attention when he does not feel well. You can make a guy like you if you show him that you are very kind-hearted and love to share worries of people around you. Thus, make sure that you are available when he needs you.

10) Gift Him Something to Make a Guy Like You

You can gift him something if you want to give a hint that you are into him. It can be anything of his interest or any token of your love for him. But, don’t buy anything too much expensive or else he may forbid accepting that from you. A beautiful card or just a nice tie may do the work for you. He may get the hint that you like him. So, let him know about your feelings for him through gifts.

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