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Easy Ways to Make a Guy that Used to Like You Like You Again?

You are going great with your special one but suddenly your guy seems as if he is not interested in you anymore and has now left you lingering onto things. Now you have two options, either you can find someone else and wave a bye to him or you can also try to get a guy to like you again. It will be a great and the only way that may not even always work. So Folks, especially all our female readers, if your boyfriend has started taking you for granted, it is time to say Tata!! to him. Find someone else, maybe an ex-lover or even your best friend. It can even be someone from your circle who used to like you a lot but, your boyfriend was an obstacle.

Well, keep reading the article, you will come across interesting ways to make a guy like you all over again. Assist yourself and try to find some amazing tips that will help you play your charm on your would-be lover.

Going through a breakup can be the worst experience of your life, only if you are not strong enough to deal with the side-effects. Especially, when a few feelings and memories of the golden days, still linger on. After, all those tears, pain and estrangement, you are wondering how to recuperate. If you have found yourself in this situation and you want to get a guy to like you again then there are some strategies that might help you.

How to Make a Guy that Used to Like You Like You Again

Ways to Make a Guy that Used to Like You Like You Again:

1. Keep Distance from Him to Get a Guy to Like You

When it comes to how to get your ex back, you need to show your boyfriend that they made a huge mistake when they let you go. This is the most important rule to make a guy that used to like you like you again.

Refrain yourself from texting, or trying to contact them in any manner. Do not try to directly contact the person and play indirect ways. Eventually, you have to contact but, at the initial stage do not make them feel that you are going head over heals. Wait and let him call you. When he tries to contact you, make your conversation very crisp and simple. Keeping distance is important to let him realize or let him miss you.

Also, never let him know at the initial stage that you are trying to recover from a breakup. This may make him feel that you are only looking for a rebound. (This is for when you are targetting someone else)

2. Take Care of Yourself to Get a Guy Like You Again

Take care of yourself means you have to work on your looks and overall personality. Physical appearance may not be the only things but, it is a very important thing when trying to seek a guy’s attention. This will mark a strong impression of your personality and the guy may even start developing interest in you. Don’t take my statement wrong, I am not saying that you are not beautiful, I am asking you to enhance your persona. If there is something that you would like to change about yourself, then this is the appropriate time to change. You can change your hair color, or can even get a new hairstyle.

In case that person is a friend of yours, try to implement things those are liked by him. If you have no idea about his likes and dislikes, try to investigate. LOL! Funny though but, it works.

3. Social Media will Help to Get Someone to Like You

Everybody has an account on social media like on Facebook, twitter etc. So, to make a guy that used to like you like you again, you need to change everything on your account that mentions him. Change your status to single and delete everything that mentions him including posts, comments, pictures and everything else. However, you should not unfriend him that looks childish. It shows him that it is very hard for you to see him. All these things might make him think of you and want to get back again with you.

4. Communicate with Him to Make a Guy Like You Again

Reinitializing communication is best to make a guy that used to like you like you again. Start talking again when the time is right. Even if you both broke up, you will be wondering about how to make a guy want only you. So, cut off all the communication with him for some time but when the right time comes, start talking again. You can push his emotional hot buttons at this time. It is best to start off with a casual text. Talk about a great memory when you have together. This will remind your guy how much fun you had together and he will start wondering to get back together with you. You just need to make him miss your presence once and he will start wanting to get back to you. This will definitely get your task easier to get the guy back.

 5. Make Him Jealous to Get Him to Like You

Some people think that making someone jealous looks childish but still, there are girls seeking ways on how to make a guy jealous? and also to get him back. Well, it is very simple, all you are needed to do is to play the right tricks. You need to go out with your friends to a place which he likes and where you know you will hit him. The best way is to take a hot friend with you. It is better if you have a friend which he has been secretly jealous of. You have to be a little flirty with him. Your friend will understand but your boyfriend goes crazy with jealousy. Jealousy is a pure feeling and it will hep you to know his feelings for you. By many ways, you can get that guy jealous and make him come back to you. Once you see him getting jealous then it becomes easier for you to work on your next move.

6. Give His Stuff Back to Make Him Like You Again

Giving his stuff back is the way to make a guy that used to like you like you again. Let him know that his stuff is making you emotional or weak. Most probably he left some stuff at your place. In this case, throw everything in a box or keep it on his front steps. If you have some photos of you two then put them also in a box. If he left any clothes at your place then add a bit of perfume to his clothes. It will remind him of the great time which you had together. The truth is it is quite easy to get guys if you know their weakness. The weakness is that he still loves you and  cares for you.

7. Throw a Party to Make a Guy that Used to Like You Like You Again

If you have an ex-boyfriend and you are thinking how to make the guy like you back then there is a trick you could use. Organize a party and invite some of his close friends that you get along with. He will definitely find out about your party too. It is also possible that he will come up. In this way, you should greet him well but make some excuse to show him that you are too busy and leave him alone. Later on, he will have a lot to think about you. Partying would be a great opportunity to get closer to him and miss him remember those moments when you were together. Do not make your guy feel that you purposely threw this party to get him back.

8. Be a Nice Girl to Make a Guy that Used to Like You Like You Again

There is a dirty trick that you can use. When you start talking to him again, tell him something like you would like to see him and talk about something in person. He will definitely show up. If you want to win him  back then remind him of all the quality time that you both have spent and enjoyed together. Hang out at all those places where you both used to spend time together. Once you are done with playing all the tricks, let him know how you feel about him. Use tricks which will make him to want you back in his life. Let him come to you instead of going and approaching him yourself.

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