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How to Make a Guy to Like You?

You are crazy about a guy and he does only think of you as a friend. Everyone has different likes and desires same way they want different traits when they search their partner. But most of the traits are common which you can work on to make a guy to like you. To make a guy to like you, first of all, you will have to know more about that guy. Try to know as much as you can know about him. Get to know a guy by various methods you can know about him. Observe his friends and his online activities to know him well. Maybe you even tried your best to know him and make him like you but that didn’t happen. Maybe somewhere you went wrong or your way of trying was not correct to make him like you. We have arranged a whole set of things to do which you can do to make a guy to like you or even to make him fall in love with you.

How to Make a Guy to Like You

Follow These Sure Tips to Make a Guy to Like You

A.) Get Him to Notice You

How do you expect him to like you when he barely knows you. Even if you are beautiful he might not notice you because he might have been out with a lot of beautiful girls. Beauty is not that important factor once you come to know a person. Do things which will make you different from others and he will get to notice you. Once he will notice you he will start to know about you and if your character is according to his preference or according to the most boys preference the surely he will like you. To get noticed in front of him do these things:

1.) Increase Proximity

Joining the club in which he is a member will make him notice you easily. When you both will be in the same department then the chances of your interaction will increase a lot.

2.) Friend His Friends

Make friends with his friends this is indeed a great idea. If you know any of his mutual friends then tell them to introduce you to him. They can also invite you to a group party where you can interact with him.

3.) Take Interest in His Interests

If he likes to read and spend a lot of time in the library the go and spend time with books sit near to him so that you can get any chance to interact with him. If he is interested in sports then be his regular visitor or if you know that sports too then challenge him. This way you can even frequently meet.

B.) Research to Make a Make a Guy to Like You

To make a guy like you, it is very important to know about him that what is his likes and dislikes. You can take this task as a spy and know him as much as you can. When you will know about his like and dislikes you will come with better ideas to make him like you. You can know him or about his nature and what are his likes and dislikes by following ways:

1.) His Friends

Talk to his friends about him do this when you have mutual friends or have succeeded to make his any friend your friend too. Also, you will get to know from his friends that what kind of girl she likes.

2.) Check Online Activities

Check his online activities. It will tell a lot more without asking anyone about him. Try to be his online friend and check the places he likes to visit regularly, and what are under his liked sections. This will help you to know him better and you can use it to make him like you.

C.) Work on Yourself to Make a Guy to Like You

Now. we have succeeded with the first step to getting him know you. Since now he knows you then you should start working on yourself to attract him towards you. To attract him towards you, you will have to work on yourself and will have to do few required changes in yourself. We are not telling you to change your nature, be what you are because that is the only way to make anyone like you genuinely. You can never make people like you being a fake person. But few necessary changes which everyone should adopt should be done to make a person like you. Habits which you should follow to make her like you are as follows:

1.) Dress Well

This is important as first we see in a person is not their nature but their dress up. You should dress neat and do wear what looks good on you. You can take a suggestion from your friends regarding this. Dress in a nice manner be a lady with a class and he will definitely feel a bit attracted towards you.

2.) Apply Gentle Makeup

Apply gentle makeup when you want to make a guy to like you. Gentle makeup gives natural looks on the contrary heavy makeup will give you fake look. Try to look natural and not a plastic doll. Everyone likes natural beauty.

3.) Talk Well

The way you talk will determine people to judge you. Talk nicely in front of him or anyone if you wanna be counted as a good person. Talk nicely to him in a soft and gentle manner.

D.) Show Your Different Shades to Make a Guy to Like You

A person has different shades which they tend to reveal to the other people one by one. Show him few of your sides which will make him like you and may even tend to fall him for you.

1.) Skillful Side

No guy can reject liking an intelligent woman. Show his your intelligent side. Whichever field you are good in show him your skills to make him like you.

2.) Helpful Nature

Every person gets attracted to a person who has helpful and kind nature. Show his your helpful side and this will make him attracted towards you and eventually to like you.

3.) Understanding personality

A girl who can understand a guy well is every guy’s desire. Show him that you are an understanding and cool person. This way he will love to hang out with you and will also share his story with you. No guy can dare to not like an understanding girl, he will definitely like your this shade.

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