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How to Stop Liking Your Crush?

Almost everyone has had a crush on someone. Having a crush on someone can be fun and casual. Your crush goes for several months, years and then you find yourself stuck in this endless cycle of liking someone you feel like you hardly know. Maybe you think that he is not that into you or he started dating someone new. Getting over a crush or stop liking your crush can be difficult. It is not easy to fight against your brain and yourself to get over your crush. Many people think that they are in love with their crush but it is not true at all. It is just an infatuation. If you have a crush on someone then chances are you are attracted to them. Getting a crush on someone is very easy but getting over a crush is quite difficult. There are some useful tips that will help you to stop liking your crush.

How to Stop Liking Your Crush

Best Ways to Stop Liking Your Crush

1. Distance Yourself from Your Crush

By distancing yourself from your crush is the best way to get over your crush. Minimize any contact so that you can get over from your crush. If you are very used to stay in touch with your contact then better start reducing it day-to-day. As you cannot stop communicating all at once it might be odd therefore start doing it day by day.

  • Maintaining distance will be hard at first but ultimately it is better and will make the process of getting over your crush easier and faster.
  • Try to maintain as much distance as possible if you do not need to face your ex on a regular basis due to work purpose.

2. Remove Their Text Message and Contact Information from Your Phone

Deleting your crush’s contact information from your phone is the way to assure that you will not have any contact with them. Also, remove text messages from your phone. By doing this, you can keep you from contacting them and also, it will not remind of them. Remove your ex’s photographs as well, it may be a tough step for you but it should be the first thing to do if you want to forget your ex. Getting rid of all these things will definitely help you get over your ex sooner.

  • If you don’t want to delete their information entirely then write it on a piece of paper so that you will not see every day and store it in a safe place.
  • If you are not ready to delete their text messages then email copies of their text messages and then archive them.
  • Remove your crush from your social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook so that you can further limit the amount of contact.

3. Don’t Talk About Your Crush to Get Over Them

It is very natural to have a crush on someone to talk about them and to think about them but this will only strengthen your feelings. Don’t mention your crush in conversation and actively shift your thoughts when you do think about your crush that will help you to get over them more quickly. You can even tell your friends not to talk or ask about your ex if you really need to forget about your ex easily. Soon it will not effect you talking about your ex.

  • If you have mutual friends then it is difficult to not mention your crush in conversations. Don’t talk about your crush to process your thoughts and feelings.
  • If your friends know that you have feelings for your crush then they can occasionally mention them. This will remind you of your crush and can make it difficult to get over them. So, tell your friends, don’t bring your crush up.

4. Avoid Places Where Your Crush Go

You and your crush can have things in common including classes, workplaces or classes or favorite classes. Avoid such type of situations where you can run the risk of seeing them. It can hard for you  if you have to go there for the work process but places, where you used to date, should definitely be avoided. Once you will get this fact that your ex does not matters to you then going to places won’t matter.

  • If you work together or take classes together then don’t sit near to them. And if they sit next to you then find a way to relocate.
  • If you like the same restaurants then don’t go there; try some new places to eat.

5. Don’t Get Mad to Get Over Your Crush

Stop liking your crush is such a painful process and it is completely acceptable to grieve over the relationship you had. It is also important not to get mad at your crush in the process.

  • If you are having a hard time with the process then you can get counseling to help you with your feelings.
  • There are many reasons that you have to get over your crush. Maybe he or she has already their life partner or they like someone else. Due to this reason, you can’t be mad at them.
  • It is quite difficult to get your crush to like you. Due to this, don’t be angry with your crush. Maybe they don’t know that you had feelings for your crush.

6. Find Someone Else to Get Over Your Crush

You can find someone else who is good for you because your crush may not be the right person for you. This is the best way to stop liking your crush.

  • Focus on your crush’s flaws that can help you to get over your crush and find someone better which is suited for you.

7. Distract Yourself to Stop Liking Someone

You are not feeling your best as you try to stop liking your crush. This is the good time to reconnect with your friends and family. Talk about your feelings to distract you with fun activities. This will help you to get over your crush more easily and quickly. Friends and family will keep you away from sadness. They will provide  an excellent distraction by doing fun activities with you which don’t involve your crush.

8. Focus on Your Interests and on Yourself

Focusing on yourself is important when you are trying to get over your crush. This may realize that you don’t have feelings for your crush.

  • Try a new fitness activity like aerobics, yoga or start exercising that will help you to focus your mind on something other than your crush.
  • Whatever you do, make sure that it will make you feel good about yourself.

9. Do New Activities to Get Over Your Crush

This is a good time to try out new activities that will help you to distract you from your feelings. The more often you can do something, the easier it will be to get over your crush. Go for holidays and also you can go for hiking, swimming or any other sports activities. This will help you to think less about your  crush.

10. Meet New People to Stop Liking Your Crush

Meeting new people is the good way to stop liking your crush. It is a good distraction from your crush and your feelings. There are many ways to meet new people including going to happy hours at new places or joining a running group. You can also try group activities to meet new people and distract yourself from your crush.

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