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How to Tell if a Guy Likes You?

Finding out that a guy likes you is not finding out the needle in the haystack, on the contrary, it is very simple to do. If you want to figure out whether a guy likes your or not then you will have to be a bit observant. Start observing him carefully when he is around you. Try to read his body language and notice is there any change between his actions when he is with you and when he is with someone else. When a man likes a woman he will act differently around that person whom he likes. Notice if he is different to you to tell if a guy likes you. He may be extra caring or possessive towards you. We have brought telltale signs which will help you to figure out what is running in your guy’s mind.

how to tell if a guy likes you

Signs to Tell if a Guy Likes You

1.) His Stares will Tell if a Guy Likes You or Not

Every one of you has watched this scene in romantic movies. A guy staring at his love of the life as if there is nothing else to see. Yes, those goosebumps giving scenes which can fasten anyone’s heartbeat. If he stares at you like that then it is safe to tell that he likes you more than anything. When he will stare at you often your friends will notice him and you will get to know it by them. You himself can catch his romantic gaze towards you once in a while when you watch him accidentally.

2.) He is there for Help before Asking

Friends are there for you when you ask them to help or maybe you are lucky enough to have friends who are ready to give their life for you. This guy will be no less, maybe in a literal sense, he will not give his life but he will make your life worthy to live. He will stand with you through every thick and thin and will do anything to make your life easier. You do not have to ask him for help but you will find him there helping you. Even if he can’t help you he will try to suffer along with you. This is a sure way to tell if a guy likes you.

3.) He Understands You when No one Else Does

Many time in our life situation comes when a person finds themselves alone. When there are a lot of people around them still no one is with them. If you found yourself him with you when you were feeling alone and it happens every time then he probably likes you. You can be sure to tell if a guy likes you when you see him understand your moods when no one else does. Sometimes you will even be amazed to see that how well he understands you.

4.) He Shows These Body Signs around You

There are also few body signs which will help you to be sure to tell if a guy likes you or not. Look for these body language signs in him to be sure about it.

  • Big Smile; you will see him giving you big and welcoming smiles. When you want to tell for sure if a guy likes you or not look how he greets you. If he is into you most of the time he will show you his smiling face.
  • Make Body Contact; he might accidentally touch you while having a conversation. If he likes you then you are a magnet for him attracting him. Resisting you is hard for him.
  • Attention Seeker; by any means he will try to get your attention. If it takes him to do weird steps then he will do it.
  • Faces You; it is psychologically proved that when a person likes you he will stand closer to you and his body will face towards you. His feet also be facing towards you.
  • Give Facial Gestures; few facial gestures will be common to notice like raised eyebrow or half smile to tell if a guy likes you.

5.) He Even Scolds You for Your Own Good

This is a strong sign to tell if a guy likes you or not? Nobody cares much to interfere in anyone’s life unless they really care a lot. When you will go wrong he will try to make you understand it and if you do not understand, he might oppose you. He might even scold you for your own good. And will stop you when you are going to do something which might put you in trouble. Even if you feel bad about it, he will not stop and will stop you from doing anything which might hurt yourself.

6.) His Priority List will Help You to Tell if a Guy Likes You

If you want to know if a guy likes you or not then noticing this sign will give your sure answer to tell if a guy like you or not. You will be his priority most of the time. You can call him in the midnight and he will try his best to help you out. He can cancel many plans because of you. He might even change his classes to be in your class. If he is also like this then it is a strong point to tell that he likes you for sure.

7.) He Cannot See You Sad

Your sadness is his weakness if this is the case with you too then be sure about his likeness for you. When you are sad he does a lot of stupid things to make you smile. He can even pull jokes on himself to make you laugh. Seeing your tears is the last things he wants to see. If you have noticed him getting angry because you are hurt then it is because he couldn’t do anything about it and he himself is feeling responsible for letting you hurt.

8.) His Life Revolves around You

His life literally revolves around you. If you too have noticed this fact that most of the time you both are together then you can be sure about the fact that he really likes you a lot. You will find his friends know a lot about you. You two go out together very often. He makes his most of the plans with you. These signs are enough to tell if a guy like you or not.

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