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How to Tell if He Really Likes You?

If you are having a feeling that a guy really likes you then there is a lot of chances that you are right. Still, it is better to be sure about his feelings before taking any further step. There are a lot of ways which will help you to tell if he really likes you or not. You do not need to be a psychologist to track his actions in order to predict that he loves you. You just need to read few of signs which will tell you for sure about his feelings. Observe him closely and look for the signs given in this article to tell if he really likes you or not?

How to Tell if He Really Likes You

Signs to tell if He Really Likes You

1.) He Makes lot of Eye Contact

It seems romantic to have a guy in your life who cannot take his eyes off you. When a guy will really like you then for him except you everyone else will be the same. When you will see him he will already be looking at you. To tell if a guy really likes you catch him watching you. He will also try to make a lot of eye contact with you. You will always be welcomed with a big smile and him romantically looking into your eyes.

2.) Initiates the Conversation

Even if you do not bother to initiate a conversation with him he will not lose hopes and always will try to initiate a conversation. Try to notice whether if he the one to start a conversation every time? If yes, then it might be the case that he really likes you. Everyone is busy in their life and no one has free time to spend on others if others don’t show same efforts. If you do not try to show efforts and still he is the one making an attempt to talk every time then you can tell that he really likes you.

3.) Tries to Stay with You

When a person will like you they will try to stay with you as much as possible. To tell if a guy likes you see how much they are trying to spend time with you. If a guy likes you he will make plans to be with you. He can ask you out for the weekend or he might ask for your help in anything just to spend extra time with you. He might also make a group plan including your mutual friends to spend time with you. You will see his efforts to spend with you. Even in a group he will stand close to you and pay you more attention than others. These signs are a great way to tell if he really likes you or not.

4.) Try to Keep You Happy

Your happiness is his priority. When a guy will like you he will try to keep you happy. Seeing you sad or worried will make him sad too. Whenever you will be sad or will be facing any kind of trouble then you will find him around you trying to cheer you up. These things will happen when a guy will really like you and will not be able to see you sad.

5.) How Good Noticer He is will Tell if He Really Likes You

Does he notice your every detail? Boys generally do not pay attention to small changes like girls do. But when a guy likes a girl he will notice every small detail about the girl, even your indistinctive hairstyle will be noticed by him. He will notice if you have tried a new perfume or you have adopted any new style in your look. He even might be the first one to compliment you.

6.) Remember Small Details

Do you remember once you told a small thing about you to everyone and he’s the only one to remember? He also remembers everything, even the minute ones about you. He also knows many things about you on his own because he notices you well. For instance, he might shock you by telling you about your favorite food. Or he still remembers that you do not like mushroom but no one else does. Noticing these signs will help you to tell if he really likes you or not?

7.) How He Responds to Your Touch

Notice how he responds to your touch. If he’s a shy guy in nature then he might get nervous when you will touch him. If that guy is not shy then he will welcome your touch and will not want it ever to end. When a guy will like you, your touch will be magical for him and it might send him chills. Watching his reaction while making a body contact accidently will tell you if he really likes you or not?

8.) To Tell if He Really Likes You See if He Gets Jealous

Watching you with another guy will be the last thing on other he would want to see. To tell if really likes you try to go out with someone else in front of him and watch his reaction. If his mood suddenly changes from a happy to a sad one or if he starts showing disinterest in you then you can surely tell that he likes you a lot. Jealousy is a genuine factor and it can’t be hidden well no matter how hard he tries. You can even tell him that there is a guy on whom you have a crush to see his reaction.

9.) His Friends Reaction

If he really likes you then his friends will also treat you differently. To tell if a guy really likes you interact with his friends. Do they treat you differently and politely? They may even try to make his fun in front you to tease him. Constant giggle and whispers would also give you hints about it.

10.) Interests Collide

When a person likes someone they try to know them more. You will see that he is taking very much interest in your interest or hobbies. If you like the painting he might wish to see you paintings and he may even join the classes for you. If you are in any particular club he might like to join it too. Your interests will collide with each other. It might be the case that you both has few same interests but when most of the similarities will start getting same then it can be a way of getting closer to you.

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