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How to Tell Someone You Like Them?

In this article, we will outline how to tell someone you like them. You may have someone in your mind and telling them that you like them has become a difficult task for you. Their reaction could be anything after listening to your feelings for them. Falling for someone is far easier than letting them know what you feel about them. There are several tricks which you can follow to surprise that someone special in your life. However, you should apply your own tricks as well to get things fall in the right place.

How to Tell Someone You Like Them

Best Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them:

1) Wait for a while to Tell Someone You Like Them

You should never say it straight out to anyone you like. You may try to read that person’s mind and analyze whether that person is into you or not. Who knows, it may save you from a painful rejection. It can also save you from ruining a friendship if you have your friend in your mind. When you realize you like someone and see them as your dating potential then you should play slow. Try not to reveal your intention to date them until you find that this person is already interested in you too.

2) Smile and Stare to Tell Someone You Like Them

You may have the feeling to just keep staring at the person you like. You may be doing it when they’re busy and can’t notice you staring. Try to smile dreamily and you may stare at them now and then. You may get surprised to know that it is even better if you get caught staring. You can turn away immediately as soon as they see you. In this way, you can build the flirty eye contact with them. Out of curiosity, they may start staring at you more every now and then too.

3) Be Flirty to Tell Someone You Like Them

You can say something cute or flirty to them every time when it’s just the both of you alone. You can start off just by complimenting them about their looks and style. However, you should always remember to avoid flirting with them when you two are not alone. It may make them feel awkward. It could even push this person to hide from you.

4) Give Them Compliments to Tell Someone You Like Them

When you want to hint someone that you are interested in dating them then you should start giving them compliments. It is necessary for you to let them realize that you are looking at them as a dating potential. There could be many things which you find attractive about this person. It can be their eyes, the way they laugh, or their attire, you may tell them about it.

5) Break the Touch Barrier to Tell Someone You Like Them

You may try to use the sensation of touch. It has the power to make them feel weak on their knees. They may get sexual attraction towards you. You can make sure that the next time you are with this person you are going to pat them on their back aggressively. You may like to place your palm over theirs. If you get the opportunity to take a look at something they’re showing then you may place your arm around their lower back. They may get excited sexually.

6) Text Them to Tell Someone You Like Them

You can get their number and text an occasional goodnight text or a good morning. You can also wait for them to text you first. However, keep the texting sessions going on. You may stretch the texting game longer once both of you are comfortable with texting each other often. This person may start liking you if you develop a bonding with them and even tell you that they are into you.

7) Call Them to Tell Someone You Like Them

If you want to tell someone you like them then you need to build a closer bond with them. You can even make them like you first. If you have their number then you should call them over the phone now and then. You could do it preferably at night. After few days, when both of you have many interesting conversations with each other then that person may get addicted to speaking with you even without realizing it.

8) Give Them Your Undivided Attention to Tell Someone You Like Them

It would be really great if you give this person gets all of your attention when they are around. In this way, you can make them feel special. They may even miss your company when you are not with them because no one else makes them feel so special and cared for. Moreover, after seeing both of you together all the time everyone may feel like both of you are a couple already. After a certain time, they will hear this from everyone’s mouth that both of you are dating each other. This could prove beneficial to you.

9) Ask Them Out to Tell Someone You Like Them

To turn out your relationship into a romantic one you may ask them out for coffee or a movie. However, you can pretend as if it is no big deal and you just want to hang out with them because you have nothing better to do. You may tell them that you like them at the end of the date without being too needy. You can tell them that you enjoyed a lot with them in that restaurant or cafe.

10) Drop Hints to Tell Someone You Like Them

It is good to drop hints that you like them. You can do this by saying something sweet out of nothing every time you see them. You can tell them that you like being with them. You may like to tell them that you love that moment when it is just the both of you together. However, you can make a point to change the conversation as soon as they hear it. In this way, you may leave them wondering what you talked about just a second before.

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