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How to Text a Girl?

In this article, we will tell you how to text a girl. You may have a girl’s number on your phone but you are not able to call her being hesitant. You may want to text her but still not finding the right plot. There are various topics on which you can have a brief chat with a girl. You can tease her or challenge her while texting her. You can be mysterious, picky and dominant too. Add up all these ingredients to your texting style and see the magic. You may get her attention very soon and make her fall for you. Follow these tips to intensify your art of texting.

How to Text a Girl

Best Ways to Text a Girl:

1) Be Yourself to Text a Girl

You should not leave your character to text a girl. Show her your original side or else she may turn back on finding you someone else in person. It is advisable to keep your thoughts clear and write those words which you really mean to her. You have to be interesting in your communication. Use witty lines and clever words to keep things going between you and her. You can inform her about some amazing news which she may not know.

2) Don’t Try too Hard to Text a Girl

You should work on your pace and keep things short and simple in the beginning. She may not be comfortable in chatting with you all the time. You should write one sentence at a time. You don’t need to push yourself too hard to impress her through your text. Just be normal and try being funny to the extent which is acceptable. Too much of ‘hahaha’ can also ruin your image.

3) Be Engaging to Text a Girl

You can engage her in your conversation over text. Ask her about her hobbies, interests, passion, etc. You may get the idea about her personality. There can be some common interests between you and her. Take the advantage of those and have a quality conversation on how both of you are pursuing it. Show her that you are participating in some event and you have your own life. She may get interested in you.

4) Be Flirty to Text a Girl

You can be flirty sometimes while chatting with a girl you like. You may pull her leg, tease her, or laugh at her through emoticons. It is adorable to laugh at yourself at some instances. Share a funny incident with her and make a joke on yourself. She may like this casual attitude of yours and you can impress her with this approach. However, make sure that she is getting what you are trying to convey to her. if she is not enjoying it then you may take a step back.

5) Match Her Texting Style to Text a Girl

You should keep a watch on her texting style as well while chatting with a girl. If she is not using too many emoticons in her text or if she is not replying very frequently then you should do the same. It may look justifiable and you may keep yourself from looking needy and desperate to her. Overdoing of it may spoil your image and may bore her. You should take care of your grammar and punctuation as well otherwise, it may look immature.

6) Show that You Care for Her to Text a Girl

You may text her just for asking her well-being. If she is not well then you can ask her about her health condition twice or thrice a day. She may think that she is on your mind and you care for her. If she has an exam or interview then you may wish her luck a day before. Similarly, you can ask her about her weekend plans. You can get a review about certain restaurant or movie from her which you have never been before.

7) Don’t Be Boring to Text a Girl

You can avoid those questions which are too generic like asking about her well being every day, asking her what she had in her breakfast or how was her day. These questions are so boring and nobody wants to waste their time in these predictable conversations. You should try to be mysterious and unpredictable to grab her attention.

8) Use Sense of Humour to Text a Girl

You may use your sense of humour to get her attention and attract her. She may like to meet you if she thinks that you are coming out to be a fun guy. You may send her jokes which are not too cheesy. See her response, if she is not getting it well then try something else. You can share some funny anecdotes with her. In this way, you can come closer to her. She may be sharing some witty things with you as well. Keep the balls rolling in both the sides. Chatting is not a one-sided affair.

9) Don’t Text too much While Texting a Girl

You should not be available to her all the time. Stop giving replies within minutes after receiving her text. She may think that you don’t have any other responsibilities to take care of or you are an easy-to-get-guy. You should try to show her that you are in demand and you are busy in your life. She may get more interested in your life. However, don’t let her wait all the time for your reply. Do it strategically by replying within minutes sometimes and most of the other time reply her after a few hours.

10) Always Escalate to Text a Girl

You should give her enough hints that you are interested in her through your texts. Ask her to meet somewhere physically or you may lose the plot completely. She may wonder what you are up to. She may even lose the interest in you which she may have in the initial days. You can ask her if she likes to have a cup of coffee with you at some nearby cafe. You may take her to some event if you are going to one.

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