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How to Text a Guy You Like?

Wondering what to text a guy you like? Well, you can text whatever you like but having the correct style and approach in texting can work wonders for you. You may be thinking of getting closer to him or just befriending him initially. You can fulfill all of your motives right away just by texting him interesting things at the right time. It is just like an art to flatter a guy with your words and make him fall for you. Here, in this article, we can help you with this skill. Follow the tips mentioned below to know how to make him respond and how to keep him interested in you.

How to Text a Guy You Like

Best Ways to Text a Guy You Like:

1) Ask Questions to Text a Guy You Like

Keep asking questions to get to know him in a better way. It also keeps the conversation going. However, questions which you ask to him should be interesting. Otherwise, he may feel like he is giving an interview. You can tell him about yourself side by side. Ask him what he likes to do in leisure time. You can ask him what movies he likes to watch and which music he listens to. In this way, you can keep the conversation rolling.

2) Don’t Greet Him too much to Text a Guy You Like

If you have texted him then wait for him to respond back for at least a day. Don’t poke him again and again through your text messages. It will be annoying for him to receive all those messages from your side. He may be busy in his work or he may not be interested in texting you back. You should get panic and think of all the negative things at once. Give him some time and wait for his response or else you may look needy to him.

3) Don’t be Boring to Text a Guy You Like

It can happen that the topic you think can excite him turns out to be a boring thing for him. So, you should text him what he likes to hear from and not what you like to tell him. You can observe it from your texting experience with him. He may come up with long answers when he finds the topic engaging. Either you can add more things to make the conversation longer or you can let it die. But, don’t stretch it unnecessarily.

4) Start off Strong to Text a Guy You Like

In order to pull off a conversation over the text, you can look for an appealing start. Instead of asking him “what’s up?” or “how are you?”, you can ask him “how was your football match last night?” or “how did you watch that extraordinary movie alone?” These topics may compel him to participate actively in a conversation.

5) Don’t be Repetitive to Text a Guy You Like

Seeing same messages again and again can be pretty much boring for him. So, avoid telling him the same story which you may have told him already. It may make you sound repetitive which is a strict no-no during texting. Come out with new information and new punch-lines to keep things rolling between you two. He may fill your inbox with a variety of talks as well.

6) Flirt a Little to Text a Guy You Like

He is the guy whom you are after. So, you can flirt with him over the text as well. Let him know how naughty you are. Text him something like “you sweated well in the gym last evening”. He will get the hint that you are having an eye on him. You can text him before going to bed. Guys may participate in texting thing during night time when they have more free time.

7) Be Mysterious to Text a Guy You Like

It is not advisable to put everything on his plate right away. Do it gradually instead. Don’t just vomit out every possible detail about yourself at a single go. Keeping that guy on the edge wanting more can be the best thing you can do for alluring him. He may be willing to listen from your side curiously. You can just stop texting him in between the conversation. Text him after half an hour that you were totally occupied with your friends and your hands were not free.

8) Send Him Pictures to Text a Guy You Like

You can try to send some innocent and cool pictures to him. Finding a cute flower in a park, a beautiful bird, a thoughtful quote or anything new which you find interesting, click its picture and send it to him. It will give you a topic to talk on. In this way, both of you can know about each other and interchange thoughts. You may come to know how well he can talk about different things. You can know about his perspective towards different things.

9) Be Silly Sometimes to Text a Guy You Like

Girls who can laugh at themselves can be the coolest girls ever. You can throw off any random thing coming to your mind over text. Your sense of humour will be appreciated for sure. Any joke which you may have listened in your workplace can be shared with him. He may love to hear something funny from your side. Moreover, adding flavours to your texts may bring colours to your bonding with him. He may like to see your goofy version.

10) Make Plans to Text a Guy You Like

Use texts to ask him out. After all, things will become more personal when both of you meet with each other. You can easily give him a hint that you want to meet him. For instance, you can tell him that you want to go to a new restaurant which has opened recently in your locality but unable to find good company. He may tell you that he likes to go with you. If not, then ask him to go with you. If he is interested in you then he may definitely show up.

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