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Signs He Likes You?

When Someone Likes others they cannot hide it for longer. Even if someone tries to hide their feelings and do not say a word about it still their feelings can be found out by following his gestures. To know if he likes you observe him carefully and observe his body language you will get to know whether he likes you or it is just you are thinking like that. Knowing for sure that if he like you will help you to decide your further actions. It is also important to know a guy’s actions to make up your mind in either to move on to someone else or to stay with him. To know if he like you follow what is written in this article and you will know it for sure that he likes you or not?

Signs He Likes You

Steps to Know if He Likes You

1.) Watch His Body Language

Reading one’s body language is a great way to know someone. When you want to know about the feelings of somebody and they do not speak much about it or shy about it then you can know what is in their heart by observing their body language. Learn a bit about the body language signs and you will get to know easily that he likes you or not? Few body language signs which will help you to find out about his feelings are mentioned below follow these to know him more.

  • Raised Eyebrows; People tend to raise their eyebrows when they like what they see. If a guy is raising his eyebrows while talking to you then it can be a subconscious sign to tell that he likes you.
  • Smiling; Whenever he will be with you, he will be smiling a lot. When a guy likes you he will want to keep you happy and he can do it by being happy with you.
  • Can’t Take Eyes Off You; If a guy will like you then it will be hard for him to take his eyes off you. If you want to know if he likes your or not watch him over and look if he can’t take his eyes off your face mostly from your eyes and lips.
  • Get Closer to You; Notice whether he gets closer to you while talking or listening to you if yes then he might be interested in you.
  • Walks Beside You; Have you ever noticed that guys which are nice and care about you walk beside you not ahead or behind you? Guys who will like to talk to you will walk beside you because he cares for you and also he likes to be with you.

2.) How much He Tries to Approach You

His way of approaching may be different from others but if he likes you he will always try to approach you. He will call or text you with a silly excuse just to talk to you. He will also come in front of you again and again just to see you. When a guy likes you he will try to be with you as much as possible. A day can’t go for him without talking to you. He might give weird reasons for talking but no matter what but he will come to talk to you and just to be with you. If he is approaching most of the time even when you do not want to do it then you can assume that there is something going on in his mind.

3.) Look He Reacts Your Touch

Your touch will be an amazing feeling for him. When a guy likes you he will react your touch differently. When a guy likes you he will want to be with you more. If he likes you and he is a shy guy then he would flinch away at your touch and if he is not that shy then he will encourage your touch and he will like to stay in that condition for longer. Touch is a great way to show love and to be get loved. Also, notice does he tries to make body contact if he does so then he has a huge crush on you.

4.) How His Friends Treats You

His friends’ reaction towards you will tell you about his feelings. When a guy likes a girl then his friends also know about it and is very supportive. If he likes you then probably his friends would like to treat you well. His friends will treat you nicely and will smile at lot at your arrival. His friends might also joke a bit with your name and tease him while you are around.

5.) How Different He is with You

You can also get to know if a guy likes you not by checking his behaviour when he is around you and when he is with someone else. If he likes you he will treat you differently than he treats others. He can be not that talkative with anyone else but he may initiate the talks with you or he may be very frank with his friends but he may be shy with you. He will also give you more time and attention than others when he will like you. He will be there for you always even he could not make time for others.

6.) He Gets Jealous

This is the best technique to know whether he like you or not? If a man loves you he will definitely get jealous seeing you with someone else. Try to make him jealous by going out with someone else. You can even try mentioning about your crush in front of him to check out his reaction. you can check if he gets angry or not by noticing changes in his behaviour, he might get angry and start avoiding you for few days. If the guy does not feel anything when he sees you with another guy or when he see you going crazy over someone else then it might be the case that either he is hiding it very well or he does not feel anything for you.

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