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How to Know if You Love Someone?

In this article, we will tell you how to know if you love someone. You never know when someone becomes so important to you and you can’t imagine your life without them. It happens in love. There are many signs which can let you know that you are in love. However, sometimes our heart does not want to accept this truth. It can take it as an infatuation or mere an attraction which lasts for a few days. Thus, you can ensure that you are in love with someone by following certain steps. You can get to know more about those steps in this article.

How to Know if You Love Someone

Best Ways to Know if You Love Someone:

1) You will do Anything for Them

In order to know if you love someone or not, you can check how much do you care for them. When you are in love with someone then you may feel like you can do a lot for the person. In spite of your own limits, you tend to break it every time for them. As we know true love knows no limits. Love is a feeling which gives you enough motivation to make that person happy at any cost. If you are going through this then you may be fallen in love.

2) You Feel Addicted to That Person

Your brain can be controlled by your heart when you are in love. It has the potential to change your lifestyle, your perception and what not. When your relationship is still in its early stages, you tend to keep closer to that person. You find yourself in a euphoric state, you kind of daydream all the time. It is mainly due to some high level neural activity in certain areas of your brain. It is said that love is linked directly to the reward system of the brain. Hence, you feel addicted.

3) Observe Your Action to Know if You Love Someone

You can keep drifting yourself towards them if you are in love. By observing this action in your behaviour you can come to know that you have an intense feeling for that person. Being in love with a person may compel you to be in their company for a longer duration. Stealing glances at them from the corner of a room may hint you about what is there in your heart.

4) You Like Their Imperfections

Love makes you totally blind. One can say you just lose your senses when you fall in love. All the imperfections of that person see to you as the unique qualities of them. If this is the case with you then you are definitely in love. To know if you love someone you just need to figure out how weird your thought pattern has become. You may close your eyes on their mistakes and just focus on their qualities.

5) You want to Spend more and more Time with Them

When you are in love then it becomes quite obvious actually. Most people feel the same and to know if you love someone or not you can do this check on yourself. You can’t seem to wait to meet again to that person and spend some time together. It’s usually because you are in love. You just want to be with them for no reason. You can call it love!

6) You Love Them Unconditionally

In order to know if you love someone or not, you can check whether your feelings can ever change for them with the change in the situation. Or, it is just the same in every condition. When you consider someone so close to your heart then you tend to think the best of them in every situation. You love them unconditionally. However, if you do not love someone then you keep on changing your feelings for them when circumstances change.

7) You Feel Jealous Often when You are in Love

You may take it as another sign that you are in love with someone. However, you should remember that you may get jealous but you are not feeling suspicious. It is generally said that a certain amount of jealously in a relationship shows how committed you are to that relationship. You feel obsessed for your romantic partner. You need to make sure that it’s not suspicious jealousy otherwise it will ruin the relationship.

8) You want Your Friends to Like Them

In order to know if you love someone or not, you can check this fact whether you want your friends to like that person as well. If yes, then it is clear cut truth that you are into that person. When you are attached to a person then you like to make them popular among your friends and family. You want all of them to like that guy or girl. Attachment to someone close to you can cause these kinds of changes in your behaviour. You may judge it to get your doubts cleared out.

9) You Always have Time for Them when You are in Love

To know if you love someone or not just look at your schedule, you may get the answer. When you are in love then you take time out from your busy schedule for them. Even the most important task of your life takes the back seat when you think of that single person. Suppose, they are coming to your town then you make plans to hang out with them and even go to the airport to receive them. You are always available to them whenever they need you.

10) You Think of Long Term Relationship with Them

When you are in love with someone then you think of being with them for a longer period or even for a lifetime. Love compels you to include them everywhere wherever they fit well in your future plans. It is a great sign that you are in love with that person. You may take it like this when you think of anything great then that person comes into your mind automatically. You want them to be with you for forever.

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