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How to Know When You Love Him or Her?

Love is the strongest feeling present in this world. When you love him or her you just know it from the heart but you just look for someone else to say it. As you are afraid that your these feelings can be fake or you are exaggerating your feelings. When you love someone lot of things changes. The way you think about the person the way you act or the way you behave in front of that person everything becomes new. A whole new world come in front of you and you feel like you are on the cloud like well these are the signs shown in the movie but is it also true in the real life? We will find out. When you are in love you feel positive and everything around you seems beautiful nd overwhelming. Indeed, love is a great feeling or it is not bad to say one the greatest feeling a human being can feel. To be sure that feeling you are having is not untrue we have made a list of things to guide you which you may find in this article to know when you love him or her.

know when you love him or her

Check Out These Signs to Know When You Love Him or Her

1.) Look How Different are They to Know You Love Him or Her

When you love a person everything becomes amazing related to that person like his plain tees can attract you or her non-makeup look will also make you think how beautiful she is. When you in love you can only see the bright side probably that is why love is called blind. If you want to know when you love him or her look how you think about that person. Can you see their negative aspects or you can see them all good and perfect for you? Even if you can see the bad things in that person does it matters to you? Now you know what I mean. it doesn’t matter to you that how weird that person is you just want to be with them. If you are having these feelings then yes you love him/her.

2.) Dream Future with Him or Her

When you are just flirting around with a person you do not think about your future with that person. Even when you are dating someone you do not get very much serious for that person to be in your future. You also are not sure about your crush to be in your future in the case of crush you use no brains just want that person’s attention. When it loves you just can not stop thinking about the person and want to spend your whole life with him or her. This is the biggest sign that you love a person. Love make you yearn to live forever with that person and never thinking of getting apart.

4.) To Know When You Love Him or Her Try Make a List of Pros & Cons

This is one of the great methods to know that you love a person or not. Make a list of things which you do not like in that person. Got any ? If you like someone you tend to ignore their bad habits or your mind covers up negative points in them. But when you love someone you can see what are the bad things in that person still chooses to ignore and stay with that person. Yes, this is a powerful trait of love it can make negative things diminish or overlook it. Even if you made a list of hundreds of things bad in that person and still you want to be with that person then you definitely are in love.

5.) When You are in Love Prioritize their Needs More

True love is selfless and when you need someone you give them much more priority than yourself. No feeling is s true and loyal as love. When you love someone you just want that person to be happy even if it costs your happiness. Yes, it may sound a bit over exaggerated but this is the fact about the greatest selfless feeling called love. In love, his or her needs seems more important than yours and you always end up thinking to prioritize them more and feel nothing bad in compromising fo them yes, this is how love is.

6.) Look How Much You Care to Know When You Love Him or Her

It may seem very common point but yet very strong one it is. When you love someone you care for them as you care for yourself or even more. Even if you do not like few things you do those for the one you love. You feel pain when that person whom you love is hurt. Few of you who haven’t experienced love will never believe this point til they feel it themselves but it is very true when you are in love to know when you love him or her keep this point in mind. Love also make you change for that person so it yourself into their world. When you love someone you do not hesitate to change for that particular person, in fact, you feel glad that you did something to please that person or to fit in their world. I would like to say if your love is perfect it will never ask you to change but changing  for better is not bad.

7.) You Feel it Within You when You are in Love

Last but not the least I want to say that when you are in love you can feel it within you. This feeling is a lot different from having a crush or getting into relationships with no love. This feeling is heavenly and when you really want to know that you are in love or not look how changed you are and your perspective towards life is? You stay satisfied even if that person is not with you can not stop being with him or her. Knowing the above mentioned steps you will be able to confirm that you are in love or not but you already know that something is different within you when you are in love.

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