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How to Call or Text a Girl?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to call or text a girl. You may have met a girl at a party or some bar. Both of you may have exchanged numbers as well. Now, you are wondering whether to text her or call her. It becomes difficult sometimes to decide what to say over a call and what to text her. You find yourself lacking the content of a good conversation. Sometimes, you lack mannerism while communicating with a girl over the phone. Altogether, there are certain points which you should take into account while calling or texting a girl. You may come to know about it in this article.

How to Call or Text a Girl

Tips to Follow to Call or Text a Girl:

1) Choose Correct Time to Text a Girl

You should text her at the correct time when she may not get disturbed or when she has free time to get back to you with her text. However, you should not text her on the day you have gotten her number. Wait for a day or two before texting her otherwise she may feel that you are desperate to know her. You can text her during late evenings. She may be back to her home after work by that time. During weekends, you can text her at any feasible time except evening hours. She may be busy with her friends.

2) Go for Small Talks to Text a Girl

You can reintroduce yourself and then text her something interesting. You can share a funny instance which you have faced during the day. You can ask about her well being and about her interests. Tell her what you do when you get free time. You may get to know about some of the common interests. In this way, you can start with the small talks. In order to call or text a girl, you should be confident and free-minded.

3) Don’t Rush in to Call or Text a Girl

You should not text or call her without any reason. You should have a reason to call or text her like you may have some important information to share with her then you can let her know through text or call. If you want to ask her something then also you can call or text her. However, you can call or text her when you are in a fun mood and making out a plan for something special.

4) Be Confident to Call or Text a Girl

You should be enough confident to call or text a girl. Just don’t show up your nervousness in your voice. Your voice should not shiver and avoid stammering due to nervousness while talking to a girl. It may feel odd to her and she may think that you are not a fun guy. It is better to have a script in your mind before calling her. You should practice how to speak confidently over the phone. Your pronunciation should be clear and loud. Giggle in between the talks where necessary to show that you are interested in her talks.

5) Show Maturity and Courage to Call a Girl

If you are texting a girl for going out with you then she may feel it less personal. On the other hand, if you are calling her and asking her to go out with you then she will be more impressed. It takes a whole lot of courage to call a girl for fixing a date. But, if you are doing it then you may be gaining some extra brownie points. She may think that you are more mature and desirable.

6) Send Her Text Beforehand to Call a Girl

You can send her a text stating that you are about to call her in a few minutes. However, try this when she has already messaged you something. This shows that she is free at that time to take up a call. You can easily talk to her over a call as compared to texting her for hours. It is really a time-saving affair if you directly call someone rather sending them texts.

7) Fix up a Time to Call or Text a Girl

You can fix up a time to call a girl. You may tell her that you are going to call her at some specific time in the evening. She may expect your call at that time and you won’t feel nervous or awkward before calling her. Similarly, you can fix up a time to text her so that she doesn’t find it annoying to reply you all day long.

8) Be Spontaneous to Call or Text a Girl

You should be spontaneous enough to make the conversation going on between you and her. She should not get long period of silences when you talk to her over the phone. Otherwise, she may like to say that she has something important to do and she will hang up. You should have a variety of topics with you to talk on. Be it something related to any amazing news or information which she may not know. You can look for topics to have a conversation with her.

9) Don’t Be Boring to Call or Text a Girl

You should not go into an interrogation mode rather use your spontaneity to make things fun and light. Avoid asking her about her siblings, her well being, and her parents all the time you talk to her over phone. Instead, tell her any interesting story or some of your childhood memories. She may feel close to you and it is a nice way to build bonds with her.

10) Know How to End the Conversation to Call or Text a Girl

You should know how to end the conversation. Before ending it make sure that you have asked her to meet somewhere in person. Main motive actually to call or text a girl is to fix a meeting with her. You can’t make a relationship with a girl just by calling or texting her. You can tell her at the end of the conversation that you can talk to her more when she will be meeting you this weekend.

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