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How to Keep The Conversation Flowing With a Girl?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to keep the conversation flowing with a girl? When you like someone, it is important to meet a girl and talk to a girl you like. But having a conversation with a girl is important to build a relationship. The first conversation maybe awkward, especially when you will initiate the talk. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to impress a girl or woo a girl in a first conversation. The most important thing that you need to remember is to avoid the awkwardness from seeping into the conversation. If you can ensure that your first few minutes with a girl you like is exciting and fun then they would look forward to sticking around you the whole evening. Whether you are shy or outgoing, you can keep the conversation flowing with a girl by following some of the useful tips in this article.

How to Keep the Conversation Flowing with a Girl

Best Tips to Keep the Conversation Flowing with a Girl:

1.) Invite Her to Talk

Pay attention to her and try to start a conversation with her. Try to make a recommendation, if you want to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know. If you already know the girl, then talk about some common things. If you are in a school together then talk about your classes or talk about your extra-curricular activities.

  • Ask her for a help. Girls will feel more interested in you if they have done something for you. It will make them curious and trustworthy.
  • Compliment her if she looks great. Compliment her smile, her hair or her dress. Make sure your compliment is real.

2.) Ask Her About Herself

Asking her some questions is the good way to keep the conversation flowing with a girl. Show her that you are interested in knowing her. A good question will make her think, laugh and like you at the same time.

  • Try to ask a question that will make your conversation longer. Like, ask her what other movies she has seen and why she likes them.
  • Girls like guys who make the first move. Don’t wait her to ask the question. You can ask her first.
  • Find out what she is passionate about. If you like a girl then surely you find something fascinating about her. Ask her what she likes and why she likes or what she thinks and why she thinks.

3.) Make Yourself Look Good to Keep the Conversation Flowing with a Girl

Showing yourself at your best is the way to get a girl to like you back. Talk about something that makes you feel persuasive and passionate. When you talk about something really positive, go at your best. If you are passionate about music then share your favorite bands.

  • If you talk about only about yourself then it will make her think that you are self-centered and she will not talk to you.
  • Don’t give opinions about subjects you know nothing about. Impress the girl with your conversation, with your wit and your intelligence.

4.) Keep Your Conversation Light to Keep the Conversation Flowing with a Girl

Don’t talk about controversial subjects or anything that she may find uncomfortable. Don’t gossip about other people because she will think that you are not nice.

  • Use your good sense of humor to keep your conversation interesting. Keep it light and think before you say anything.
  • Tell her funny stories because people like to hear funny stories about funny things. Tell her funny and entertaining things that happened to you.
  • Keep yourself updated. When you know what is going on out there and you will always have something to talk about.

5.) Focus on Body Language

Sit up straight, make eye contact and smile warmly. When you do these things, she will feel you are focused on her.

  • If she is looking into your eyes, lean in towards you or lightly touches your arm while you are talking, then you may feel confident that she is into you.
  • Project good body language. Don’t cross your arms, tap your feet or groan audibly.
  • If she is constantly looking away then you may be losing her interest. If your conversation is not going interesting then say, “Nice talking to you” and walk away.

6.) Appear Comfortable to Keep the Conversation Flowing with a Girl

If you are not feeling comfortable or awkward then the girl you are talking to will immediately sense the discomfort you are feeling. This will make both of you feel more awkward. When you talk to her, sit relax and breathe deeply. Don’t feel stressed by the conversation. You should know what to say or what not. Smiling is the good way to appear comfortable and it also helps to impress her. If you smile then you will feel more relaxed.

7.) Pay Attention to Her to Keep the Conversation Flowing with a Girl

Let her think that she is important to you. Don’t always talk about yourself. Focus on her. Keep your cell phone off while having a conversation with a girl. If you run into your friends then introduce your friends to her but focus on your conversation. Send nonverbal signals to your friends and let them know that you will talk to them another time.

8.) End Your Conversation on a Good Note If She Wants to Leave

Tell her that you enjoyed a lot talking to her. If you feel a real connection with her, then ask her for a number. If you get her number, you can text her by saying that you had a great time and wish her a good day. You can even get a second chance if she texts you back.

  • Wait for at least a day before calling her. You don’t need to appear too needy and you don’t want to think too forward so it is best to delay for calling.
  • When you call her, keep things sweet and short. Simply ask her if she wants to see a movie or go out for coffee.
  • Go slow until you know that she really likes you. If you are pushing too hard then she may feel a bit weird.

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