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How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger?

You meet new people, you find them attractive and interesting and you want to talk with them. But you don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger. By going to cocktail parties and events you get to know very interesting and useful people. Talking to them is the only way that will help you to connect with them. The ability to small talk with anyone is very important and useful. If you want to be an all-rounder that can get on with cross-sector teams and multinational companies then you should have the ability to speak to strangers. The more you practice to start a conversation with strangers then less anxious you will be. Your confidence is the only thing that will attract others and help you to grow. If you are afraid of talking to strangers then here are some tips that will help you to start a conversation with a stranger.

How to start a conversation with a stranger

Best Ways to Start a Conversation with a Stranger:

(A) Start a Conversation with Party or Club

1.) Be Casual

If you are at a party or club and you find someone interesting then try to be casual if you want to start a conversation with a stranger. Breathe slowly and relax and take your time to start a casual conversation. Be confident and be yourself. If you are not confident then it shows others that you have a lack of concern for your appearance or demeanor.

2.) Make Eye Contact

Try to make eye contact if it is possible. If you do, you can do a good start. Smile and make your own way towards them.

  • If you are not able to catch their eye then go where they are standing. When you cross in front of them then touch them gently on the shoulder. If there is somebody already standing in front of them then stand away.

3.) Say Something to Start a Conversation with a Stranger

It doesn’t matter how much time you take to get the conversation started. It is all about how you say it. Start with the best line with confidence. If you can’t do this then say something more basic such as “Hi, My name is John,” and offer to shake hands.

4.) Start with Basic

Talk about something interesting and you can ask them how they came to be there. Don’t talk about the weather because weather conversations are boring and short and it seems that you don’t have much to say.

  • Ask them what hobbies and sports do they enjoy? You can also ask them about their profession or education.

5.) Listen Carefully

Listening is the best key to good conversations. You should truly listen to other person and ask questions about the things that interest them. This is the good way to make conversation and you may turn into friends.

  • It is also important to let the person speak. If you have something to share with the other person then share it like a love of food, a sport, and a favorite political candidate. Don’t be silent and don’t introduce yourself to somebody for the purpose of talking about yourself.

(B) Start a Conversation with a Stranger in Public Place

1.) Be Choosy

In public places, especially in larger cities, there are lots of strangers who come up with a big smile. You need to be selective. If you find someone attractive or you have seen someone very often then try to make eye contact. Smile in a friendly way as it will create a friendly relationship.

2.) Make Eye Contact before You Approach

Lots of people are there in public places. They can be good and dangerous. Before approaching them you have to make eye contact. By doing this, you can clear your friendly intentions. To start a conversation with a stranger, say something humorous, light or topical. Say like, “Hi, my name is Smith” and I work here and noticed you many times.” Do you also work here? This is the direct and simple way to get a response.

3.) Listen Actively

Ask them what brings them to the same place as you are regular. There can be a lot of shared interests that are waiting to be uncovered. Ask some leading questions and listen to the responses  carefully.

(C) Start a Conversation with a Stranger at a Music Venue

1.) Make Eye Contact before Starting Conversation

First, make eye contact if you find someone attractive and introduce yourself. Start your conversation with simple lines and then ask about them. Let them speak and listen to them actively.

2.) Talk about the Music

It is good if you talk about the music where you are. You can ask them how they like the opening band or how do you think that they are a good match for the headliner. It is the best time to talk because you cannot shout or you can make them listen to you. Ask them about other concerts if they go a lot. Ask about what kind of music they like and what their favorite artists are.

Other Tips to Start Your Conversation:

  • If things don’t work, then move on. Don’t try to stick to them if they are not interested in talking with you. If there is no connection then you will realize that instantly. When you introduce yourself like “Oh, hi, what is going on” you get a response like, “not much”. That means the other person is not interested in starting the conversation with you. Don’t force them to talk further.
  • If they are distracted and looking for something or somebody then you have picked the wrong time to start your conversation.
  • The best way to strike up a conversation is to compliment the other person and then ask a question.
  • You should look well presentable and well groomed. Your first impression is everything.
  • Younger children like to talk about their video games, food, TV shows, toys, music etc.
  • Be careful around strangers as you don’t know them well.
  • Don’t move fast to take the things further. It should not look like you are attracted to the person.
  • A smile may break barriers, so you try to smile always.

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