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How to Talk To a Girl?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to talk to a girl? Talking to girls may seem complicated for a guy especially if the girl is the girl of your dreams. Yes, she is out there and you want to talk to her so desperately but still you cannot do it because you are hesitating that you might screw it up. Well, most guys do not approach a girl because they feel that saying nothing is better than saying stupid things. If you too have any problem in talking to girls then it is nothing new many guys have this problem and it’s not an incurable disease. Well, if you need to talk to a girl remember that you do not need to think about it rather just do it. Show up courage even if you fall for the first time you will be confident for the next time. Follow the steps given in this article to talk to girls.

How to Talk to a Girl

Steps to Follow to Talk to Girls

A.) Give Friendly Gesture

While talking to a girl you need to show your friendliness since the moment you see her. A friendly gesture will make your task easier to talk to a girl. Do not make her feel ignored as it will make her disinterested in talking to her. There are few things which you can do before even starting the verbal conversation to make a girl feel good about you. Give these gestures to talk to a girl before starting a verbal conversation.

1.) Smile to Talk to a Girl

As soon as you see the girl, give a warm gentle smile. Do not fake your smile as she will not feel the warmth of the smile. Give a genuine big smile to appear friendly and make her feel comfortable around you. Smile has great power to even turn a foe into friends and it can even create a bond between strangers. Thus, to talk to a girl smile and make her feel welcomed.

2.) Hold the Gaze

Do not look away after giving the smile as it may lead not to a good conversation or any conversation at all. Look her in the eye while smiling towards her and hold the gaze for a while. This may even cause her to approach you. This will make her feel that you are a friendly person and therefore she will not hesitate in talking to you.

B.) Approach the Girl

To approach a girl you need to be confident and not at all nervous. You can approach a girl and make her feel that you are interested in talking to her. An effective way of approach will require these steps to be done.

3.) Introduce Yourself

First, go and introduce yourself to the girl. Till will you not initiate nothing will happen on its own. Go and talk to her tell her your name or you can even try to start a conversation using any pickup line. Just don’t get her bored and keep it funny or interesting.

4.) Start a Conversation

Once you have introduced and if she seems to be interested then start a conversation. Do not have any serious conversation in the first meeting. Keep it simple and light and entertaining which will keep her interested in your talks.

C.) How to Talk

Now comes the talking part after introducing and starting a conversation maintaining the flow of the conversation is also very important. To keep the conversation interesting and have a good talk you should keep few things in mind which are given below.

5.) Talk interesting

Talk on an interesting topic and do not try to start a serious topic when you both are having a conversation for the first time. You can ask her about herself as it will keep her interested in talking to you and this way she will also feel that you are interested in her.

6.) Compliment to Talk to a Girl

Complimenting can make your conversation much interesting. Compliment the girl about her eyes, her hair or the way she talks. Give a genuine compliment, if you want to talk to her it means there is something which got you interested in her tell her about it. Genuine compliments are much better and will make her feel good.

7.) Look in the Eye While Talking

while talking to a girl look her in the eye. It will convey her that you are a confident person and talks get better this way. Shift your gaze in between from time to time or else continuous staring might scare her away.

8.) Keep Conversation Going On

Starting conversation might be tough but the tougher part is to maintain the flow of any conversation. Try to maintain that flow or else she will get distracted and eventually she will not be that impressed. Think of few interesting things to talk about and keep on adding those topics when you see the old topic dying. Try to make a chain of conversation going on to keep her interested. You can also think of any topic in between while talking to a girl.

9.) Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman while talking will help you to make her like you as well. If you are having a conversation with a person then you should try to make that person impress with the way you talk and to do that behave like a gentleman. Every girl likes a gentleman and she will like to talk more if she will find out that you are a gentleman. Respect her do not use abusive words and do not talk dirty when the first time you are talking to a girl.

10.) Make Her Laugh

This is the most important point, if you want to make a feel good after talking to you then you should make her laugh. Try to keep the conversation funny and joke around a bit while talking to a girl. Try to observe what is making her laugh. It will give you an idea on what to talk about. When you will keep her happy throughout the conversation she will look forward to talk more and you may even end up exchanging numbers.

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