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How to Talk to a Guy Over Phone?

You like a guy and want to talk to him but don’t know what to say? You exchanged your numbers with the guy you like. You get nervous when he calls you. The best thing about talking over the phone is he cannot see your nervousness. Talking on the phone is very important to get to know each other. Starting your conversation with ease is the best way to talk to a guy over phone. Avoid topics that may bore him. Don’t be silent on the phone it will create an awkward situation for you. Always choose the topics that will help to build your relationship. Here in this article, you will find some ideas about how to talk to a guy over the phone that will help to keep your conversation fresh and interesting.

How to talk to a guy over phone

Best Ways to Talk to a Guy Over Phone:

1.) Think What to Say to Talk to a Guy Over Phone

Before calling a guy you like, think about some topics that interest him. Discussing a sport he plays, a movie he likes or music he likes is the good way to get him talking and to know more about him. Discuss the general things with your guy. Talk about the things he knows or loves.

  • If you want to talk to a guy you like then there should be a reason. Figure out why you are calling your guy? If you have a reason to call then go with this.

2.) Relax and Call Him without Hesitation

Once you have thought a few things to say, take a deep breath. If you are uncomfortable then he will also feel uncomfortable. Be yourself and act natural and remember he is just a guy you like.

  • Find out the place where you will feel comfortable and you are not likely to get interrupted. You should be relaxed and confident in your conversation. Calling him is a good way to tell him that you like him. Just sit relax and call him without hesitation.
  • It is also important to know when he is free. Don’t call him randomly. Make sure he is not busy when you are going to call him. Text him one hour ago to call him. If you get the right timing of the call then your conversation will go in the right direction.

3.) Greet Him Warmly and Show Concern

Greeting him in a good way is the best way to talk to a guy over phone. When you call him then simply say “Hello” and introduce yourself and tell him why you are calling. Be friendly with him. If he also reciprocates your friendliness then keep it up. Showing concern for what is happening in his life will make a guy to like you. Ask about his work and family and carry your conversation forward. If you talk to his family, friends, his interests and the things he likes to do then he can see that you are really interested in him.

4.) Talk Sweetly and Ask Questions

Asking interesting questions is the good way to talk to a guy over phone. Ask him like “which is the last movie you have seen on the weekend?” or you can ask about his favorite music, games, and any other thing. Talk about his interest and let him know you noticed him. Avoid asking questions like what is your favorite color and what is your favorite food as these questions are very common. If you talk sweetly and softly on the phone then you will be able to impress him. Don’t get aggressive and don’t be loud.

  • Compliment him about his hairstyle, his shirt, shoes or any other thing that you like about him. If he hears a genuine compliment from the girl then he feels loved and appreciated.

5.) Don’t Lie and Listen to Him Carefully

If you talk to a guy you like then don’t lie. If you nervous while talking, make stories or sound like you are unsure of what you are saying then he will know that something is wrong. If he mistrusts you or doubts your intentions then nothing will go in the right direction.

  • Listen to him actively. Pay attention when he is answering the questions you ask him. Give your suggestion or input when needed or laugh when he says something funny.
  • Don’t interrupt him if you have something to say.

6.) Talk about Common Interests

Talking about common interests is the best way to talk to a guy over the phone. He will go to sleep if you talk about things that don’t interest him. Talk about things that you both like and make your conversation interesting. Don’t bring topics that you may disagree on. Talking about common hobbies will help to make a good bond between the two of you.

  • If you make him laugh then he will feel comfortable with you and the conversation will go easier.
  • Talk about your secrets and make him laugh. If you tell him about your secrets then it will make him see that you trust him. Share your childhood memories with him.
  • Let him know that how you feel about him or how special he is in your life.

7.) Talk About Future Plans and Goals

Guys like a girl who is confident and ambitious. Tell him about your future plans what you want to achieve in your life. He will appreciate you if you are focused towards your life. Also, ask him about his future plans or goals and his interests. Let him know that you care about his interests. Don’t ask too much as he may feel uncomfortable. If you have a good knowledge of everything then you can talk to a guy over phone.

8.) End up the Conversation Sweetly

End up your conversation if you don’t have anything to say. By saying something sweet leave a lasting impression on a guy during a call. Say something like “It was nice talking to you” or “It has been fun talking to you”. Give him a chance to respond. Put your conversation on hold so that you talk to him some other day.

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