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How to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to talk to girls as a teen boy? Talking to girls can be confusing and unnerving if you haven’t done it before but there is no reason for that. Same as you girls are also human beings and they also wants to have a talk. If you want to talk to girls as a teen boy then you should be confident first of all. Girls like confident boys and they will also like to be with confident boys so first of all buckle up all of your strength. Teenage girls like guys which are cool and have a bit of attitude and they like boys which are popular and in demand. If you are good at any sport then it is a positive point in your favour. Try to impress girl showing off your skills to her before making a direct approach. There are numerous ways to start to talk to girls as a teen boy read this article to know more.

How to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

Tips to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

1.) Be Cool to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

Being cool is in demand, girls like to have cool boys in their life. If you are a cool guy then you will not have any difficulty in getting girls in your life. Be cool and develop a cool personality so that every girl will like you. To be cool you can adopt few tips as such.

  • Be Yourself: You can be a cool guy by being yourself. do not try to imitate others. There is nothing cool in copying others and do not be ashamed of being what you are. Your uniqueness is what makes you better than others.
  • Be Social: Cool people are socially active and easy to talk with.
  • Be Smart: Smart people are cool. If you really want to be cool then know about things be witty and smart.

2.) Show Your Skills to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

Flaunting skills are not bad. If you have skills flaunt in front of girls and they will like to talk to you on their own. To talk to girls show your skills and it will help to build your confidence. Everyone has a special talent let her see it. Do not brag about it just make her show it casually as it is not a big deal. Find a way to bring up your skills in front of her without telling her directly. Bragging it directly might make you appear proud and full of yourself.

3.) Smile and Wave to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

When you want to talk to a girl you need to make her feel good in your company. It is not good to just ignore a girl with whom you want to talk. You need to present yourself as a friendly person. To talk to girls as a teenage boy you need to get their attention you can do it by treating them nicely. Whenever you see the girl you want to talk to smile and wave at her. It will help you in getting closer to her and starting a conversation will be easier in that case.

4.) Small Talk to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

When you start talking then start it with a small talk. For the start small talks are good. Long talks might make her disinterested as you do not know what will keep her interested. First, observe her and get to know about her then you can start having a long conversation. Keep the conversation topics light and funny in the starting. Having small talks will not affect your friendship process it will just keep you safe. You can talk on any general topic like you haven’t even started doing your English project.

5.) Be confident to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

Confidence is the key to everything. If you are confident then you can achieve whatever you want. To talk to girls as a teen boy you need to be confident. Girls like confident guys and  they prefer talking to confident guys over non-confident ones. Being confident will help you in every area of life and while impressing a girl it is indeed very important.

6.) Give Her Compliment

Who doesn’t likes to be complimented? Complimenting a girl is a good way to talk to girls. Give her a subtle compliment after talking a while. You can compliment her like “you have got a beautiful smile”. You can compliment for being who she is. Do not overdo the complimenting part and keep the compliment part simple as it the start.

7.) Be Funny to Talk to Girls as a Teen Boy

Girls like funny guys, if you can make a girl laugh you can easily make her like you. When you keep a person happy in your company then you are making them like you instantly. Try to keep your conversation funny and humorous so that she will remember the good times when she will think of you. Crack jokes in between your conversation but do not overdo it. Situational comedy are best, try to learn how to do it.

8.) Be a Good Listener

When you want to have a good talk then you cannot do it without being a good listener. Be a good listener when you talk to girls. If you will keep talking yourself and will not listen to her then she will get annoyed after a while. Let her talk and listen carefully what she is trying to say. Ask her simple questions which will help her to speak and get her out of her shell. Talk in between her sentences to make her feel that you are interested as it will encourage her to speak more.

9.) Keep Your Talks Interesting

While talking to girls it is also very important to keep the topics interesting. do not talk on any boring topics. When you do not know what make her interested then you can start with light topics. Let her talk and observe her, notice what makes her happy and what keeps her interested. Ask her about herself to know her more.

10.) Know When to Leave

It is very important to have a strong end. Like first impression matters same way ending conversation at the point when it is still interesting is also important. It will leave her curious and she will like to have conversation in future as well. There is one more good time to leave the conversation if you feel that she is getting bored.

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