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How to Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone?

Every successful relationship needs quality conversation. Talking to a girl you like on the phone shows a girl that you are interested. If you are in a relationship and not able to meet your girlfriend, then talking on the phone is a great option. Girls always enjoy talking over the phone more than guys. Talking on the phone makes you feel closer to her. If you call your girlfriend and don’t know what to say her but you want to connect with her then it can be an awkward situation. Talk about the things that interest both of you. Communication helps to grow your relationship. Perfect communication should start with happy conversations. Sometimes you feel like that you have nothing to say. If you want to make her feel more connected to you and want to talk something interesting then you are at right place. This article will help you how to talk to your girlfriend on the phone.

How to talk to your girlfriend on the phone

Best Ways to Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone:

1.) Choose the Best Time and Place to Call Your Girlfriend

It is important to know if she is free to talk or not. Set the time to chat over text or wait to call until she will be free. If she is busy with her family or she is playing the game then don’t call between her busy schedule. Text her before you want to make a call. Ask her over text “Are you free to talk or can I call you at 6?”

  • Your girlfriend will be more open and honest with you if she knows that no one can overhear your conversation. Call her at a quiet and private place. Don’t call when you are with your friends.
  • She is giving you her time and you should also do the same. When you talk to her on the phone, don’t chat online, text, watch TV or talk to other people. Let her know that her conversation is the important thing in the world.

2.) Make Small Talk When You Talk to Her

Start your conversation with small talks as it will help you to talk to your girlfriend on the phone. If you sound friendly and keen to talk then she will respond in the same way. When she picks your call, greet her cheerfully so that she can easily open up. Use appropriate words like “hi beautiful! How’s my girl doing? Or “How was your day?”

  • If she doesn’t pick your call then leave a cute and short message for her. She will like that you were thinking of her.
  • Small talk creates a connection between both of you. Start with a casual conversation like asking her about her interests, talk about the event, discuss a movie or TV show and share a story of your day.

3.) Compliment Her

Compliment your girlfriend about her cute smile, her haircut, her dress or any other special thing which she did for you. When she hears a genuine or real compliment from the guy she likes, she feels loved and appreciated. Tell her about how beautiful she looked on the last date or how sweet her voice sounds on the phone. Keep in mind; good compliments always lead to more romantic conversations. Make your girlfriend feel appreciated and loved. Let her know how important she is in your life and how special she is.

4.) Talk About Your Future

Talking about your future is the best way to talk to your girlfriend on the phone. Girls always like a guy who is passionate about his future and works towards it. Talk about the things you want to do, about your life, your aspirations and future goals and some other things. You can be fun, spontaneous and live for the moment but if you have a focused life then she will be impressed by your determination and will like you more.

5.) Talk about Her Friends, Her Interests and Her Family

Taking about her interests and her friends is a great way to talk to your girlfriend on the phone. Talk about her family, her friends, her interests, their lives and the things she likes to do. If you talk about all these things then she can see that you are genuinely interested in knowing everything about her life. If both of you share common hobbies and interests, then you both will be able to bond better with each other. Everyone has their own views about life. But yet, we can’t share them with everyone. If you find more about her views on life then you can understand her better. You will also get to know about her goals in life and what she wants to do in future.

6.) Be Around the World

Knowing about everything will help you to talk to your girlfriend on the phone. You should know everything about the world either by reading the newspaper or by watching the news. Then talk to your girlfriend about things which seem interesting. You will always have new and interesting things to talk about each day. You can also discuss a lot of fun things that will help both of you to understand the world around each other. Keep your conversation light and easy. Avoid some topic like politics and religion that can heat up your conversation.

7.) Talk about Your Past and Secrets

Everyone loves to know about good secrets. If you have a few secrets then share them with her. It will make her happy and make her see that you trust her to share your secrets with her. Talking and listening to childhood memories are always fun especially if it involves funny or embarrassing incident. Your girlfriend will have a good laugh and will fall in love with you.

8.) End the Conversation in a Good Manner

It will be better to say goodbye if you still have things to talk to one another. Put your conversation on hold so that you can continue it in your next conversation. Say her you can talk about on the next phone call. Let her know you appreciate her conversation and she is special for you. If she knows you want to hear her sweet voice then she will be inclined to call you. Make her smile by saying something sweet before you hang up. You can tease her with a nickname or compliment her.

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