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How to Break up?

Thinking of break up? You may want to break up with someone. Things have gone sour between you and your partner or you may be in a situation when you can’t be with your partner. Realizing the fact that you are about to break up with someone you were totally in love with can shake you from within. Finding the easier way to break up may be on your mind right now. Well, if you have valid reasons and you are sure that you can’t be in this relationship anymore then you may not face many problems in breaking up with that person. For your further help and guidance, we can provide you some tips in this article.

How to Break up

Break up Nicely with Someone:

1) Maintain a Distance to Break up

In the planning of breaking up with someone, you can keep yourself away from them for a few days before. It will help you to get detached from them. You may feel emotionally balanced and much prepared to carry out this break up thing. Meanwhile, your partner may speculate that something may come out from your side. They will get the time to prepare themselves. For this, you can keep a distance from them for at least one week before. Pretend to them as if you are busy. Don’t reveal all the details at once.

2) Meet Them in Person to Break up

It is justifiable to do break up in person. It will be totally unfair if you do it through text, call, or mail. That will suggest your partner that you are betraying them. It would be wiser to look them into their eyes while breaking up. In this case, the person left behind will not feel unanswered. They will know why this break up happened. They will ensure that they will do something to resolve all the issues which have forced you to take this extreme step. It is up to you whether you want to continue or not.

3) Be Sure of it to Break up

There could be any reason for which you want to do break up. But, the most important thing is to know whether you actually want it or not. You can test it. You can just list down all the problematic areas of your relationship on a paper. Write down the solution to it as well at the end of the paper. You can take out a conclusion by analyzing what you have gone through in this relationship.

4) Know What and When to Say to Break up

You should keep your answers ready and say it to your partner when you are confident enough to face them. However, you can do it by being polite and respectable. You should not be cold or harsh to do a break up. Your partner may end up being rude, emotional, abusive, etc. You should not lose your cool. Keep it short and simple. Let them know what has offended you or what you feel about your relationship.

5) Cut off All the Contact with Them to Break up

Once you have told them that you want break up for so and so reason, after that you can cut off all the contact with them. It will be good for both of you to stay away from each other. You can avoid those places where you two can meet accidently. Similarly, you can block them on your social media profile so that you do not get notifications about them. If they call you or mail you then you may keep the conversation really short. Avoid personal topics as well.

6) Say Final Goodbye to Break up

You should part your ways with your partner by saying final goodbye to them. This will give a signal to your brain that this relationship is going to end for forever. It is necessary to do it in a formal way. Talk to your partner that it is the end of your journey with them. Say to them how you think it went. Thank them for being in a relationship with you.

7) Be Clear in Your Approach to Break up

You should have a clear approach when you proceed for breaking up with someone. Don’t give false hope to your partner. Let them accept that you two have a separate way now. It will help them recover fastly and getting back to their normal routine. They will only look for a good partner again if they are sure about the fact that you are not going back to them. So, have mercy on them and stick to your decision.

8) Be Understanding to Break up

No matter how worse the situation becomes when you tell your partner that you want break up, you should not lose your cool. Be understanding and respect what they feel at that moment. Don’t thrash them just like any useless thing. They are in pain just like you. You should console them and try not to end that meeting with a fight. Try to wrap things up peacefully.

9) Don’t Stay Friends with Your Partner to Break up

You should not be friends with your partner immediately after break up. It may lead to rebound relationship. You can suffer as well in this process. It is a vicious cycle to get in if you get in touch with your partner after break up. You may think that they are the only one in your life who can love you this much. You may give false hopes to your heart that everything will be fine, which you know never will.

10) Avoid Intimacy to Break up

You should avoid intimate body contacts with your partner. It may lead to unwanted attachment with your partner. You are on the verge of ending this relationship. You should not even think of getting closer to them. If you are not determined then think of those bad moments of your relationship or habits of your partner. You may get the courage to let them go from your life. You should be confident to say no to your partner for any intimate physical contact.

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