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How to Cheer Up a Friend After Breakup?

Breakup is one of the toughest experiences you can have but it sucks even more when your friend is going through the pain. Breakups are very tough to handle. People who go through a breakup hang out alone and listen to sad music about heartbreak. You hate seeing your friend upset. You are the only friend who proves most helpful for getting your friend through the pain. Comforting a heartbroken friend is not always about cheering up it is just about hanging out and being there for your friend. Watching your friend go through a breakup is heart wrenching but there are lots of things that you can do to help her. Read this article and follow the steps to cheer up a friend after breakup.

How to Cheer Up a Friend After Breakup

Best Ways to Cheer Up a Friend After Breakup:

1.) Be Patient

Being patient is very important to cheer up a friend after breakup. It is easy to maintain a friend through the good times, so it is natural for hard times as well such as breakups. So constantly remind yourself that it is your job as a friend to be concerned.

  • May be your friend is confused regarding his or her relationship. Your friend wants to talk through this confusion and listening is the first and most meaningful step you can take to show that you care about your friend.

2.) Listen to Your Friend Carefully

Listening to your friend is an important part to cheer up a friend after breakup. It is very important to listen to your friend’s problems. Don’t let your friend feel like he or she is talking to a wall. So involve with the stories that will help to make your friend feel understood. Your friend wants to hear that there are many fishes in the sea because it will overcome his or her current emotional state. Try to reassure your friend that his or her feelings are valid.

3.) Tell Your Friend to Transform Appearance

Transforming appearance is the best way to get over a breakup. Tell your friend to change their appearance. If you look good, you will feel confident. You may cut your long hair or color your hair. Try to make small changes like get a cute hairstyle, wear good clothes or wear makeup that can help to boost your confidence. Go to the gym to stay fit, healthy and to maintain your body shape. Encourage your friend to join the class in Zumba, yoga, dance or Pilates.

4.) Distract Your Friend

It is very common for someone being rejected by their partner. Your friend may be in the early stages and can beg their ex to come back to them. So, stop your partner to do this. If your friend made up his mind to contact his or her partner by the time then don’t allow yourself to get frustrated if your friend doesn’t follow your advice. Forbidding your friend is just like a parent forbidding a teenager. When you go out with your friends then invite your friend also. This is the good way to cheer up a friend after breakup.

  • Go for a movie with your friend so that he or she can have a temporary mental escape. Avoid watching romantic movies because your friend will miss his or her past. Try to watch comedies, thrillers, action or inspirational movies.

5.) Let Your Friend Find His or Her Own Path

Everyone grieves in a different manner and get over a completely different time period. Let you friend find his or her own way to recover from a breakup. This process is best to test your patience. Always be there to help a friend survive a breakup. Your friend needs someone to listen without any judgment.

  • It is good to compliment your friend. Going through a breakup can make your friend feel unwanted or unloved. Tell your friend that how great he or she is and any guy or girl would be lucky to have her or him.

6.) Have Fun Together to Cheer Up a Friend After Breakup

Allow your friend to work through the pain and sadness. Don’t feel like that you cannot enjoy together in the weeks or months after a breakup. Plan dinner with your friends every week. Getting over completely is not a perfect process. Even after resuming fun activities, your friend will have good and bad days. Push your friend to get the process back on track. Go to your friend’s place and share some chocolates, cake or her favorite ice cream.

7.) Focus on Things that Help Your Friend Feel Better

Breakups take so much time to recover, so tell your friend to make a list of all the fun things. Your friend should not avoid the pain and sadness of the breakup. Such type of feelings finds other outlets in the weeks or months that follow. Try to change negative emotions into positive which is good for your friend. Find out the activities so that your friend can use to recover the hurt feelings and encourage them. This is the best way to get over a breakup.

  • Give your friend advice like exercising more, painting, dancing, etc. Offer your friend many positive reinforcements for the productive ways in which your friend can manage the situation.

8.) Dissuade Your Friend from Moving into Another Relationship

In the absence of ex or after getting dumped by partner your friend may seek another relationship. This is not a good idea because it offers your friend too many distractions. Try to dissuade your friend from rushing into another relationship.

  • Anger usually comes when your friend has accepted the rejection. Discourage your friend from thinking that all men or women are evil. Not everyone is evil just because of one person hurts you.

 Additional Tips:

  • Let your friend know that you are always there for them.
  • Don’t force your friend to tell you everything about what happened. They will tell you when they are ready.
  • Give your friend time to themselves if they need.
  • If your friend cries the give your friend a hug every time and tell them you love them.
  • It is normal to consume alcohol and your friend will definitely do. So, make sure your friend doesn’t consume too much alcohol.

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