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How to End a Relationship?

Relationships are very important to each other, to our friends, to our families and to the people we care about. Relationships bring happiness, sadness, suffering and delight. Relationships begin with bright expectations and high hopes. There comes a point in the relationship when things become serious. Ending a long term relationship is such a big decision and it is not an easy with age and experience. Before ending a relationship, you should consider the reasons for walking out. It will hurt you when you separate from your partner. Good endings can reduce the amount of stress and you can enjoy your life. Here are some ways to end a relationship.

how to end a relationship

Best Ways to End a Relationship:

1.) Be Sure Before You End the Relationship

If you are sure to end a relationship then do it. Consider the problems which you are facing in your relationship. Discuss those problems directly and openly with your partner before you think to end it. Many women and men suffer for many years and never discuss their problems with their partners which lead to many breakups. If you want to end a relationship then you need to make a list of all the reasons due to which you are unhappy in the relationship. Include the reasons which can’t be fixed.

2.) Make Your Decision with a Clear Mind

Don’t break up with someone you love in the heat of the moment. Don’t take the decision when you feel unstable. Don’t blame your relationship for all your problems. Before making this important decision takes your time to get help from trusted parents and friends.

  • If you have decided to break up with your partner then do tell to your close friends or anyone. Once you have taken the decision the mature thing is to tell your partner.
  • If you have a long distance relationship then you can end the relationship over the phone.

3.) Be Firm to End a Relationship

Be sure in what you say. A breakup should not be a dramatic and escalating event. Get the valid point and say that you don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. Don’t give any comment which shows that this a trial separation and you may resume things after a breakup. You can say like, “I am not ready for this now.” If you don’t mean it then it will hurt your partner more. If you don’t want to save a relationship then go with your decision.

4.) Be Honest and don’t be Inhuman to End a Relationship

Don’t let your partner go away without knowing about why the relationship is over. Don’t let him/her go away without knowing the top things you don’t like about your partner. Be honest about why the relationship should end whether the reason you are feeling manipulated, suffocated or disrespected.

  • The hardest reason behind the breakup is you are not in love with your partner anymore and this is not that person’s fault. So you should be honest but say it gently.
  • After giving your main reason, you don’t need to go into all the details and reopen old arguments unless your partner is confused. Don’t bring up past problems otherwise, it may add injury.
  • Don’t make your partner feel worthless and insecure. Don’t put your partner down.
  • Whatever the reason is, don’t give a complete surprise to your partner. If you kept the things open then it will not be coming out in this way.
  • Don’t make a long list of reasons about why you are dumping your partner. Replace your reasons to the essential problem. You can say like, “I don’t feel supported by you, and I want to change my path.” Or “I want kids but you don’t.

5.) Be Prepared For the Worst 

Ending a relationship is never, ever easy and when you are ready to do it, prepare yourself for the worst. Your partner will react with anger or with wonder, panic or shock. If your partner responds with anger then remain calm and try to calm him/her down. Comfort your partner if needs. But don’t do it much. If you are worried to leave your ex alone then call a friend of your partner and explain the things.

6.) Establish Boundaries for Your Future Interaction

Once you have decided to end the relationship, be firm but polite about these boundaries. Make it clear that you can not avoid it.

  • If both of you have mutual friends and you want to avoid each other then, tell your friends about your breakup.
  • If you both have a favorite coffee shop or restaurants then don’t go there. So in this way you have to avoid such things where you can see your partner.

7.) Know When to Walk Away

You should know when to walk away. You are breaking with your partner doesn’t mean that you have to stand there. Just tell your partner you are sorry for the situation and walk away. Don’t discuss the things much if they come at the same point. Just simply say, “I think we can continue this later,” and move. If your partner doesn’t understand why you are ending the relationship then you can try to make your things clearer in message or letter.

8.) Live Your Life After Ending the Relationship

After the breakup, don’t try to be friends because when you see each other it will hurt you more. It is best to spend time apart and make a clean break. Be respectful and sensitive about what you ex wants. If you and your partner have common friends then inform them that you are not in a relationship anymore. Say them that you will not appear in any function in which your ex may be present.

  • Don’t celebrate your freedom; take some time to yourself to live your life. Think about what you can do in the future to stay happy. If you want to spend some time to crying or writing a journal then it’s okay.
  • After some days, you can slowly start to enjoy your life to fullest. Hang out with friends and spend time with your family. This is the great way to move on or to forget the things.

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