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How to Get a Boy to Ask You Out?

If you like a guy or you call it to crush and butterflies in your stomach or you say it love at first sight then you can easily get him to like you or ask you out. You spend time with him and he has not made a move yet and you want him to ask you out. But the problem is you are not sure how to get him to ask you out without being too obvious that you have a huge crush on him. To get a guy to ask you out, you need to let him see that you want to know him and drop some hints that you are ready for a date. Read this article and get some useful tips to get a boy to ask you out.

How to Get a Boy to Ask You Out

Best Tips to Get a Boy to Ask You Out:

 1.) Body Language

Your body language is the only way to let him know that you see him as more than a friend. There are some minor tricks that will help you to show him that you want him to ask you out.

  • Look into his eyes to make him smile and then look away. This is the good way to get his attention.
  • Play with your hair and make it look sexy.
  • Whether you are standing or sitting, lean in towards him and keep your arms at your sides. This way he will think that your body is open for communication.
  • Try to look down at the floor occasionally because it will make you look cute.

2.) Flirt with Him to Get a Boy to Ask You Out

Flirting is the best way to take your relationship to the next level and it shows that you want him to ask you out. You can drop hints that you want to go on a date without coming too strongly.

  • Speak softly but not quietly. This will make the guy lean in to talk to you.
  • Find a way to compliment him. Tell him that he is so cute or he looks nice without being too obvious.
  • Wear something that shows off your best parts. Be modest but show off a little is a great way to get a guy to like you. Keep it classy to get the guy’s attention.
  • Playfully make fun of his interests or you can make fun of his unique piece of clothing he is wearing.
  • Remember, keep it light.

3.) Talk to Him to Get a Boy to Ask You Out

Show him that you are interested in him as a person and you want him to know that you want to go out on a date. Guys like talking about they like. So, ask some questions about his interests.

  • Almost all guys like music. Talk about his favorite music. Then ask him about what is his favorite song. He will like it that you are taking an interest in him.
  • Show him that his opinion matters to you. Talk about any controversial movie or a political issue and ask him what he thinks.

4.) Share Your Common Interests to Get a Boy to Ask You Out

If you share some of your interests then you have a reason to go out on a date. When you find that you have a few things in common, you can use them to take your friendship to the next level.

  • If you have the same favorite band then you can talk about the band. Play up with your interests so that he has a reason to ask you out.
  • If you have the same favorite sports team then talk about the team.
  • If you both have the same favorite food or any place then you can take advantage of it.

5.) Scheduling

One of the most important ways to get a boy to ask you out is to find a way to show him that you are single and you are available. Don’t sound too busy because he will think that you don’t have time for a date.

  • If you have some classes then tell him that you have breaks in your schedule. If he knows that you have some free time then he may ask you to get lunch.
  • If you are passing by a restaurant or a favorite bar then say that you love this place. This is the subtle way to tell him that he should come along.

6.) Don’t Get Friend Zoned

Many girls try to be a guy’s friend first then this is a great idea. A good relationship form when you are friends first but don’t get trapped in the friend zone. If he sees you as a friend then he never goes out with you. Don’t let him treat you like another one of the guys. Make it clear that you are not just his buddy. When he invites you out to his group of guys, look great like you are dressing for a date. Show him that you are a girlfriend material.

7.) Find Excuses to Hang Out with Him

It is important to spend some time with him or get to know him and give him a chance to get to know you. Hang out with him and a group of friends. Make a plan for a trip and go out with him and his friends. If you are going to a fun party then invite him also. If you have some plans for the weekend, then ask him to join you.

8.) Take the Initiative to Get a Boy to Ask You Out

If you want the guy to ask you out then let him know that you want to go out forever. If you like him and you want attention from him then stop waiting and take the step. Confidence is enamoring and you need to push yourself to take the first step.

  • If the guy is shy and you have the sense that he wants to know you better then be bold and ask him out. If you are nervous then you can ask him to hang out with you in a group of friends.

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